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Rocket League Season 5 Competitive Changes – Will This Ruin Rocket League Season 5?

7/2/2017 7:40:23 PM

Rocket League has become a mass phenomenon in the field of video game, thanks to a different and fun proposal. The sports game that exposes a platform of multiplayer game that will cover the Cross Game with Xbox One when you see the light in Nintendo Switch, prepares its new competitive season explaining some changes that will introduce in the game. A season 5 that comes with a great Rocket League 2nd Anniversary Update on July 5 has presented new scenarios and some new customization.

Rocket League Season 5 Competitive Changes

You can check more details about the Rocket League 2nd Anniversary Update, also can watch below video:


Rocket League Season 5 Competitive Changes

1. Competitive Skill ratings will not be reset

The first change affects the restarts of the rankings, something that has happened in the earlier beginnings of season and that Psyonix has decided to change because it seems to be too shocking in the matchmaking. According to Devin Connors of Psyonix, "we do not feel comfortable creating instability in the management of matchmaking every month." In this way, it seems that on this occasion, there will be a restart of the skill ratings has been done so far in Rocket League.


2. The introduction of new Season Reward Levels

In this way, the rewards that were presented for this new season of Rocket League, will be independent of the ranking that the players have in the classifications. The markers that will manage the rewards if they will see their values adjusted, so that they will require 20 more victories to be able to raise their rank. In this way, all rewards can be accessed as long as you are above the level of it, "victories count towards the reward level if you are playing above the skill level." All these changes try to make Rocket League a bigger challenge and more suitable for the level of the players. Eliminate this section of Competitive Level, and adjust the reception of the Season Awards, do not want to affect the quality of matches and see affected matchmaking.


Season 5 of Rocket League is projected to last several weeks, where the reception of the majority of prizes will be waited until this ends. But there will be many of these rewards, several of them dependent on the update of the 2nd anniversary, which will be received with the progress of the player that is generated in each match. Some changes that seek to delve into an experience that fits better to the level of the players, offering equal matches where the options of victory are not limited. But will all these changes are good to the Rocket League? Will this ruin Rocket League Season 5? Let’s take a look of this video:


Rocket League is available in the Xbox Store, knowing that in the coming months will be updated to suit the arrival of Xbox One X and you will receive the option of Cross Game with PC and Nintendo Switch when you see the light on the Nintendo console. Now we have various Rocket League Crates, Keys and Items on sale for Xbox One, Steam PC, PS4 now, welcome to enjoy our great service. 


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