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NBA 2K21 Next Gen Shooting Tips - Get Green Bar Ready & Shoot Lights Out In No Time

4/2/2021 5:05:19 PM

Are you struggling to shoot the ball in NBA 2K21 Next Gen? Want to learn how to get greens and be a lights out shooter in NBA 2K21 MyTeam? In this guide, we put together some NBA 2K21 Next Gen shooting tips that you can start using right away, these are going to be the top tips and tricks to work on to get green bar ready, so you can get better at shooting in NBA 2K Next Gen!

NBA 2K21 Next Gen Shooting Tips - How To Get Better At Shooting In NBA 2K21 MyTeam

1. Use Each Player On Your Team 

If you play online with the team, you got to practice with each player. Each player has a different jump shot. If you just walk on the court and try to play with a random team you're not going to be able to green enough shots and that means you're not going to be efficient. Make sure you shoot with every player on your team, because every player has a different release point, everyone has a different jump shot.

2. Find & Equip the Best Jump Shot for your MyPlayer

Use the in-game Jump Shot Creator to create your own shot:

- The Jump Shot Creator is an in-game tool for creating your own custom jump shot. You can choose from base, release 1 and 2, blending percentage, and release speed.

- Jumpshot Creator can be found in MyCAREER > Main Menu > MyPLAYER Appearance > My Animations > Jump Shot Creator.

Find the best NBA 2K21 jump shots from the 2K community:

- If you haven’t found the right shot yet, try experimenting with different shot bases and releases.

3. Basic Controller Settings & Options

- Difficulty (Pro): It’s the way we practice and perfect the jump.

- Shot feedback on: Shot feedback is gonna be all shots, so you're gonna know if you release it too early, if you're holding it too late, that is a big key you gotta make sure you have the shot feedback on.

- Shot meter on: The shot meter is where you could figure out where your green window is and it's how you test your jump shot. Then go with the player. So you're gonna use the shot timing and the actual meter as a reference point, try to do it slightly early green, then try the same thing on the other side. 

- Hall of fame: Hall of fame basically simulates the way, it's gonna be when you play against someone online and when you play competitively. so we're gonna leave the shot feedback meter on but this is where it gets good.

- Shot meter off: We know where to release the ball and we know where the physical q is which is high over the head. In this case we're turning the shot meter off because it gives you more of a boost and gives you more of a green bar bonus window. So you have a little bit more leeway on where to release the ball. Some people might think it's common sense to do this but not everyone is doing these steps and it's hurting their game. So practice green bars are gonna be coming. We're gonna be green bar.

4. Choose the Right NBA 2K21 Next Gen Build

Deciding on the best shooting build to get greens is the first thing to figure out and will play a major role in your ability to get buckets. Here’s how to narrow it down:

- Use custom, redesigned NBA 2K21 MyPlayer Builder to find the right shooting build to create. Builds, badges, animations, and much more can all be compared. You can even see where your build stacks up with a “Pros / Cons” list for each build.

- Choose a build with shooting as a primary skill to be qualified for Hall of Fame badges.

- Choose a build with a substantial amount of shooting badges. Anything with more than 20 Badge Upgrades is deemed excellent.

- Builds should match your playstyle as a shooter. If your play style is more of a spot up, catch and shoot, spread the floor type of style, then it’d be more beneficial to go with a more 3PT heavy pure sharpshooter build. If your play style is more of a dual threat as a ball handler and shooter, a well-balanced shooting and playmaking build is the best choice. Shooting Badge setups for builds should also factor in playstyle.

Hope these NBA 2K21 Next Gen shooting tips can help you shoot better in the game. If you need cheap NBA 2K21 MT Coins, welcome to visit, as a reliable game store online, we always provide safe & budget NBA 2K21 MT with fast delivery and best service. 

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