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New World Devs Vs Creators Event: Date, Twitch Drops & How To Get Rewards

5/13/2022 10:40:42 AM

May is an action-packed month in New World. There is a brand new Devs Vs Creators event that is going to be taking place in New World including some really cool new Twitch drop items in the next few weeks of the month. With the New World Twitch drops that are going to give you some in-game power. Here we talk about what this New World Devs Vs Creators event is and what twitch drop is, so you can take advantage of this event.


New World Devs Vs Creators Event: Date, Twitch Drops & How To Get Rewards

New World is holding a 3v3 Devs Vs. Creators campaign to commemorate the launch of the new Arena game mode. Three content producers will face off against three members of the development team each week in this new weekly series showcasing the Arena feature. Players squaring off in a 3v3 arena will result in some exciting new Twitch drops for the entire community to hunt out and grab. After that, we'll see a second fight, and then a third battle will follow. Now, let's go over everything you should know about this New World May Twitch drops.


New World Devs Vs Creators Event Date

Make sure to tune in on May 12th, 19th and 26th at 11 am pt or 6 pm UTC. So that you don't miss out on any of the action, this is a pretty cool event indeed.


What Is New World Devs Vs Creators Event?

New World content creators will battle the development team in 3v3 arena matches. Each week different creators and developers will face off in 5 arena matches to showcase the new PVP mode. Join any of the participating creator's Twitch streams for banter with the development team a Twitch drop and strategies to use in your next PVP encounter. The first battle will be Devs: Chris Corey, Mike Willette, and Patrick Smedley against Content Creator Baggins, RedByrd, and DannehTV.


New World PvP Twitch Drops & How To Get

The new Twitch drops will serve as the combatant's supply box. Twitch drops a combatant supply box full of level-appropriate items that will help you boost your PVP performance. For 48 hours following the end of each event, Twitch drops will be available for purchase. So, there are just two days left after each incident. Each drop will only be given to those who have watched two hours of New World. Once earned players can claim their chests through the item claim tab found in the in-game store after the content update that introduces the 3v3 PVP arenas obviously drops. So you'll need to wait till the update comes out, but when it does any that you've already got, you'll be able to claim through the store in the game.


New World Des Vs Creators Event Rewards

You can collect a total of 3 supply chests, 1 per event. Please note that once the drop collection window has ended, your progress will not carry over to the next Twitch drop event. So in total, you'll need to watch 6 hours over those three dates or the two days after those three dates. 2 hours each time, 6 in total. You can get all the New World Twitch Drops Rewards listed below:

  • 2 vials each containing 1,000 Azoth Salt

  • 3 random pieces of exclusive PvP-focused gear with higher rarities and PvP-centric perks.

  • 5 health potions

  • 10 stat-boosting food

  • 2 honing stones

  • 2 gemstone dust

  • 2 oakflesh balms

Overall, a nice event you can involve with once per week for the next upcoming three weeks in New World May Update. Make sure you go over to Twitch and watch those events! If you are looking for cheap New World gold, sells cheap and reliable NW coins!

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