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WoW TBC Classic Phase 5 Warlock BiS: Best In Slot Professions, Gems, T6 Set & Gear for Warlock

5/13/2022 11:16:45 AM

Phase 5 is rolling out in World of Warcraft Classic TBC, it's time to focus on Phase 5 Best in Slot - Professions, Gems, T6 Set & Gearing you are going to equip for your warlock character in the new season. In this guide, we'll go over the Best WoW Classic TBC Phase 5 Warlock BiS.

WoW Classic TBC Phase 5 Warlock Best BiS Professions

There's a variation of this but it will depend on your profession while we're on the topic of professions, there's one that literally every warlock will want to be and that's. 

BiS for Tailoring

Sunfire Robe & Sunfire Handwraps

Largely and solely because of this lovely chess piece called the Sunfire Rope, there's also a pair of gloves called the Sunfire Handwraps that you'll probably end up wearing until you get the best and slot ones off Kil'jaeden. However those Sunfire gloves are bind on equipped like Belt of Blasting and Bracers of Nimble Thought, so you'll be able to get them off the Auction House

BiS For Engineering

Adamantite Grenade, Super Sapper Charge, Goblin Sapper Charge

As for your other profession well that's largely up to you, and many players choose to engineering as you get very good value out of all those Adamantite Grenade because we typically throw one when it's off cooldown and whenever you need to tap since it doesn't incur a global, so it's just free damage when you tap, along with sappers (Super Sapper Charge, Goblin Sapper Charge) which have proved to be very helpful for parsing fights like Morogrim Tidewalker and Astromancer Solarian in Tier V.

Hyperspeed Accelerators

Looking a little head into the future of Wrath of the Lich King, engineering will be a must by all warlocks as it actually gives you an unused hasten chant for your gloves that give you a chunk of haste on a one-minute cooldown. Not only that but you actually get to put rockets on your boots.

BiS for Jewel Crafting

Jewel crafting becomes a very strong profession coming up here in Phase 5, due to this Pendant of Sunfire which is the only neck in the game with not only crit and haste, but also a socket. Not only that but you're more or less guaranteed the pattern since there are not many Jewel Craftings out there. 

Fel Conquerer Raiments

Note if you intend to do Jewel Crafting, you really want the Fel Conquerer Raiments chest off meru ASAP, as it becomes your best in slot since you can no longer craft the tailoring only Sunfire Rope. S strong play here is to go tailoring at the start then once you obtain the muru chest since you don't know how long it'll take to see one drop and the fact that you have to get it. Then you can get rid of tailoring and swap to Jewel Crafting 

Inspiring Presence

Closing note on Jewel Crafting up, this option is slightly more appealing to Alliance more than Horde at this point in the game, as it gets harder to drop spell hit rating and thanks to the draenei racial Inspiring Presence, alliance need less hit than horde do and being able to drop the hit from the non-Jewel Crafting neck gets their head a little more to a comfy number. 

BiS for Enchanting 

Formula: Enchant Ring Spellpower

The Spellpower enchants on both your rings for a total of 24 spell power, note that you must remain enchanting to keep the spell power bonus, second you drop on chanting you lose both those ring enchants. As for which two you choose that decision is completely up to you. 

WoW Classic TBC Phase 5 Best Gems for Warlock BiS

Next, let's touch on the gems because they can get a little hectic in phase 5 with all the new pretty gems. These are the main gems that you should be using in this phase 5 of WoW Classic TBC:

Runed Crimson Spinel (+12 Spell Damage, Matches a Red Socket)

Clowing Shadowsong Amethyst (+6 Spell Damage and +7 Stamina, Matches a Red or Blue Socket)

Chaotic Skyfire Diamond (+12 sPELL critical & 3% Increased Critical, only fits in a meta gem slot)

Reckless Pyrestone (+5 Spell Haste Rating and +6 Spell Damage, Matches a Red or Yellow Socket)

Only using two of them to activate your meta gem which by the way is still chaotic Skyfire diamond

These are the lovely gems that you've heard so much about and you are only using these to secure your socket bonus because, at this stage in the game, the socket bonuses are worth it for about 4 to 5 spell power. Of course, use hit gems whenever necessary, however you really shouldn't have to. Since you're probably wondering about the new 10 haste gems, they're not worth it at all over the 12 spell power gems. You can make the argument that you can use those 10 haste gems for more haste on phase 1 or muru which in fact is a big AOE phase, but to be honest, that phase won't be the issue for most guilds. The issue is your job as a warlock is to kill the sentinels which are your focus the entire time. So put two purple gems in your meta, put red gems in every single slot, besides what has a four or five spell power socket bonus, and in those ones use the reckless power stone. 

