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Top 5 Madden 21 Offensive Tips - How To Improve Your Offense Effectively In Short Time?

3/17/2021 5:05:24 PM

How to make your team invincible and how to do unstoppable offensive in Madden NFL 21? In addition to spending MUT 21 Coins on top-rated players, you also need to learn some useful techniques. In this guide, we go over five tips to improve the offensive side of the ball effectively in Madden 21. 

Tip 1 - Simplify Your Offense 

In ou opinion, you cannot and you should not try to run an offense where you're going to need to run 15 million different formations. It simply is very difficult to make that effective long term and it's very difficult for you to master the reads and the progressions of that offense, and so that's why we do recommend running two to three formations at max for your standard offense and then you might have a special little red zone offense or short yardage type of situation. But you really want to try to simplify your offense that 80, 20 principles. Figure out what are the 20 of the plays that we are going to be calling that are going to produce about 80 of the results. Because sometimes whenever you play a lot of meta, we're at the point in the season, it's time to start to refine your craft a little bit. We're heading into the back end of the Madden season here, where it's really going to be starting getting even more competitive because everybody's starting to figure out what is super effective. But it doesn't mean that the effectiveness changes and so it's all about figuring out what is effective, simplifying it down to maybe two to three formations.

Tip 2 - Read Grass and Not Receivers

You need to look to where is your defender actually going on the field or where is your receiver actually going on the field, and the space in which he is going to then take. For example, if you are reading a streak route, you are looking at where your defender is or where your receiver is, you are actually looking to where he's going to end up. Even though that sounds like a very simple tip, most people don't do it, while it's super helpful for a lot of people. So we would recommend it and again we don't do it right all the time, what we have a tendency to do especially in Madden is we will lock onto receivers and we will literally stare down the receiver that is something that it will never ever be effective and will always get you in trouble. 

Tip 3 - Do Not Hold Turbo Immediately 

This is a tip more for running the ball but let me show you what we are talking about. If you hold turbo on an instant, it's actually going to make the defense oftentimes block shed and also prevents you from having the ability to make sharp cuts in the backfield or different things that can kind of set up different running plays. So we also apply the same principle to passing whenever we catch the ball, oftentimes don't hold turbo until later on in the actual play, to kind of help a little bit with that reality there. So again don't hold turbo immediately, we recommend you holding turbo after you've had a step or ability to gather yourself. The other thing is when you're running the ball, we would recommend not holding turbo until you're actually through the line of scrimmage, that way you don't have to deal with any of those random block sheds.

Tip 4 - To Swerve Catch Everything

Use or catch everything, don't just allow the computer to taste and put you into bad scenarios and bad animations. Literally, click onto the receiver, and make sure that your user catching so you're always giving yourself an opportunity um to make a play, we highly recommend that. Like even on this post route, even though he's wide open, we literally clicked onto the receiver and made the user catch himself. We think that is super important and is actually one of the secret tips that can really take your game to the next level, it's one of the things that all the pro players do and some of the beginner players don't either maybe know how to do or they don't do it all the time as they should. So our recommendation is to always be clicking onto the receiver and always be making a play catch of some sort. 

Tip 5 - To Use Effective Routes 

It is very easy to try to get a little bit romantic with your offensive scheme, or maybe you don't know some of the most effective routes in the game, but simple routes that you have at your disposal that you can always be putting on your field, make a huge difference in offense. Using things like motion slant routes, drag routes, or post routes if you have a titan apprentice. We actually highly recommend having tied-in apprentices because they're super versatile types of players to be able to use. Having routes on your every single play that will be able to beat every single coverage, so we highly encourage you to begin trying to learn the effective routes, and there's no better way to learn the effective routes than learning the most effective offense in Madden 21.

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