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11/11/2021 11:32:23 AM

Recently FIFA 22 players are going to be getting their first look at a loading screen for the Adidas promo or also known as the don't stop till your 99 promo. It got leaked on an EA stream a couple of weeks ago, but have yet to get any information since then, however it will likely be a promo that sees on Friday.


# Promo preparations 

The promo some preparations and of course how is the crazy market going to react to a promo which is something that ave has never seen before. Rule breakers team 2 will be leaving pax on Thursday, which is not exactly sure when this new loading screen is going to drop,  usually they don't drop a loading screen while another promo is still running, might get it Thursday. However, this promo is really interesting. It's something never seen before, that brings a lot of uncertainty into the market, but also a lot of excitement because so far the content has been pretty poor. Most of us can agree that it's been kind of just a rinse and repeat of FIFA 21 and 20, so far and hopefully this Adidas pro will be something brand new, FUT coins are always useful in the game.

# Rayna with 99 pace 

In the intro ea put out some information in their FGS kind of thing, they had their FIFA global series stream which everyone just watches for the rewards, however, they did leak some nice information about this promo including a Rayna with 99 paces now. This promo is called the don't stop till your 99 promo, so far is that every card that gets into this promo, they're gonna have one of their six base stats either pace shooting passing dribbling defending, or physically get ed up to a 99 now. Don't know how the upgrades are going to work, don't know if these cards are going to be released with an already ed 99 stat or if they're gonna have to kind of earn it, through the season or gonna have to upgrade it. How it's going to work, however, it's still something brand new a new concept that's gonna be hopefully fun and unique, but it also is going to bring a lot of kind of market scaredness. Not many people are going to know what to expect, and this could cause the market to be rather flat or decline heading into it now.

# Getting a brand new promo

The fact that getting a brand new promo, gonna get some card types that are very unique to what so far last time got cards similar to this,  was the ultimate screen promo like a couple of years ago when scream cards would get a random 99 upgrade and some stats. This coming in is going to be interesting, expect a loading screen probably either Thursday, if not if it's already out of course you'll know regardless of the loading screen does come out now or when you're watching this.

It's already out the market is going to react the same, it doesn't matter how the upgrades work, because regardless of going to be getting some kind of brand new cards, this is going to bring a lot of uncertainty into the market. There's not going to be anyone that knows what to expect now before getting into specifics of what this promo will do the current market has been very crazy, a ginormous market crash from Sunday into Monday which was very significant, people lost a ton of value in their team, there was lots of panics everywhere and it was just a complete show.

# Preview packs

Not only saw the introduction of 50k preview packs but even today or yesterday. The 81 through 86 preview packs come out too, which you know is very kind of unique something very different now, this didn't move the market as much, because not many meta cards are in that range, but you'll see that you know some of the lower-tier cards did kind of dip. During this period, imagine with this promo coming out, gonna see a ton of different preview packs, a ton of new sbcs and stuff. It's gonna be a promo where you're gonna wanna keep your eyes on a lot of cards, because all of them are going to move a considerable amount from now, until the weekend so real quick, looking at the meta market obviously, it's been pretty stable. There wasn't much movement, it's something that the market needed now, heading into this promo. Once end up getting the loading screen, you will see the market kind of go on a steady decline nothing too significant, but this is going to be. No one is going to start buying because people want to see what's going to come out now again. This is a promo where nobody knows what's going to happen and in return, this is going to cause a lot of people to just sit on their hands and kind of wait to buy anything.

# The best buy times

So don't be surprised, if you don't see many cards kind of moving up honestly, never like to buy anyways before Friday promo panic usually, the best buy times are always when that first kind of content comes out on a Friday at 6 00 p.m between 6 and 8 pm. Of course, to see very similar trends kind of in the lead up to this promo now, some cards kind of interested in is going to be fodder, with a brand new promo and new cards, there comes a lot of added hype when these cards do come out now.

# Stick to defenders

Try to stick to defenders, these cards are because seen a lot of kinds of sbcs already kind of required, these cards now, of course, you maybe want to buy during the panic on Friday, or buy during rewards on Thursday whatever the case. Maybe these prices are a little bit too high, so you want to snipe a little bit lower, because of course fodder is very inflated, due to that base icon sbc, but the look of quite a bit of fodder, 84s, and 83s, of course, is still a good buy, stocking up on these cards eventually, they will pay out it's just a matter of kind of waiting now, looking at some of the special cards, kind of picking these cards up at discard is a good shot, the 84s are still too low, EA needs to kind of push some of these cards up the 85s are up to like 14k. 

# Good shot

Maybe if you can get a couple under 13k, that's a very good shot as well, the 86s are still a little low too, now some of these higher rated ones like the 88s Thomas muller, for example, a card kind of shouted out a couple of times he is up a significant amount now. There was a very nice return on Thomas Muller, but still, some of those lower-rated inform cards, they're just a bit too cheap with a promo that's kind of unexpected, it's going to be interesting to see kind of what comes out, but also keep in mind that no matter what card comes out in an sbc objective or player in this promo, they're going to have at least one stat, that's very insane and maybe the only cards that won't matter too much.

Get a physical  to 99, because you know this FIFA strength doesn't matter too much, but anyone that gets a pace at 99 becomes instantly meta, and is instantly going to be 500k plus whether they're shooting is 99 plus, you know that is a huge  passing in this game too. Those prices will kind of fly up as well, of course with a dribbling 99 dribbling or something like that insane defending 99 that is an insane card that put into your team as well whereas physical is probably the only one that doesn't so definitely kind of take a look at some fodder.

# Avoid the metas 

It's going to do very well now, kind of just avoid the metas for now, it's a good idea to kind of buy, but expecting high hopes for this kind of promo on Friday, getting the brand new season as well as season two, which will bring a ton of new kind of season progress in the past. EA is going to release, this promo is going to be good, the new pass is going to be good because EA needs to bring some hype back into the game, let's be real it is November 9th and the transfer market on Xbox has 600k at night, that is ridiculously low so they need to bring something out very soon because these markets are dying the games are dying and of course, there's like the new cod and stuff, a lot of people are kind of moving away EA do need to bring something out to kind of pull these people back in, and Adidas promo with all the Adidas ambassadors.

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