WoW Classic TBC Phase 5 Warlock Best T6 Sets

Belt of the Malefic

Boots of the Malefic

The Tier 6 four-piece from Phase 4 is still amazing, but now it's even better we get access to the other 4 pieces of Tier 6 from Sunwell, and unlike the previous four that we've seen these ones all have haste on it. Not only that but some of them literally have all the stats in the game.

The belt and boots are your musts in your fourth set, then you can use the bracers as a third since they have haste on them, then just continue to use your shoulders to complete the four set of course if you get something new and shiny like the Shoulders Off of Twins, you can definitely use them to get a proper setup down the road.

WoW Classic TBC Phase 5 Warlock Best Gears


Dark Conjuror's Collar

This will be the first and only head piece with haste on it that you can obtain well besides the healer one. If you're engineering and you're able to get a new tier six piece with haste on it early for example your belt or whatever then you can use that to connect your four set, and then swap to your T6 helm for engineering goggles if you want that slight upgrade until the Kil'jaeden helmet drops for you, that's up to you.


Pendant of Sunfire & Amulet Unfettered Magics

You have two options, if you're jewel crafting, then you go for the Pendant of Sunfire, if you're not jewel crafting, then you go for the Amulet Unfettered Magics. 

Guardian's Pendant of Subjugation

In the meantime, there's also a season four neck called the Guardian's Pendant of Subjugation that deserves a shout out, it's got slightly less haste than the zanex but it's got a nice gem socket to make up for it and if you put a red 12 spell power gem in it, it actually sims higher. Plus it only costs 15 honor and you can get it ahead of time, we would suggest using that until you get the good necks.


Mantle of the Malefic & Amic of The Convoker

This is the slot that best worked out to remain tier 6, of course as we mentioned earlier if you're lucky enough to get the twin shoulders and you have another piece of tier 6 you can use in another slot, then you 100% should, a good example is the t6 helmet and these shoulders. Just because these shoulders aren't your absolute best doesn't make them bad, in fact if you get these you're lucky to have them as they'd probably be the last thing you'd replace on your body.


Tattered Cape of Antonidas

This cloak comes with a lovely socket to slot in your favorite gem of choice.

Sunfire Robe

Like the neck, Robe slot is pretty obvious at which ones you want to pick, but if you're tailoring you want to use the Sunfire Robe, this pattern is overpowered and it drops off the Sunwell trash mobs, and every single warlock in the world should be hard farming these in trash farm groups ASAP if you can of course. In our opinion, every warlock should be tailoring and should be trying to get these ropes or this pattern which will be very expensive on the auction house.

Fel Conqueror Raiments

Of course, if you're not tailoring then your best in slot will be the robe off of Meru called the Fel Conqueror Raiments. 

Robes of Ghostly Hatred

A weird middle ground if you're either waiting for BiS robes or you have horrible luck, you can use the Robes of Ghostly Hatred which are only a few haste and a little bit of stamina behind the remnants because these are best for mages.

Also, these are part of the tempest Sunwell garb which we are going to just call the 6.5 tier from now on, none of these pieces of garb will be best in swap but each of them would be a good middle ground or alternative to wear while waiting for your ultimate best of slot piece. This garb also acts differently than most other pieces of gear in the game as it requires a completely separate piece of gear which is typically a healing piece of gear, in this example, the robes to falter light and then a sun moat in order to turn this into the ghastly hated robes for DPS. So no matter what route you choose, you will have a new chest waiting for you soon.


