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The Most Expected Improvements We Want To See In Madden 22

3/29/2021 11:56:59 AM

There are still a few months before the release of Madden 22, and EA has not revealed much about the new version, but we hope that some improvements can be taken into consideration and implemented in the next series. We've narrowed it down to the five things that we need to steer in the right direction for this game. Let's take a look at the five things we think that Madden 22 absolutely has to do better than Madden 21.

1.  Gameplay

This is the area that Madden struggles with the most but what's interesting is that a lot of people kind of accept Madden's gameplay to a degree for what it has its own style - a mix of sim and arcade. It's not as simulated as the sim crowd wants it to be but it's also not as balanced as you know the competitive crowd would like it to be. There's a lot of people that could get over the fact that the gameplay isn't close to perfect. With that being said, the gameplay still needs to improve a lot to even get to that point where it's not close to perfect. We're talking about things like blocking that has just been bad for years, which just seems to be one of those things that just hasn't been right and they can't get right,  they don't know how to block certain assignments and how to lead block or target block very well. We have other issues in the game like abilities that are now a whole new layer to the game that makes ratings feel almost useless. Things like zone coverage that just can't cover the sideline or can't cover deep. There are so many areas of the gameplay that just need work and we're not asking for perfect but we really need it to be much better than it is right now. We think a lot of this what it comes down to is the game needing a rebuild in some ways.

2. Franchise Mode

This was the year of fix Madden franchise where the franchise community hit their breaking point and they got it trending on Twitter and all social media. They were a big driving force behind that point to use the score metacritic because they are the community that felt like they had been slighted the most. But the thing is is a lot of other people pitched in on this because even if you didn't play Franchise, you're not happy with the gameplay. The improvement of Franchise mode we do believe will give Madden 22 a little bit of hope potentially because it's the first time that EA actually gave in and really listened like they made multiple statements, changed the whole course of what they were going to do this year and made multiple franchise updates throughout the year. 

They finally put those things in there and also announced some of the bigger features that people want they're planning to actually do that for Madden 22, this is the first time they've really received backlash on this level. And the other part of this is that 2k is back in the market now, they have arcade NFL game coming out later this year, it's not a direct competitor with Madden but the fact that their foots back in the door and they have a relationship with the NFL. That combined with the fact, EA finally saw their community fully pushed back in a big way and said we're not standing for this anymore. Those are two things now that make them have to put more effort into the game because if they come back out this year with not a lot of development improvement and if they don't deliver on the things they already said they were going to do for Franchise and then just fix the rest of the game as a whole, people are going to keep pushing back now. If this pushback keeps happening from the community and people are fed up well in a few years, the NFL might give 2k another shot to make a simulation game and of course, EA doesn't want that because then that means they have to compete and they might lose a lot of people.

So fix Madden franchise is really the tipping point that we think actually gives future Madden some hope because it actually put some things in motion that otherwise was not going to happen.

3. Post Launch Service Update

EA dropped the ball with post launch service this year and this is how they sell the game. Now it's a game as a live service you might not have everything at launch, but you're going to get tons of stuff throughout the year and that's kind of what they did with Franchise Mode. Obviously, they do that with modes like the Yard, Ultimate Team, and other things as well. But this year was the worst because so many things they promised were not been delivered on, for example, they promised multiple big playbook updates and multiple updates to Superstar and X-Factor players changing the abilities they didn't do that. So this year the post-launch support of the game was the worst, but it was the year that they advertised and hyped it up the most. For Madden 22 especially in the current gaming climate where post-launch updates are such a big thing that has to be better than Madden 21, there's no excuse.

4. Mode Development

Franchise mode, Ultimate Team, The Yard, Face of the Franchise, Superstar KO, these are all the different modes that we have in the game, and EA is doing a good job with that in terms of having multiple different modes to play and different ways to engage with the game. The problem is the development within each of these modes needs to be a lot better. We've already discussed Franchise mode on its own for obvious reasons, Ultimate Team we think is probably the best overall mode in terms of being updated and having content. There's still tons of stuff people have been asking for like a practice mode or more customization for example,  but those would be nice to have but the mode itself is probably in the best state of everything else. You need to figure something out with Face of the Franchise going from year one to year two, it didn't get better and didn't add any extra replayability to it. We need a good career mode but the development within. Then you've got the Yard, it was fine for year one but people definitely got tired of it quick because there was only so much to do within it, so it needs more development.

5. Game Balance

The number five wishlist is something that Madden struggles with all the time and that is balancing. The balance is always bad with the game, there are some years that it's better than others. Madden 20 was one of the most unbalanced games ever with the stretch run and the way you could play defense, and then you come to Madden 21 and again it's very unbalanced. Only one type of quarterback works which is a gunslinger-type quarterbacks, they kind of nerfed mobile QB to an extent this year because of the way that you throw the ball. It seems like QBs just have no type of throw power without a gunslinger-type ability or a really good release. So we need it to be better than it was in Madden 21 and if it is that makes the game infinitely better, the closer you get to balance even if you're not close to it at all, it makes the game significantly better.

This is the improvement we expect to see in Madden 22, and hope that EA will it come true. At any time, if you want to buy cheap Madden Coins, please go to AOEAH.COM.

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