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Madden 21 MUT Master Series 5 Tips: How To Get Interceptions with Sam Mills Easy?

2/20/2021 11:08:20 AM

The MUT Master Series 5 drops into Madden NFL 21 and brings the new fastest level up the method and millions of free MUT 21 coins to obtain. How to get 20 interceptions with Sam Mills? We will go over some useful tips to help you free 190k from Series 5 easily and fast!

Madden NFL 21 MUT Master Series 5

Just remember if you're reading this guide and MUT Master series 5 is already passed, you will not get the same coin payout, it will reduce to 35k madden coins once the series 5 ends. So it's going to go from 150 to 35k if you don't get it done during series 5. Every series has been like that and all of you have been able to take advantage of all four series.

- If you get 10k per each one and you only need to do two to get the collectible for sam mills to upgrade him for series five.

- For many of you that are learning about the MUT Master Sam Mills, you have to go through certain objectives to get those collectibles and to upgrade them.

- Each individual one is 10k, plus when you do everything you get 150k. so a total of 190k MUT coins you could get after completing all objectives. 

How To Get 20 Interceptions with Sam Mills For 190K MUT Coins?

To do with Sam Mills, first necessity you're going to have to put lurker on him for this because he's going to be able to jump. Obviously, middle linebackers have no legs in Madden 21, there are no animations. Middle linebackers are completely useless in Madden 21 unless you're blitzing off the edge of doing something else. And even with that they often get nano detected. 

Then you're going to go to a specific challenge. To go ahead and get that done, you're going to find that inside of the Super Bowl past challenges. Finding the right challenge is half the battle, then it's about how to do it so that it's easy for everyone. It's about so you're going to go to Super Bowl Past and then go down to the Steelers VS. Cowboys, you have three seconds to go ahead. You can force a turnover or whatever and win the game.

How To Complete the Steelers VS. Cowboys Challenges?

1. You need a playbook such as Miami's defensive playbook

2. Formation 3 4 odd,  you're going to click up

3. Selecting engage and showing blitz, everybody come down

4. On the side where the player's blitzing, you're going to go over there

5. Wait for them to throw it up in the air and pick the ball up 

How To Do The 50 force fumbles?

1. Go to arcade challenges and you make sure that it's on easy

2. Then the computer will fumble for no apparent reason

3. Go over to rivals, recruit your team captain, go to Leroy Glover's challenge

Even if the CPU catches the ball, they're going to fumble the football. So you can let them catch it and try to sack the cube. You can do whatever you want but they're going to fumble the football. 

After completing the two challenges, you are going to get the 100k MUT 21 coins, you can go ahead to get the best free coins by unlocking the next fumble from the other objectives. You can just pick anything you think is easy for you. 

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