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Madden 21 Top 5 Advanced Tips & Tricks To Dominate Your Opponent In Online Games

3/20/2021 5:06:46 PM

Want to dominate everybody in Madden 21 online games? In this guide, we will show you five secret tips that will instantly improve your Madden 21 game and once you learn them you're going to wonder how you ever played the game without them.

Tip 1. Stop & Go

This tip is probably the most difficult thing to learn on the list, but it's not that difficult if you just practice it for a little bit. Stopping on a dime and then getting back up to top speed, this is a trick that a lot of advanced players use but to be truthful it's not the most advanced thing in the world to learn it, just takes a little bit of practice. 

How To Do: Basically what you need to do in the open field is when you need to stop and go, you want to first remove your finger quickly from the sprint button which is the right trigger or the R2 button. You need to be off of this for it to work properly and then you need to lightly pull back on the left joystick which is how you steer your player. So if you're steering your player up the field, you're going to be holding it all the way forward; when you let go of the right trigger, you need to pull that left joystick back about halfway, you do not need to pull it all the way back and that's probably the toughest part to learn. The right amount to pull it back, it's almost like a slight little flick backwards, and when you do this and then instantly go forward you create a stop and go.

Benefits: This helps a lot versus human opponents because human opponents click on and they try to run to meet you at the spot, and if you stop and go they're going to run past you, they're going to dive and miss tackles over and over. This can turn literally a one-yard play into a touchdown, when you get really advanced you can make multiple people miss in the same play. But even if you can just make one person miss on a play, you're creating extra yards for yourself every time. Again make sure you take your finger off the sprint button completely, just slightly pull back on the left joystick and then immediately go forward after that, you don't want to stop too long. 

How To Learn: The best way to learn this is just go into practice mode set it to offense only, so there's no defense on the field, just to get familiar with the muscle memory of how to do it - how to actually pull back on the left stick at the appropriate amount so you're not doing it too much or too little. This way you have nothing but open field to just practice on, and honestly if you do this for 10 to 20 minutes, you should get it down pretty good and then you can take it into the game. There's going to be some growing pains with it, but once you do this over and over get that repetition in, you are going to become a master at making people miss in the open field

Tip 2. How To Tell If Opponent Is Running The Ball

In Madden 21, when you're playing online games, about 80 percent of people for some reason don't know why but they will put their cursor on their offensive linemen when they run the ball, either just by force of habit not realizing that they're doing it. sometimes it just happens by accident, but they tend to do this when they're running the ball. Now if you're on the defensive side of the ball in the game, you're not going to see their actual cursor but you will see the name of the offensive lineman. 

How To Do: You can run commit by pressing the RB or R1 button and then you can see up here on the screen we have different options that we can try to guess which way the run is going. Now this is the only tricky part to this because you need to kind of feel your opponent out a little bit, because if he's running a stretch, you need to run commit to the side that you think the stretch is going to which will normally be the strong side or the side with the tight end or multiple tight ends. If it's any other type of run like if it's in shotgun, you can just commit to running up the middle because typically they're going to be running an inside zone.

Make sure when you're in online games from now on two things:

1. Make note of the cursor, if you see the cursor under the offensive lineman, you know your opponent's running the ball

2. On the flip side when you're  running the ball make sure that your cursor is not on the offensive linemen even just for a second, because if you switch it to them for a second and switch it back some people will still assume you're running the ball and if you are they will run commit.

Tip 3. Audible Trick

Using the new Audible feature to create annoying mismatches for your opponent. Now what the new audible feature does is it allows you to audible within personnel even if you sub players in, which is a really big benefit when you have a player like an Alvin kKamara or Christian Mccaffrey type running back. So what a lot of people do is they might come out in a trip set, and they will put Camaro for example at wide receiver.

How To Do: So you can do this by pressing the RB or R1 button when you are at the formation, and then you can just scroll around and say hey I want to put alvin kamara in the slot here. 

Whay this is so powerful: we still have a great passing formation here that you really have to match personnel to stop, especially with man defense being so good, you come out in some type of a nickel or maybe a dime defense to have good numbers on the field to defend this. Because even though we do have a running back at receiver, it's a good receiving back. What we can do is have great passing plays still that need to be defended with passing sets.  If you want to get some top rated players to stronger your team, buy MUT 21 coins from AOEAH.COM.

So make sure you are taking advantage of this audible feature, because at the end of the day this audible feature makes it super hard for your opponent as he doesn't know if he has to come out in a heavy set or a passing set and you have the advantage every time no matter whichever one he comes out in-  if he comes out in the heavy run set you can just pass the ball, if he comes out in the heavy pass set you audible down to the run and really make it hard for him.

4. How To Shut Down Shotgun Runs

Tip number four is how to blow up all of the inside zone runs from shotgun, which are some of the most annoying runs in the game to stop and you can do this out of past defense. It works best out of a set that has four down linemen. You can really pick any play for the most part usually any of the bass plays will work whether you want to run man or zone, we're just going to come out in a cover 3 for this example. 

How To Do: All you need to do is shift the line to the side of the running back, so if the running backs on the right, we're going to shift the line to the right by pressing left on the D-pad, and then right on the left stick, and then the only other thing we need to do is crash our defensive line out because that's going to create a bigger lane for us to run through. To crash the defensive line out, we go left on the D-pad and then up on the right stick. You simply need to just slide the defensive line to the side of the running back, and then crash the defensive line out, you also do want to be standing on your user on the same side where the running back is pretty much lined up directly over him, it's just going to make it a little bit easier for you. Again it's going to part like the red sea you come through and what's good is you have a free open hit, so you lay that hit stick to cause a lot of fumbles.

You can set up your defense however you want man zone, just make sure you're shifting the line and crashing them out and getting your user  in position, so if they do run the ball you can blow it up, if they don't run the ball then you simply just drop back into coverage anyway.

5. Better Pass Rush Trick

This is a secret to giving you better pass rush out of your defensive line. This has actually been in the game for some years but a lot of people still don't know about it. When you pass commit it actually makes your defensive line block shed quicker or at least it seems that way. We were just talking about run committing a little bit ago when the offense does tip their hand that they're running the ball, but if they don't do that or if it's an obvious passing down like third and long, you actually are better off past committing. Because it's not going to hurt your defense, but from all that we've gathered it does seem to help your defensive line block shed quicker.

How To Do: To do this you press the RB or R1 button and then go up on the right stick that is going to set your defense to pass commit, and you will notice typically the defensive line is going to get off their block super quick which gives the QB less time to pass. Maybe it's a myth but it's something a lot of people believe in. 

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