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Rocket League Sideswipe Defense Guide - Best Defending Tips And Tricks In RL Sideswipe

1/11/2022 2:59:06 PM

Do you want to be a defensive god in Rocket League Sideswipe? To play good defense in Sideswipe is not tricky. In Rocket League Sideswipe defense guide, we will share top tips guaranteed to take your defense game to the next level and stop you from getting scored on due to easily avoidable mistakes.

Rocket League Sideswipe Defense Guide - Best Defending Tips And Tricks In RL Sideswipe

1. Rocket League Sideswipe Defense Tips -  Sitting In Goal

Sitting in goal is something we see all too often in doubles. One player is attacking the ball and the other player is just sitting in goal which means a player is playing a 2v1 match and then when he inevitably runs out of and loses. It's just a terrible strategy. Instead, this player should be on the field putting pressure on the opposition and being ready to challenge whenever possible. If the opposition does get it past his teammate, he can follow the playback towards the goal and clear.

2. Rocket League Sideswipe Defense Tips - Shadow Defending

It's called this because you're shadowing the player with the ball matching their speed and following them back to your goal. It's a really important skill to add to your game and it'll help you improve as a player s much more than just sitting in goal having a picnic. However, there are some situations where you'll find yourself sitting in goal. Like in 1v1s when your opponent is underneath the goal, great tips for defending in Rocket League Sideswipe

1. Don't sit too far back in the goal. Instead, put the nose of your car off the edge of the goal. So you can block the ball if it rolls up.

2. If you do need to come out of your goal and get the ball, don't make the mistake if you aim at where the ball is now and then jump at it. However, by the time you get there, the ball's already moved and goes straight under your car. Instead, come out of your goal and go straight down, blocking the ball from rolling up the wall. Just remember out and down.


3. Rocket League Sideswipe Defense Tips -  Defensive Rotation

Here's a common situation, you've just gotten beaten and you start chasing the ball back towards your own goal. In both duels and doubles, a lot of players drive straight through the ball and hit it towards their own goal. This is fine if the opponent is far away and you can safely take possession. But instead of that, we've got a much safer option for you. 

Similar to in Rocket League where you should rotate back to goal away from the play instead of with the play. In Sideswipe, you should go over the ball instead of through the ball. This works in duals where you can quickly get back to gold to block any shots and it works in doubles where you can avoid blocking your teammate's clears and take up a defensive position while they counter-attack.


4. Rocket League Sideswipe Defense Tips - Defensive Clears

When you're back in defense and you need to get the ball out of your half you need to know how to safely clear it.

1. Use gold shots when you want to hit the ball upfield. Gold shots are much safer than red shots because they allow you to stay in a defensive position whereas red charts often put you upfield. This is super useful in both doubles and duals. You can get a long pass up to your teammate in doubles or in duals when you're on the back wall and you need to clear it. The main point is gold shots are your defensive friend.

2. Fake on the ground by just wiggling your car left and right. Faking the air by simply positioning your car near the ball and doing nothing at all. Faking is often one of the best ways to give yourself more space to decide how to clear the ball. Avoid situations where your opponent easily reads your clear. It's just a great Rocket League Sideswipe defending tip to add to not just in offense but in defense as well.


Those are all the Rocket League Sideswipe defending tips for you to be a good defender. If you start using all of these techniques in your duels and doubles games, you'll start seeing improvements to your rank really soon. If you want to buy cheap Rocket League Credits and Items, will be your safest website.



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