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New World PvP Arenas Guide & Tips (2022) - How To Win More Arena Matches & Everything About 3v3 PvP Arenas

5/13/2022 4:06:24 PM

New World PvP arenas are just around the corner, so here’s everything you need know about it. We present top 5 most crucial tips for New World’s upcoming 3v3 PvP arenas that will help you instantly level up your gameplay. Right now they are in the PTR, but they will be coming to the live servers at the end of the month. So these are personal experience best tips and tricks that are going to help you get a good kickstart into these when they come out.  

5 Tips For New World 3v3 PvP Arenas - Everything About 3v3 PvP Arenas Mode

1. Target Priority

This is really important in the arenas because it is 3v3, if they have a healer for example or someone who is a much squishier build, someone who takes more damage has less health over all that sort of thing, then getting that player down early doors is gonna give your team a huge advantage. It will be a two versus three or three versus one and if you can get one or two of those squishy players down, you have a much better chance at winning. Now even if none of them are particularly squishy, the way you should always do it is aim for the healer first generally teams will only have one healer and that healer is going to be very annoying if you don't get them down, they can be very good still in arenas despite all of the changes and such because it's in a small scale environment, so one sacred ground can cover the whole fight. So you do want to get those out of the game as quick as possible particularly when it comes down to things like pot timers and such, if they have a healer that's gonna give them a huge advantage especially if you're running with three dps or one tank and two dps, then you really need to do that. So make sure you're prioritizing those, if not, then obviously the weakest player after that so that you can get an easy kill and make your team have the advantage by being a 3-2 up or something similar. 

2. Positioning

Remember to position from the start to not get hit, now they have changed the position of the pillars. However, you can also look down the middle if you want to go for a peak, if you're a bow musket, fire staff, something like that, however if you take a big amount of damage off the start, the enemy team could rush from the back of that and try and take advantage of you either on pot timers or you're on less health. So either way it can be dodgy ground, so just sticking to yourself trying to get avoid getting hit. Remember as well with this most players will play around the pillars for the majority of the game, it's kind of the only cover in the arena, that being said mages particularly are super good for this, but any aoe damage that goes towards the size of these if a team is hiding behind their end of it, so like ice storm or fireball can create a big area that can do damage. And if you get one aoe or one player attacking one side and you get an aoe dropped at the other, it can pin your team or the enemy team into that location. So that you can reposition get some free damage get them on pot timers, get some health down off them and then push him for the kills if you want to, or wait for them to overextend and return the kills. 

Also with positioning, you want to be really careful to not overextend especially by yourself but even as a team if you run into the enemy while they're getting a few shots off at you or a few hits with a melee weapon, it can really put you at a disadvantage. You ideally want the enemy team to always be pushing into you even if that means you run halfway up the map and get cover behind their pillars, so you're opposite sides of the same pillar. If they then push around the corner to you, you get the first hit in, you have a huge advantage in that fight. So you certainly don't want to solo overextend, you don't want to be the one person that runs in, it can work as things like a light bruiser if you've got good dodging and movement on point there, but it does need to be followed up by your team. So if you are playing with randoms, do be super careful. If you are playing as a three-man team, then do be sure to follow up if your team does decide to push in, try and help them out so you can secure at least a trade kill if they do go down, making sure that you don't be at a disadvantage in that situation. 

