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ACNH Time Traveling Guide - The Pros And Cons Of Time Traveling In Animal Crossing

1/8/2021 2:06:16 PM

After the new horizon was launched, there have been many questions about time traveling in animal crossing. what are the pros? what are the cons? how does it affect the game? we put together this tutorial to help you make your decision on how you personally would want to experience the game. 

ACNH Time Traveling Guide - How Does Time Traveling Work

Time-traveling has always been a controversial topic in the Animal Crossing community. although it's not the way the developers intended the game to be played. they didn't make it impossible for time traveling to occur, nor is much really done to deliver consequences to the player for time traveling. New Horizons clock runs off the switch's clock, which keeps its time accurate by connecting to the internet. if you want you can head to the settings of your switch, turn off the option to keep track of time.

Animal Crossing runs in real-time, as do events in the game. want to build a museum? wait a day. bought everything from the store? wait till tomorrow for new ACNH items. you worked all day and you can only play the game at night for a short time? too bad, everything's closed and you'll have to wake up early to be able to purchase tomorrow's stock. or it's past 9:00 p.m. and you just found this awesome design, you want to use on your Island, but the Able Sisters Shop is closed. so you're unable to download any custom designs from other creators. 

ACNH Time Traveling Guide - The Pros OF Time Traveling

So there are countless reasons to time travel, the feat is so easily achieved. it just stares you in the face, when you feel like you've done everything worth doing for the day. All you need to do is push a few buttons on your Switch. So if you want time travel, go ahead. you don't like time-traveling, cool, many people feel the same way. with that being said, it's not up to you how others play the game. you can be as anti or pro time traveling as you want, you shouldn't bash the other person for not playing the way you play. there weren't different playstyles if you wouldn't have ended up with amazing games that expand gameplay mechanics to benefit everyone.

ACNH Time Traveling Guide - The Cons OF Time Traveling

And there is a lot of reasons not to time travel, some might feel it ruins the game, the experience, and takes away from its charm. people want to wait and enjoy that experience when it comes around. watching the seasons change in the fish and bug cycle through, the events come and go. For them, that is what the journey of Animal Crossing is all about. 

Time-traveling affects the way the developers push out updates, they decided to do software updates to implement events and other occurrences in new horizons. not only does this stop spoilers from arising on the internet, but it also allows the game to stay fresh and new for everyone. this makes it so time traveling will only affect certain areas of the game, the point of the updates is to give you a reason to return to your island once you've lost interest in new horizons. wanting to time travel isn't a bad thing, it can aid you in dealing with many of the game's mechanics. you can speed up the growth of trees, bushes, hybrid flowers. check out the shops each day. jump days into the special characters you want, pay a visit. sell your turnips or even accrue interest in your nook bank account. 

ACNH Time Traveling Guide - How Did Time Traveling Affect The In-Game Economy

Nintendo tries to keep the in-game economy stable, they've reduced the interest rates on the account from 5% to 0.05 percent, which really isn't too different from the real-life interest rate. it would have been nice if Nintendo made it so if you time-travel, then your interest rates are in the toilet. if this is true and they reduced interest rates because of Time Travelers. it’s a bummer that the rest of us have to be punished with the lower rate. solely because people were abusing the system and messing up the in-game economy. the game knows when you travel back in time because it rots your turnips. so why not force this change to only affect the time travelers? Nintendo never really announced the real reason for reducing the interest rates, but we all just assumed that's what it was. 

ACNH Time Traveling Guide - The Sideeffcts Of Time Traveling

There are also some cons for time traveling, junk multiple days into the future and your daily Nook miles bonus will be lost. weeds will grow out of control and cockroaches will take over. villagers could start to feel ignored and may lose friendship with the player. they could leave your island if they're feeling neglected.

The big consequence of time traveling is your turnips, your turnips will sell for a different price twice a day every day, except for Sundays. traveling forward on time to check the prices doesn't hurt your turnips. traveling back in time, however, does. doing so will rot the turnips that are currently in your possession. even if they're just placed in your house or on your island. not only that, traveling in the past will actually reset your turnip prices to a new set of prices, which could be good or bad depending on how you look at it. 

Another potential negative effect of time traveling is racing through the game so fast that you've quickly done everything there is to do. many time travelers lose steam, the game can get old fast when you do the same task over and over very quickly. 

Whatever way you prefer to play that's up to you, share the developers intended for you to play slow and steady giving you a relaxing and enjoyable experience for at least a full year. But if it's not good enough for you, then it's not good enough for you. Just understand that when you do miss at the time the gameplay won't be the experience the developers created. In the end, there's truly no right or wrong way to play.

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