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Rocket League Sideswipe Shooting & Control Tutorial - Base, Mid Level & Advanced Mechanics In Sideswipe

1/14/2022 2:22:49 PM

Every single position in the Rocket League Sideswipe is a scoring opportunity. Today, in this Rocket League Sideswipe shooting and control guide, we are going to show the basic, mid-level, and advanced shooting mechanics and shooting tips on RL Sideswipe. So that you can shoot easily from everywhere, beat your opponents, make you excel, and get into the higher ranks.

Rocket League Sideswipe Shooting & Control Tutorial - Base, Mid Tier & Advanced Mechanics In Sideswipe

When we first play Rocket League Sideswipe, people thought that they were just very basic mechanics just jump, flip, boost, and all that. But as we went deeper into the game,  every single time we hit the ball, it came up with a different color and that color actually represents what's actually happening when you're hitting the ball, how powerful you're hitting it, and the direction that you and your car are going. Sideswipe doesn’t have a lot of leeway with controls, because it is a mobile game. Next, we are bringing you the best Rocket League Sideswipe shooting and controlling tips and tricks.


Base Mechanics in Rocket League Sideswipe


The first base mechanic is just jumping. So by either hitting the x button on your controller or tapping the jump button on the bottom right-hand screen, you can jump there. 


Flip (Double Jump)

The next mechanic is the flip or the double jump. You will be aiming in a direction and flip forwards. Using the joystick, you have a full 360-degree motion. Therefore you can go anywhere you want and then you can use that flip. There the other thing with Rocket League Sideswipe is you have unlimited time to use your second flip, so you jump off, and then you can use your flip at any point you want. The other thing is you can do a double jump by jumping in the air which is called a neutral double jump. You can go fairly high with that.


Critical Hit (Red Shot)

The next base Rocket League Sideswipe shooting mechanic is just hitting the ball, it's called a critical hit. It's timing the flip so that when you hit the ball, it goes red. The flip was too early and it just went to clear color, but hitting it hard at the right time makes it a critical hit or a red shot.


Mid-level Mechanics In Rocket League Sideswipe

Flip Reset 

Flip reset is the most important mechanic in Rocket League Sideswipe. Mastering this will help you outplay any of your mid-tier opponents and some of you who have already played it may have noticed that you're accidentally getting some. We'll use both our jumps and see by landing on the ball with all four tires, you end up getting that visual cue that actually says if you have your flip reset. The good thing about Rocket League Sideswipe is having that visual cue of when you actually achieve a flip reset. It allows you to know that you can use it for the second time. Then the other thing with Rocket League Sideswipe is it is much more lenient on getting all four tires on the car.


Ceiling Reset

We can go onto the ceiling and then we get another flip. With this mechanic, you can actually use it to wave dash your way back and you regain boost as well. Since Rocket League doesn't have a boost in the corners, you regain boost as soon as your tires hit a surface. All you need to do this is just spam jump into the direction of the floor and then that essentially makes you go and stick to that surface. Even though the ceiling is trying to pull you down, the spamming jump is enough to keep you up.


Advanced Mechanics In Rocket League Sideswipe

Dodge Shot (Purple Shot)

This is an entirely new mechanic in the Rocket League universe. It can make the ball go very powerful, but it does push your car backward. So it puts you out of position. Essentially what you're doing in this mechanic is you're trying to get the underside of your car where the tires are to land on the ball and then you want to do a stall. Remember how we were talking about the neutral jump, so hit x x and that's not putting anything in any direction. 

If we go onto the ball and we do one jump. If we hit x or jump at the time when we have all of those tires under the car, we get a purple hit and it makes the ball really powerful. It is so powerful when you're doing it as a shot. It can make the ball go in a direction, so it would be very surprising for an opponent who doesn't know about this mechanic. Meanwhile, you could use that in defense as well to dribble it out and then get it over the top of someone.


Jump Shot (Gold Shot)

Similar to the purple shot is the gold shot. This one you're actually facing away from the ball as you're hitting it with the backside of your car. You don't need to neutral jump like before, you end up just hitting the ball on the backside of your car, and then it goes gold. It is much safer because it puts you in a safer position. If you're attacking and you were to flip backward, you would be in a safer position. 

The other thing with the gold shot, it's not as powerful as the purple shot. Because it's not going as hard and fast as the purple shot. But the gold shot is much safer.


Ultra Jump

This is the main mechanic in Rocket League Sideswipe. If you stand still and neutral jump, then you should jump again at the exact same moment you land. You will jump extremely high and hit the roof just by double jumping on the spot. You could use this to your advantage if you come down from the roof and you need to get back up really quickly.

How To Shoot From Everywhere in Rocket League Sideswipe

Situation 1

A lot of times in one, you're going to have the ball on your car and you're right in front of the net, just flick your stick upwards. And you save your flip in case you ever need it to finish off the shot. The second way you can do it is to use your flip, it's a little bit more difficult. It doesn't take that much skill but it can be risky. If you use your flip, you don't have it. You can also do a gold shot, basically, you're going to aim the opposite direction from the ball. This can be difficult because you have to flip directly into the ground and that can be awkward.


Situation 2

On the back wall kind of defending. All you have to do is keep playing the 50s without flipping into the ball.


Situation 3

Sometimes, you're going to be on the bottom end over the wall just defending, you're going to try and play the 50, it'll result in a pretty easy goal.


Situation 4

Other times, you're going to have a kickoff and the ball bounces up. To score out of that situation, you'll want to fast aerial, get a quick reset because it's important that you always have a flip. So you might be sacrificing your flip, but you could just get another one and score in twos. Obviously, you're going to have a teammate, you don't need to take every single shot. 

It can only take you about half an hour to learn all the Rocket League shooting and control mechanics. The advanced mechanics in this Rocket League shooting tutorial with the gold shot and the purple shot are going to be very good in the game. If you want to buy cheap Rocket League Credits and Rocket League Items, ensures you fast and legit RL Credits and Items.

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