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Best NBA 2k22 Shooting Guard Build - 2- Way Slashing Playmaker Build! Demigod Build!

6/14/2022 3:10:35 PM

What two-way slashing playmaker you know has an 83-pointer and only an 82 perimeter defense, regular two-way slashing playmakers have like a 95 perimeter defense, and like a 63-pointer, but this catfish two-way slashing playmaker NBA 2K22 build is the best NBA 2K22 build in the game to confuse your opponent. 

Best NBA 2k22 Shooting Guard Build - 2- Way Slashing Playmaker Build! Demigod Build!

When you see a two-way slashing playmaker, you're automatically gonna think grim runner, and you're gonna sag off, but with this catfish NBA 2k22 build, you can literally shoot just as good as a play shop, but have the finishing of a two-way slashing playmaker, this is easily the most fun NBA 2K22 build, completely understand this NBA 2k22 build is so overpowered and at the same time is the most fun NBA 2K22 build to use in NBA 2k 22 by far. 

To make sure you're paying attention, it's supposed to look exactly like this for the physical profile,  you're gonna go the one with the most speed and now the best part that attributes gonna start off by maxing out driving layups and driving dunks, then go down to mid-range max it out, three-point shot max it out,  a free throw and post-fade all max, come back to it and finesse it, a little bit like always do, of course, pass accuracy, you're gonna max it out, ball handling gonna max it, outpost control, you're gonna max it out again. Next, max out perimeter defense, lateral quickness steel and defensive rebound, with no finesse whatsoever. 

Best NBA 2K22 Shooting Guard Build

Choose Your Position & Profile

Position: Shooting Guard 

Handed: Right 

Skill Breakdown

Choose the pie chart, you're gonna go the more blue than green. 

Physical Profile

Speed: 84

Strength: 51

Accelerating: 83

Vertical: 72

Body Settings

- Body Shape: Compact

- Height: 6'3''

- Weight: 170 lbs

- Wingspan: 84.0''

Potential Attributes

Set Your Potential Attributes

- Finishing

       Close shot: 58-72

       Driving layup:60-91

       Driving dunk: 47-81

       Standing dunk: 44-44

       Post hook: 50-50

- Shooting

        Mid-range shot: 51-81

        Three-point shot: 48-79

        Free throw: 57-86

        Post Fade: 56-84

- Playmaking

        Pass accuracy: 45-78

        Ball handle: 47-80

        Post control: 34-57

- Defense/Rebounding

        Interior defense: 35-35

        Perimeter defense: 46-76

        Lateral Quickness:46-74

        Steal: 30-79

        Block: 28-28

        Offensive rebound: 29-29

        Defensive rebound: 29-64


Shot creator 


-Finishing Badges

Unstrippable(Bronze), Posterizer(HOF), Limitless Takeoff(Silver), Slithery Finisher(Silver).

-Shooting Badges

Mismatch expert(Gold), Stop&Pop(Gold), Sniper(Gold), Deadeye(Gold).

-Playmaking Badges

Quick first step(Gold), Handles for days(Gold), Bullet passer(Gold), Quick chain(Silver), Bail out(Silver).


Intimidator(Gold), Chase Down Artist(Silver).

Playmaking Moves

Dribble style- Quick

Signature size-ups- D.rose

Signature combos - T.young

Size-up Escape Packages- T.young

Moving Crossovers- S.curry

Moving Behind The backs- S.pippen

Moving Spins- Basic

Moving Hesitations- K.Durant

Moving stepbacks- Normal

Triple Threat styles- Normal 6

Park flashy Passes- None 

Size–up Escape packages- L. James

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