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Elden Ring Boss Tier List - Ranking Bosses From Easiest To Hardest In Elden Ring (All Remembrances)

5/12/2022 3:09:12 PM

After a long wait, Elden Ring is finally here and having played it for over a month. Now it’s time to assemble a rank tier list of the easiest to hardest bosses in Elden Ring that give a remembrance. Bosses, just like the game, are a step up to the Souls series. Before we get to the Elden Ring bosses ranked by difficulty, we should note that their experience heavily depends on their build and level. And thanks to the Youtuber SquillaKilla shared this guide who is running a strength/faith build.

Elden Ring Boss Tier List - Ranking Elden Ring Bosses From Easiest To Hardest 

15 - Regal Ancestor Spirit

A spirit glowing in pale blue light taking the shape of a huge deer, moving with grace, attacking ferociously and capable of draining the life of spirits to regenerate its own health. The regal ancestor spirit is a beautiful display of Elden Ring departure of the gritty and dark color scheme we saw with dark souls, creating different atmosphere similar to something you would find in sakura. Though it looks majestic, it's not a hard boss fight at all, some of the antler attacks head butts and the kick are fairly easy once you see them a few times. While flying, its aerial spew of magic doesn't seem to cover the playing field as aggressively as we thought it would.

14 - Godrick The Grafted 

A scion of the gold lineage who managed to insult the demigod millennia who defeated him in combat. Having his divine heritage removed, he turned to the terrifying art of attaching limbs of others to his body. Godrick the grafted is one of the most horrific yet uniquely crafted humanoid enemies, he uses various attacks with his golden axe and wind-based magic projectiles that turned into fire when he calls upon his grafted dragon hand. A lot of his attacks are delayed mixing well with fast follow-ups and combos making him seem scarier and more dynamic first time around. After spending a handful of attempts on phase one and two of Godrick, we can take him down with relatively low damage and upgrades just using charged heavy attacks.

13 - Rennala Queen of the Full Moon

In her youth she encountered lunar magic and charmed the academy with it, becoming its master. She led the glenstone knights and established the house of Caria as royalty. With spirit summons in the form of bloodhound fang, giants, dragons and wolves, she ties it all together with a fireworks display of magic. Her first phase was more of a gimmick, the second one is the best mage boss we'd fought since martyr logarius in bloodborne.

12 - Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy

Son of Lunar Princess Ranni and General Radahn. Praetor Rykard was a champion of the archery who discovered ancient hexes in the region of mount Gelmir harnessing their power as new sorceries. This scaly boss is massive and still finds a way to wield the sword, the fight can be considered a more engaging version of storm king from demon souls. Using the serpent slayer is a direct callback to the storm ruler weapon and this time they made every attack viable. You can use regular weapons to kill Rykard.

11 - Astel, Naturalborn of the Void

Astel has a decent arsenal of magic attacks with a quick laser and perfumer type explosion that delay after he swipes his arms, the tail punishes at multiple ranges and he also teleports into various places sometimes grabbing you after appearing top it all off with pincers that are occasionally electrified and you got a challenge on your hands. Astel's character model is sometimes awkward to land hits on, and while his head takes most of the damage, his body doesn't take nearly as much.

10 - Fire Giant

The last known survivor of the war against the giants marked with a curse from queen Marika. He was forced to tend the flame of the giant forge for eternity. As much as there may be some people who dislike him, he was pretty cool, he's a roly-poly bastard. The fire giant shackles need to be broken before you can deal damage to his easy to reach ankles, that is if he doesn't escape.

9 - Starscourge Radahn

The son of queen Rennala and Radagon, mightiest of the demigods with gravitational powers learned in Sellia, contrary to his praise in the game. With spammy sword attacks, gravity magic buffs and explosions, all tied together with a meteor that descends back to earth in a fire explosion, Radahn is one of the most unique humanoid bosses we had ever faced, the opening of the fight where he bombards you with arrows at a distance while you tried to reach him made for quite a trek through the deserted battlegrounds. 