Bracers of the Malefic

You'll want T6 bracers, don't worry about anything else just get these and put them on and don't ever remove them.

Handguards of Defiled Worlds

There are a few pretty good gloves that you can obtain in Sunwell and gratefully at least two of them have haste on them finally. The absolute best in slot ones are the Handguards of Defiled Worlds off the Kil'jaeden. 

Sunfire Handwraps

In the meantime, you can use the new BOE tailoring gloves called Sunfire Handwraps which are a nice upgrade from your T6 gloves once you find a T6 replacement.

Gloves of Tyri's Power

Gloves of Tyri's Power are another one of those 6.5 tempest guard pieces, these ones require hand gardens of the dawn and of course the sun moat to turn into Tyrese power which we believe mages prefer over Kil'jaeden gloves, so you may have a harder time getting these than the Kil'jaeden gloves. In any matter, you use whichever you get in the meantime and with the end goal being the Handguards of Defiled Worlds goes.


Belt of the Malefic

For the best in slot belt, you only have one option and it's the Tier 6 Belt of the Malefic, it comes with crit hit haste spell power and a socket slap once again your favorite gem in it.


Leggings of Calamity

The best BiS ones that you can get are the Leggings of Calamity off of Brutalis, these are absolutely phenomenal pants that literally all casters want.

Pantaloons of Growing Strife

There's another pair of those 6.5 tempest garb set called Pantaloons of Growing Strife which require calming striped pants and a sun moat. These pants are also good to wear in the meantime while you're waiting for the big calamity pumper pants, however, make sure you have one of those new T6 pieces to wear in its place for your force set, and also make sure you have some hit as you lose a little bit of hit when you drop your t6 pants.


Boots of the Malefic

Thankfully, we can keep it short and simple here, get your tier six boots as fast as possible, once they're on your feet do not remove them, these are one of the only pieces in the game they give you crit hit,spell power and a socket.


Ring of Omnipotence

As always we have options for rings and what you choose should be based upon your spell hit rating, no matter what though, you really want to get your hands on a Ring of Omnipotence. This ring is actually insane as it's one of the only rings in the game with spell haste and crit on it.

Loop of Forged Power

Your second ring will depend on all your hit in, a perfect BiS situation the hit is needed, and in its place we use Loop of Forged Power. This is a jewel crafting BOE ring and usually a very expensive one because in comparison to the Mana Attuned Ban from Zul'Aman, it's only got one more haste and one more hit, and 27 stamina.

Ring of Ancient Knowledge

If you ever find yourself not needing hit which you will at some point during your Sunwell gearing just use a Ring of Ancient Knowledge, it's the second best ring if no hit is needed.


The Skull of Gul'dan & Shifting Naaru Sliver

Your two in-game best in slot trinkets are of course The Skull of Gul'dan and the new trinket off of meru called the Shifting Naaru Sliver - this trigger is pretty dope as you put a power circle on the ground for 15 seconds, and when you stand in it, it gives you 320 spell power.

Hex Shrunken Head,  Icon of the Sliver Crescent, Quagmirran's Eye

For those of us not lucky enough to get these trinkets, we still use a good mix of Hex Shrunken Head, Icon of the Sliver Crescent and Quagmirran's Eye. 


Wand of the Demonsoul

Wand BiS finally get an upgrade, it's called the Wand of the Demonsoul and it's one of the only ones in the game with haste on it and a fat gem socket

Wand of Cleansing Light

There's also a legit healing version of this with less haste but still has a fat socket, both of these ones dropped from trash and you should be hard farming the demon soul 1 ASAP.


Grand Magicster's Staff of Torrents (Main Hand) & Hear of the Pit (Off Hand)

Straight to the point, there are two new options in Sunwell and we are going to keep it real with you, you really only have one option because this staff right here is literal cheeks. We don't even think we would use this over the Zul'Aman blade and badge haste combo. To be honest, what you do want though is sunflower from Kil'jaeden for your main hand and Hear of the Pit from Brutalists in your offhand. There's really nothing that compares to that image and until then just continue using your zardoom your tip of the Chaos or your Zul'Aman blade until you can get it. 

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