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Top 3 Items To Invest (Buy) Before Valtan Raid Release To Save Gold & Time

5/12/2022 11:11:39 AM

The huge May Update is coming to LSOT AK, let's focus on some beneficial investments! So in this guide, we talk about the Top 3 items that you can buy right now to save not only time but also a lot of gold.

Top 1 - Blue Crystals

1.  Will Increase in price with time

A lot of people already know that those blue crystals are quite important in LSOT AK and they will increase in price with time that has been proven in Korean and Russian servers. It's actually quite obvious why those blue crystals are going to increase in value right but a lot of people forget to buy these blue crystals little by little, it's important for you to accumulate them when they're still sitting at the stabilizing price of like 600~500 because obviously, that price is not going sit there forever, it's going to increase at some point and if you wait until then you're going to basically lose gold. So you could have bought them when they were still cheap.

2. Access to Mari's Shop = Great Against Inflation

Mari's Shop is actually quite great against LSOT AK gold inflation or if you wish the inflation in the open market when where the price of every essential thing is going to be increasing because the gold is actually losing value. So if you wait until the inflation is taking place, the price of the blue crystals is going to be already sitting very high since a lot of people will want to access Mari's Shop when the new Valtan update is released. Everyone wants to buy blue crystals and that will send the price of blue crystals really high, so it is important again to buy them before this event takes place and remember to accumulate those crystals a little by little over time.

3. Will be able to buy skins and many other convenient items that are essential

You can buy skins with those blue crystals. So if you are a player who cares a lot about skins, cosmetics, and stuff like that, it is important to buy blue crystals before the new skins are going to be released in the May Update, if you wait until the skin gets released then everybody also wants to buy those skins so that will have a lot of demand on those crystals which are going to send the plus price of blue crystals really high as well. So it is important to buy them before uh the skins get released, and you should accumulate those blue crystals little by little before those events take place.

Top 2 - Pheons

1. Will increase in Value once Relic Items are available

35 Pheons for 1 Relic Accessories

9 Oheons for 1 Relic Ability Stone

7 Pheons for 1 Relic Tripod Gear

This item is actually a pretty important item that will increase in value as there is going to be a lot of demand for these fiona's items because once the relic items are going to be available. The requirements of violence that you need to buy for one relic accessories is going to be 35 fiance and that's a lot of players to buy only one relic accessories for the ability stones, that's going to be 9, and for one relic tripod gear that's going to be seven. So if you are a player who cares a lot about maxing and getting the best potential of your character, they can have the best output of damage of your character.

An example of a minimal setting of:

5 Accessories, 10 Ability Stone, 10 Tripod Gear

A total of 335 Pheons = 2848 Blue Crystals = 18000 Gold

2. Buy Early Before Most People Starts To Feel The NEED

This is just a minimal number to just show you how many pheons will you actually need whatever you want to min-max your character on the relic items, so that will be a total of 335 pheons required, which would be the equivalent to 2848 blue crystals and in terms of the value of that in gold with the current price of blue crystals in US region that would be about 18,000 gold. So that may seem a lot, but we don't think those prices are still very cheap for what you get, basically, if you don't have pheons, you cannot buy those stuff, so it is going to be very important to have those pheons prior to people to realize that they would need a lot of violence, obviously, they want to buy a lot of crystals, so that will also send the price of the blue crystals really high. So it is important again to buy those pheons prior to the event where you will have the relic accessories available which going to make people realize that. Also if you are not someone who wants to min-max out everything, you still want to buy those pheons.

Top 3 - Honor Shards

Will increase in prices with time (More amount needed for honing), buying now before the Raise is going to save a lot of time, farming, and gold. It Honor Shards will increase in price with time because actually, you need a lot of Honor Shards to hone your gear in the late game especially when the Valtan update brings the relic items. Now we don't need that much and you just basically can do your Chaos Dungeon and that will be enough for you to hone except if you are trying to upgrade to 1445.  If you do the chaos dungeon is not going to be enough for honing the relic items to a higher level, so buying some Hornor Shards from the market at cheap prices will surely save you time and gold in the upcoming patch. 

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