8 - Morgott, the Omen King

His twin and self born with horns morgott bared the sign of an ill omen in the lands between and was banished. After returning home and claiming landel for himself in the absence of his mother queen Marika, he turned to the disguise of Margit, the Fell Omen to keep the tarnish warriors who seek entry into the capital. Unlike his disguise self, Morgott's true identity is much fiercer, wielding a great sword in different types of magic to zone out the player. He uses a few attacks that are call backs from the first encounter before Stormveil Castle, but this time his combos with the sword and staff seem more endless. Between the flurry of spinning and slashing, with a surprise hammer slamming you into the ground once in a while.

7 - Lichdragon Fortissax

A massive four-wing black dragon that lurks the deep root depths found at the end of fia's questline, Lichdragon Fortissax makes kalameet look like a bargain bin discount store toy for children. This by far is the coolest looking dragon in the souls games period. His ability to summon red lightning and create utter chaos upon the slightest error from the player.

6 - Godfrey, First Elden Lord / Hoarah Loux Warrior

He was a mortal hero of legendary prowess, but after achieving his crowning victory, he lost the grace of the greater will, exiled from the lands between and becoming the very first tarnished, it seems that Godfrey has something in common with us the player character. Using mighty attacks with his great axe and stomping the ground so hard, it actually causes miniature earthquakes, you can sense the strength of this fabled champion upon entering into phase two. The man literally pulls a Charlie Sheen and consumes his tiger's blood, then throws down some of the dankest Tekken combos in a non-fighting game.

5 - Dragonlord Placidusax

Placidusax was one of the most profound dragon fights we've ever experienced in a video game period, especially with the use of lightning storms, teleportation and gravitational explosions. We can't imagine what he was like in his prime when he had all of his heads and extra tail that had been removed presumably by previous warriors. The coliseum like arena that you fight him in is by far one of the coolest arenas we've ever experienced. The atmosphere and sheer scale of this boss are the reasons why fromsoft are secretly wizards of the game dev world.

4 - Mohg, Lord of Blood

Mohg, Lord of Blood is one of the most powerful omen specializing in blood magic and reigning over mogun palace. His ability to pressure you with blood magic that literally sets the ground on fire while mixing in melee attacks, then growing wings and flying all while shouting magical chants at you really makes it feel like he controls the entire playing field on his terms and no one else's. Even the soundtrack is perfectly outlining how evil moog really is.

3 - Elden Beast 

The Elden Beast is the truest embodiment of the Elden Ring. It's only fitting that a creature that exudes the concept of the game title has a complete bs attack. If you haven't deleted the game, smashed your gaming system or jumped into a pit of alligators, the magic ability of elden beast lasts longer than it takes to grow a mustache in the fourth grade and will chase you with precision. Despite its silly magic, Elden Beast is still a beautiful fight and with a wild looking arena and soundtrack that has angelic vocals, it's hard to hate this boss.

2 - Maliketh, the Black Blade

He will make you remember what souls games are like when you are an absolute scrub. The beast that Maliketh disguises himself as in the first part of the fight was downright savage until he uncovered his true identity and decided to implement gymnastics, sword fighting and magic tricks all in one epic display of ass kicking. The death and death ability from his black blade draining your health along with lowering your max hp. He even uses pillars in the arena to grab onto, flying through the air flinging magic beams and then plunging you into the ground. This boss was brutal.

1 - Malenia, Blade of Mique

This is the hardest boss in Elden Ring, not only of the remembrances but in the entire game as well. She will let you know that she has never known defeat. She does an edgy slow walk like Lady Maria does in bloodborne when she's not firing off laser beam fast attacks with her sword or grabbing you and throwing you into the air to prepare your body as an ingredient in the skewer of tarnished players, she's going to roast over the fire later. You'll still get the idea that something else is going to happen and then it does. This lady thinks you can spam more attacks in one combo than you've done in your entire playthrough in less than five seconds, then makes you figure out a way to not pass out from eyeball strain. It does feel amazing to figure out a way to evade the spammiest attack of all souls history, but a lot of players complaining that the combo is a bit overtuned even veteran players. Having to manage to save health for the crippling second phase all while she's adding health back to her bar with every attack landed on you is true suffering. When she goes into her raw flower and transforms, the fact she's wearing less clothing as a cheap distraction tactic won't even matter because you'll be deleted from the game before even thinking added scarlet rod effects and packaging all the attacks that made phase 1 hard with some extras in there. 

That’s all about the ranking of easiest to hardest remembrance boss fights in Elder Ring. Which boss do you think is the easiest to defeat and which is the hardest to defeat?

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