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New World Combat Trophy Farming Guide (1.3 Patch) - How To Farm Ancient Mandible, Corrupt Totem & More

1/13/2022 9:34:42 AM

New World 1.3 patch or January patch is going out on the servers to fix various issues. One of those issues is that the bosses who have been long supposed to drop the trophy artifacts for the major combat trophies don't currently. This 1.3 patch in New World promises to repair that. Are you very excited about this fix? In this New World major combat trophy farming guide, we show you the combat trophies locations and which monsters these artifacts will drop from so that you can get your trophies upgraded as quickly as possible after the servers come back up. 


New World Combat Trophy Farming Guide (1.3 Patch) - How To Farm Ancient Mandible, Corrupt Totem & More

A lot of players have for too long been using basic combat trophies in the home. Although it is not a huge upgrade, it is an upgrade of three percent when you have all three. Be ready for when the mutations hit. Also, there is going to be a very small window of opportunity here for you to make a few of these trophies and sell them to those with New World gold who can't be bothered to farm before the market is flooded with them. First, we are going to be going to the big three, the ones that apply to the expeditions that are currently on the New World 1.3 ptr with mutations and we assume will be the first ones to the rotation when the January patch in New World goes live later this January.


1. Ancient Mandible (Major Ancient Combat Trophy) In New World 1.3 Patch

The still-chattering mandible of an Ancient being. This artifact is used to upgrade the basic Ancient Combat Trophy to the major Ancient Combat Trophy.


Where to find the Ancient Mandible?

Head to Greek Water specifically to the Skyview Repose. 


How to get the Ancient Mandible?

You will find the Surgeon, this guy is a very easy solo and may take a few kills. But after the New World January 1.3 patch, he will drop the ancient mandible so that you can get your ancient trophy upgraded. If for some reason, you are struggling to kill him, try switching to a hammer weapon with a topaz gem. This will make this guy trivial.


2. Corrupted Totem (Major Corrupt Trophy) In New World 1.3 Patch

A Totem formerly possessed by the Corruped. This is used to upgrade your basic Corrupt Combat Trophy to the major Corrupt Combat Trophy.  


Where to find the Corrupted Totem

For our next trophy artifact, we will be heading to West Illurmin in the Shattered Mountain. 


How To Get Corrupted Totem

We will find Illurmin Demon. This guy drops the Corrupted Totem which may be on most people's list, like the one they want the most. This guy is a little more difficult than the last one but not by much.  The thing is to be aware of all the tentacles, you do not want to end up fighting him. Plus one or two tentacles at the same time. So be sure to clear these out before engaging him. After you've done that you'll have very little trouble with this guy.


3. Glowing Sap (Major Angry Earth Combat Trophy) In New World 1.3 Patch

The Glowing Sap of a creature of the Angry Earth. This is used to improve your basic Angry Earth Bane Trophy to major.


How to find Glowing Sap

For this one, we'll be heading to Eden Grove across the bridge towards Malevolence. 


How to get Glowing Sap

On a big square platform, you will find banes this guy drops the glowing sap artifact. This guy is a little more tricky than the others on the list. He is solvable with either a bow with a fire damage jam or a fire staff. How this is done is by cutting him around the square and dodging his heavy attack which is not that difficult. However, this takes an eternity because of his huge health pool. Therefore, the best thing you can do is come in a group to make this a lot faster and easier. Although this is going to be sought after by everyone at first, it will be not difficult to kill him. Just head there and be sure to bring a fire weapon and do your share of the damage to get credit for the drop or even better join a group that's already farming him.


4. Ephemeral Seal (Major Lost Combat Trophy) In New World 1.3 Patch

Some lost carry small tokens and trinkets similar to this. Improve your Last Bane trophy with this. This artifact is used to upgrade your basic Lost Combat Trophy to the major Lost Combat Trophy.


Where to find Ephemeral Seal

Ephemeral Seal is found in Ebonscale Reach outside Skysong Crypt in front of a barn.


How to get Ephemeral Seal

Ephemeral Seal is dropped by Mordecai the mortician. This guy is probably the easiest on the list to solo. He's barely more than a regularly lost creature, so he will not be any trouble. You can kill him in your circle in between ivan spawns while doing daily topaz obsidian gypsum run.


That’s all the locations to farm trophy artifacts after the New World 1.3 patch update goes live. Wish you luck in getting these artifacts to drop as quickly as they possibly can. Remember to craft a few of these trophies if possible and post them on the market to try to take advantage of their newness before the market is eventually flooded with them.


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