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Madden NFL 22 Playoffs Promo: Players, Sets, Events, Trades, Overtime, Iconic & Items

1/14/2022 2:44:35 PM

NFL Playoffs promo finally dropped in Madden 22 featuring the unique Playoff events and Wildcard predictor, allowing players to earn coins and items to trade for top players, along with that, a new set of Playoffs players have been revealed, and Overtime will be available as well. In this article, we are going to go over everything about Madden 22 Playoffs Promo, including Playoffs players, sets, trades, overtime rules, pick-ems events, wildcard events, prediction tokens, iconic, and more. 

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Madden 22 Playoffs Promo Schedule & Release Date

Similar to other Ultimate Team events, the NFL Playoffs Promo in Madden 22 will be separated into three parts and last for three weeks. Now the Madden 22 Playoffs Promo Part 1 arrived on January 14, 2022, and the remaining parts follow. 

Madden NFL 22 Playoffs Promo Part 1 - January 14, 2022

Madden NFL 22 Playoffs Promo Part 2 - January 21, 2022

Madden NFL 22 Playoffs Promo Part 3 - January 28, 2022

Madden 22 Playoffs Promo Players

Here is the list of revealed MUT 22 Playoffs promo part 1 players, including LTD Johnny Unitas with 97 overall, 94 Jared Cook, and more powerful cards. 

LTD Johnny Unitas - QB - 97 - Indianapolis Colts

Jared Cook - TE - 94 - Green Bay Packers

Jadeveon Clowney - LE - 94 - Houston Texans

Marquise Brown - WR - 94 - Baltimore Ravens

Stephon Gilmore - CB - 94 - New England Patriots

Cory Littleton -ROLB - 94 - Los Angeles Rams

Taylor Lewan - LT - 94 - Tennessee Titans

NAT Leonard Floyd - LOLB - 93 - All NFC Teams

Danny Trevathan - MLB - 92 - Denver Broncos

Adam Thielen - WR - 92 - Minnesota Vikings

Keanu Neal - SS - 92 - Atlanta Falcons

Raheem Mostert - HB - 92 - San Francisco 49ers

Jerry Hughes - RE - 90 - Buffalo Bills

Joe Flacco - QB - 90 - Baltimore Ravens

Le'Veon Bell - HB - 90 - Pittsburgh Steelers

Adrian Amos - SS - 90 - Chicago Bears

Quinton Jefferson - LE - 88 - Seattle Seahawks

Michael Gallup - WR - 88 - Dallas Cowboys

Ronald Darby - CB - 88 - Philadelphia Eagles

Ryan Succop - K - 88 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Playoffs Masters

Play through Playoffs matchups to earn items and players. Trade items and players to craft Iconic and Epic Playoffs Masters.

Iconic Antonio Gates

Iconic Dwight Freeney

Epic Tim Tebow

Epic Clay Matthews

Madden 22 Playoffs Promo Sets - Playoffs Event, Pick-Ems & Kickoff

Players can complete objectives in the game to earn prediction tokens and XP, then use the tokens in sets to choose which teams you predict will win each weekend. These objectives will reset on January 17 at 10 AM ET. 

1. Playoffs: complete Predictor sets to earn big rewards based on the results of the Wildcard games, including Iconic coins, Playoff items, and Field Pass Points. These sets expire at 12 PM ET on the days the real-life matchup games are played. 

Make sure you do the first wins of each of these Playoffs events, you are getting items for those events. They have first win rewards, that reset twice a day at 10:30 AM and 7:30 PM Eastern, make sure to do that twice a day, once you complete all six events, you can go down to the bottom to play the playoff event called Wide Card - Jackpot. You're getting on the first win CR points, XP, and Playoffs item. 

Pick-Em Trades

Play each round of the playoffs and win each pick-em event. After a win, select which team you think will win the playoffs matchup. Trade winning or losing pick-em selections for rewards. If you win the Pick-Em, you can select 5 iconic coins, 10 epic coins, or 6 playoffs rare whistles. If you lose, you can select 5 epic coins, 12 rare coins, or 5 playoffs rare whistles. Winning and losing items will be available for exchange on 1/20, 1/26, 1/31 following the matchup. You can trade the items to get Wild Card 450 OVR Iconic Antonio Gates and 400 OVER Iconic Dwight Freeney.

Expire at noon ET on Saturday (1/15)

Wildcard Predictor: Raiders: Use a Predictor Token to call the outcome of the Raider’s matchup against the Bengals. If the Raiders win this match, the voucher will quicksell for 10,000 Madden NFL 22 coins. If the Raider lose, the voucher will quicksell for 1,000 coins. 

Wildcard Predictor: Bengals

Wildcard Predictor: Patriots

Wildcard Predictor: Bills

Expire at noon ET on Sunday (1/16)

Wildcard Predictor: Eagles

Wildcard Predictor: Buccaneers

Wildcard Predictor: 49ers

Wildcard Predictor: Cowboys

Wildcard Predictor: Steelers

Wildcard Predictor: Chiefs

Expire at noon ET on Monday (1/17)

Wildcard Predictor: Cardinals

Wildcard Predictor: Rams

2. Kickoff: complete Kickoff sets by exchanging players from other programs for Playoff Elites and exchanging Playoff Elites for Playoff Heroes and Champions. 

- 96 OVR Champion Travis Kelce: Exchange 3x 94 OVR Playoffs Players for 96 OVR Champion Travis Kelce, his Power Up, and 3x NCAT 94 OVR Playoff Players (choice of 3 from all).

- 96 OVR Champion Troy Polamalu: Exchange 3x 94 OVR Playoffs Players for 96 OVR Champion Troy Polamalu, his Power Up, and 3x NCAT 94 OVR Playoff Players (choice of 3 from all).

- 94 OVR Hero: All 6 of the 94 OVR Heroes have their own individual set. For example, Exchange 2x92 OVR Playoff players and 1x88 OVR Playoff player for a pack containing 1x94 OVR Jadeveon Clowney and their PUP.

- 92 OVR Road to the Playoffs Fantasy: Exchange 2x 90 OVR Playoffs Players and 1x 88 OVR Playoffs Player for your choice of 1x 92 OVR Playoffs Player.

- 90 OVR Road to the Playoffs Fantasy: Exchange 2x 88 OVR Playoffs Players and 1x 85-86 OVR Player for your choice of 1x 90 OVR Playoffs Player.

- 88 OVR Road to the Playoffs Fantasy: Exchange 3x 85-86 OVR Players and 1x 83-84 OVR Players for your choice of 1x 88 OVR Playoffs Player.

Madden 22 Playoffs Promo Overtime Rules 

100 total wins: 88+ OVR player

90 total wins: 5K MUT coins

80 total wins: 5K MUT coins 

70 total wins: 5K MUT coins

60 total wins: 5K MUT coins

50 total wins: 94 OVR player

40 total wins: 5K MUT coins

30 total wins: 5K MUT coins

20 total wins: 5K MUT coins

10 total wins: 5K MUT coins

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