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NBA 2K21 Season 5 Predictions - New Galaxy Opals, Dark Matters & More In NBA 2K21 MyTeam

2/19/2021 3:33:31 PM

It is season 5 in NBA 2k21 MyTeam is about to be amazing, we're going to be getting so many new rewards, new galaxy opals, new logicals and we could also be seeing the first ever dark matter card in NBA 2K21 MyTeam. Check out our NBA 2K21 season 5 predictions for all the potential player rewards including limited, unlimited, exchange, ascension and more!

NBA 2K21 Season 5 All Star & College Themed 

It'll be their all-star or college-themed just because it's going to be February and then March and then so on. So it might be college themed maybe all star. Since this year we are going to be having an all-star and if not we're gonna be getting all star content regardless, so that's gonna be one thing.

New Season 5 In NBA 2K21 MyTeam With Dark Matters In NBA 2K21

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - C/PF - 99

Kobe Bryant - SG/SF - 98

When it comes to the level 40 rewards, we may see a dark matter career map, we got to get a dark matter player at this point, because if they drop another galaxy he's not going to be available until like late in the game. And at that point it's like why galaxy opal. So it won't be a dark matter and if it is it's gotta be dark matter Kareem just because at the moment we have Curry, Wade, Kawhi, Bblake Griffin, so we're missing a center. A lot of people are expecting other centers too, but Karim could be a big enough name to where 2K can definitely market him and a lot of people want to go after him. In addition, Kobe is getting a galaxy opal in season 5 NBA 2K21.

MyTeam Unlimited

Vince Carter - SF/SG - 97

We have Kevin Mchill this season, and for this time around we could be seeing since it is all-star themed or maybe college themed it could be Vince Carter, a galaxy of a Vince Carter. He's long overdue for a galaxy would definitely fit the theme of like all-star and stuff like that. If they do go that way maybe like rising stars we could see like some really good rookie players like Jaw and Zion get their galaxy opals and so on. But basically though we do want to see a galaxy opal Vince Carter would fit the theme perfectly.


Karl-Anthony Towns - C/PF - 97

When it comes to limited, Karl-Anthony is going to be the one and only the galaxy opal towns. This card is so long overdue too. Now at the moment we're gonna start getting a lot of 98 overall galaxy opals and stuff like that and that's why I feel like dark matter players, they're 99 overall so we'll start seeing them now as rewards in packs. They always give galaxy opal Karl-Anthony some of the best cards, some of his best stats animations and a lot of good stuff. That would be a really good car to go after just because people would want to get them.

Other Rewards 

Jimmer Fredette - PG/SG - 96


Shaquille O’neal - C/PF - 97

When it comes to packs, there are some packs in the market, we could be seeing maybe like a flash set and it would be galaxy opal Shaquille. It would be amazing and he could be like a glitch one, they can give him like a slightly maybe obviously not a 99 three-pointer but maybe like a 75 maybe like an 80 max and then that could be like another cheesy center. 

Token Market 

Dwight Howard - C/PF - 97

Allen Iverson - SG/PG - 97

Lamer Odom - PF/SF - 97

When it comes to like some other rewards obviously we will be getting an update to the token market. You got to open the token market itself like there's got to be like at least some packs in there maybe some guaranteed players. Now they did do that in the season of giving. Hope they do a lot of the stuff they did in the season of giving in this upcoming season. In terms of galaxy opals, this season they gave us Gary Payton and Rick Barry. It could be cool to see a galaxy with Dwight Howard maybe a galaxy opal Allen Iverson, he's going to be getting a galaxy soon and it'll be perfect timing too. Because you can actually use small point guards at the moment and you Allen Iverson all year has been really good. So he would definitely be a nice little token market reward player too. We could obviously see Lamar Odom, he hasn't gotten a galaxy opal but maybe this season will be the day that he actually gets a galaxy opal so that could be like another galaxy silver reward. Those are some galaxy symbols that we'll definitely be seeing.

The Exchange

The exchange will be getting updated that they're going to be adding other stuff. They have pink diamond Dan Issel, it'll be a galaxy opal for next season and that galaxy opal with the trend that they've been doing it's probably going to end up being maybe like a galaxy up or Alvin Hayes, he always against galaxy opals.

Ascension Reward

David Thompson - SG/PG - 97


When it comes to the spotlight challenges it could literally be anybody. There's a lot of players at this point that can be galaxy opals. You got galaxy Derrick Rose that could be one. A lot of galaxy uploads potentially for rewards, for triple threat, challenges, triple dot online and so on. 

Locker Codes

When it comes to locker codes, 2K definitely will be upping their game for locker codes because we need like way better logic codes and consistent better locker codes. So that would be really cool 2K just give us some really good locker codes, some amazing logicals, free packs, not a chance at a pack with like a diamond consumable and like one token and so on.

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