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Madden NFL 21 Tips: When/How To Make An Aggressive, RAC and Possession Catch?

2/7/2021 6:05:04 PM

Through this guide, we will explain the three aggressive, RAC, and possession catch mechanisms in Madden 21, hope it will help you. If you are looking for cheap MUT 21 Coins for sale, don’t forget to check out our offers. 

In the game Madden 21 you will find three important different catch mechanisms, which you should know are: aggressive catch, RAC catch, and possession catch, the three do different things and you have to use them at different times, it all depends on the situation of the time. Next, we will explain how and when to use the three acquisitions.

When and How to Use Aggressive Catch in Madden 21?

This can be used when you throw the ball into traffic and you want your receiver to fight for the ball with one of the defenses. If you pass a high pass to a teammate who is protected by a defender, he would use an aggressive grip to catch the ball against the defender. To do this you just have to click on the player you made the step and press Y or the triangle.

When and How to Use Possession Catch in Madden 21?

In Madden 21 you have to make this hold when you're in the sideline with your feet in the limits if you're in the middle or trying to avoid a hit. To get this type of capture you just have to click on the player you threw the ball on and press the A or X keys.

When and How to Use RAC Catch in Madden 21?

Running After the Catch is a step you can use when you want to take the ball calmly. It should be used mainly when the receiver is a bit far from the defender. Because speed is required to grab the ball, make sure you have an open field to use the RAC catch. Now to perform the RAC catch, as in the previous screenshots, click the receiving player and press X or Square.

Here, hopefully, this guide has been useful to you to learn in the Madden NF 21 to make the three important catches of the game, aggressive catch, RAC, and possession, remember the advice we gave you in quick capture to be the distant receiver of the defense and in catching RAC to have an open field in his receiver so that he can run and catch the ball. 

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