3. Getting The Advantage Before The Fight!

This will be things like the weapon perks or ability perks. Obviously, the brand new pvp perks are coming into the game, however the pre-disposition pieces, so the pieces you can get from the reward track with these perks on, generally don't have the ability perks, so you're either gonna have to choose an ability perk or a new pvp perk. Now you may have one or two pieces within your set that don't currently have a ability perk on, usually people have things like one random void chess player for example for like heavy armor, so you could swap that out for a new heavy chest plate that he's got the pvp perks on, but you are going to want the ability perks, so you're going to be looking for the craft mods which do come in potion packs as rewards from the pvp track as well. But if you can get something with a pvp perk on and an ability perk either by rolling it or buying it, they're going to be super expensive off the rip. Then obviously this is ideal but you are going to seriously want to consider getting some of your best in-slot weapon perks and you're going to want to think about this before the update comes out because it's going to be a little bit cheaper before the big hype of everyone diving in. So if you are someone that's playing now, see what builds you want to use in the arenas and start to build a set from that if you haven't already done so, because otherwise you're going to see prices go up and this is going to give you a huge advantage if you've got all of the weapon perks that you need for your desired setup.

4. What Weapons Should You Use?

All of weapons are pretty decent including the life staff, the sword and shield tank invariant as well as dps in the PTR, it just depends on your play style and preferences. For someone that has either medium or heavy armor with a higher amount of constitution, they take more hits, they come in drop cc and be a distraction, you're not going to have your traditional tank thing here because they draw aggro from mobs doesn't work against players etc. but you may have someone with a sword and shield in heavy armor causing the distraction creating cc. It does go off what you want to play, make sure you've got the right gear for it. 

5. Consumables in the Arenas

New World has arena specific consumables meaning that you don't need to bring in your own ones and not only you don't need to. You actually can't use your normal ones, you will only have access to the arena specific versions. Now they do give you health regen and mana potions as well as turning stones tier 5 virgins and the top tier of stat boosting food. This is all that you get, you aren't given any hearty meals or anything like that or gemstone dust or flesh balm that sort of stuff, you can just eat the regular sap boost in food if you want that regen bit for a little while as well if you get rid of it for whatever reason or it disappears, but overall this does help to balance out the arenas much more, so it's a good implementation, but do be aware that you can't use any of your external consumables once you are inside there.

You can't affect the cooldown of the persians by getting the perks to reduce the cooldown or things like purifying toast will still work where they remove a debuff when you drink a regen. So all of that stuff will still be affected as normal and it's just basically an infinite person that goes on the same cooldowns as your regular ones, so you can still take advantage of those perks inside. 

Everything You Need To Know About 3v3 PvP Arenas on May PTR

The team size available is going to be three versus three and you can queue up by pressing escape going to mode and then selecting arena and then queueing, very similar to how you queue for output rush, you can queue as a solo, a duel or indeed a trio, this does mean that as a solo player, you might be queueing into a trio who’s on discord or something and ready to pop off. 

Arena itself is the best of 5 runs or first three, each run lasts approximately two minutes because at the end of two minutes, a circle of fire spawns from the edges and then gradually progresses to the middle. This fire does damage over time and reduces healing. The first side to kill all of the opponents wins the round. If you die before the round is over, you get sent to the spectators box and from there you can watch either your team claim a magnificent victory or suffer a defeat. And when a team has won three rounds, the match is over, you don't play all five no matter what. In victory or defeat you do get rewards obviously the majority of the awards go to the victor. 

One thing that you will get is experience to your new pvp reward track, this is something new in this patch but it's not limited only to the pvp arenas, it's actually all pvp. Along with that you will also get salt, salt is the new pvp currency and that's how you buy things along the pvp reward track. And if you win the arena, you may also be rewarded with some unique items like housing decorations and so on. 

At the moment there is no ranked play so there are no readables for you to compare and be the best at for example to compare your skills against everybody else's apart from the match that you are just in. However, ranked is expected to come towards the end of this year and along with this, it means that there is no matchmaking. So there's no matchmaking based on skill and there's no matchmaking based on role which means you might be the best player playing against the worst player or you might be the worst player probably against the best players. It also means that when you queue up you may literally just get three great acts and warhammer users all on the same side, it's all just chance unless you're in a group. Now you can join the pvp arenas from level 20 plus and it appears to be that there's three bracket, it looks like there's a bracket from 20 to 39, from 40 to 59 and then finally the 60 bracket. 

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