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How To Download & Play Workshop Maps In Rocket League Epic Games?

4/2/2021 6:47:04 PM

In this guide, we are going to walk you through the step-by-step on the easiest way to get workshop maps whether you're on Steam or Epic.

Easy Way To Download & Play Workshop Maps In Rocket League Epic Games

There are a lot of free players who are asking "how to play workshop maps in Rocket League on Epic Games". Now we know a lot of tutorials out there over complicate this stuff and they take forever to get it done, but we don't want to waste your time, we can get you workshop maps in less than five minutes and the method we are going to show takes no technical knowledge whatsoever all we need you to do is follow our steps. Let's walk through the step-by-step of how to get workshop maps in Rocket League. 

1. Links You Need

To get workshop maps, we need three important links:

  • Steam Workshop:

  • Lethamyr's Map Loader:

  • Workshop Map Downloader:

2. Download The Workshop Maps

The first link you need to open up is the Steam Workshop page. Now if you're on Epic games just open it up and save this tab because we're going to come back later; but if you're on Steam, this is actually all you need to do to get workshop maps - open the steam client, head over to the community tab, search up the Rocket League workshop, and literally just pick whichever map you want.

Once you click download, it will appear in your game client and you can play it. But like we said earlier this tutorial is mainly for Epic games, and if you're on Epic we're going to follow the same process but have to do a few steps in between to make sure the maps still work.

3. Download Custom Map Loader

So if you're on Epic, the second link you're going to need is Lethamyr's Map Loader. Now this is normally used to load just less maps, but luckily we've found that it can also automate using workshop maps and it does this way better than you ever could manually with having to replace map files. Since we don't want to waste your time instead what we want you to do is:

  • 1) Go ahead and pull up Lethamyr's site and hit download on his custom map loader which should be the first link that comes up in step one at the top of the page. 

  • 2) Sit there for a second, let it download and then when it's done, click on it to launch the application. And just as a little warning, if it takes a second to boot up and it says it's blocked, you need to make sure that you give the program permission to run.

  • 3) Once you've made it to this point, the way you can tell everything is working is if you see a little ball spinning which basically just means the program is loading. 

4. Set Up The File For Saving Workshop Maps

There are two steps we need to follow once the program finishes loading up, and this is because the custom map loader is going to automate everything for us but the two things we need to tell the program in order for it to run properly is:

1) Where to look on our computer to find the workshop maps

Let's do that first step - first normally what will come up here once you finish launching the custom map loader, is a pop-up that tells you to designate the storage folder for the map files. What we recommend you do is just go over here to your desktop and create a folder called "Map Files", that's the easiest way and then you can select this folder as the place for custom map loader to look and the place that we're going to download all the map files later.

2) Where we saved Rocket League

Once you get that down, step two is - we have to tell the client where Rocket League is stored. So if you're on Epic games, everything should be the exact same pathing in the C Drive/Program Files/Epic Games/RocketLeague, this is the proper folder to the custom map loader. Click "rocketleague" flie to indicate, once you do this, your custom map loader is fully set and ready to go.

5. Download Maps You Want To Play

All we have to do now is download the actual maps that we want to play, and once again there are two ways to do this:

Method 1

This is the quicker way. Because if you're downloading a map like Ice Rings or Lava Rings and the map is made directly by Lethamyr, then you can integrate it into his custom map loader a little bit quicker. So if the map you want to play is made by Lethamyr like his Lava Rings or his Ice Rings, then you can do this quicker by just going through his site downloading the files from his library and then you can extract all these files straight to that map files folder we made just a second ago. 

Method 2

If you want to load a different map like Dribble Challenge or another popular map like Speed Jump: Rings 3 by DMC, then for these maps, there's an intermediate step we have to follow because after all, we're not on Steam. So if you want to download a standard workshop map, then what you need to do is head over to the steam workshop ( and open up a tab for that in your browser, from here search up the Rocket League Workshop and then scroll down to whatever map you want to play. For our purposes, let's say we're looking for. Instead of subscribing like you normally would if you were playing on steam, since we're on epic, what we have to do instead is copy the website URL. 

Go ahead and use the Workshop Map Downloader to get the actual map files from this url. So once we paste the URL from the steam workshop over into the Workshop Map Downloader, what we can do is hit download which will actually pull the map files from that link into a folder on our computer. 

Take whatever file you just downloaded onto your PC and hit extract all to move all these files into the map files folder on your PC. But wait, don't stop here and try to go open your map, because if you do this you'll see the map actually doesn't load inside the custom map launcher. 

6. Go To Play The Workshop Maps

Head over to the custom map launcher, hit load on Lava Rings that you'll be able to play the map in Rocket League. All you have to do is go to play training and then open up the specific map called underpass in your Epic games version of Rocket League. once again, this is literally all you need to do but it's super important here that you click "Load" and launch that specific map called "underpass" because this is where the custom app loader automatically throws whatever workshop map you just loaded into.

So there you have the simplest way to play workshop maps in Rocket League on Epic games. We will bring you more Rocket League tips on our news page, stay tuned! What’s more, cheap Rocket League Credits and Items are provided on AOEAH.COM, welcome to check out incredible offers!

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