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FIFA 21 Icon Player Pick SBC Market Breakdown - How to Make No Risk Investments In FIFA 21

3/23/2021 5:24:39 PM

The market movements we saw on March 20th with the new Bender SBCs, we will be covering contents like the draft, some of the improvements they've made with that mode. We're also will talk about some risky investments and no-risk investments you can make, this will double your coins if you are patient enough with it.

The Bender SBCs that EA has brought out are well priced. The Bender card fits the meta of the game: 90 plus pace, 82 passing, 83 physical, and 87 defending. With this card, you could play as a center back or a five back in-game. This player fits a lot of teams, it’ll get some completion. 

We also got the brother - Sven Bender. He has some nice physical and defending boost: 81 paces, 85 sprint speed, 95 composure on the ball. he's got everything you need in a center back and the work rates for both of these players are excellent. 


Let's talk about some risky investments, everybody loves investing. Icon player pick is coming soon, here are some risky investments and the reason why it’s risky is that we don't know 100%. You can't just do things 100% guaranteed off of leaks. We could see the Icon player pick come out on Sunday and it makes sense from EA to drop an SBC like that before FUT Birthday. Because on Friday, when FUT Birthday has lightning rounds, you're going to have good pack value. That's going to make people and entice people to go and open FIFA points. So that's what they want to do in that aspect. They also want people to lose coins and how would they lose coins in a market that has an Icon player pick? Well, look at the market crash that we had after the whole Icon player picked the first time. They want that to happen because what will happen is people will lose coins on their teams. They will lose coins on maybe some investments to some special cards they had laying around. It's not a loss unless you sell. People will be forced to sell teams because they're losing coins on them and they're frustrated with that. They're also going to be selling because they want to go and do the SBC and that's going to cause a decent sell-off on the market. EA wants that to happen because what will happen then is that FUT birthday all of these people that are losing coins on their teams or losing coins in general, will be buying FIFA points to go and make more coins back. Because that's the only solution they have. They're not traders, they're not investors, they're not people that grind this game as much as we do, therefore they will not be able to get their coins back. In two different ways, EA wants to make the market drop and that would make a lot of sense if they were to bring that SBC out.

There's a percentage of the player base right now that is making a ton of coins like 20 30 million at a time based on fodder investing. Because fodder every single day continues to go up, these inform keep going up based on the 85 times picked up player upgrade. Then you also have all of the party bags, the Icon SBCs, all that kind of incentives are in there, making informed fodder going up, gold fodder rising as well. If a player pick comes out, chances are fodder will go higher. If you want to invest, you need to know this is risky.

That’s all for the FIFA 21 Icon Player Pick SBC market breakdown, and click here to see more!

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