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Diablo 4 Best Greater Affix Farming & Tempering Guide: How To Fast Farm & Avoid Tempering Brick

5/29/2024 3:58:36 PM

In Diablo 4 Season 4, mastering the art of farming greater affix gear, including Uber Unique items, is crucial as you delve deeper into the endgame. Greater affixes can significantly enhance your gear, making anything from a slight improvement to a substantial boost in your build's efficiency. This guide will cover how to efficiently farm Greater Affix items, and also go over how to best avoid bricking an item while still making the item into what you wanted to be.

D4 Season 4 Greater Affix Gear Fast Farming & Effective Tempering Guide

As we approached patch 1.4.1, just under two weeks after the launch of Season 4, and as the player base progressed further into the endgame, one aspect of the new item system became increasingly impactful: Greater Affixes. Greater affixes can range from slightly improving an item to making it extremely powerful. This applies even to unique and Uber unique items. The best versions of every build rely on having great affixes, with some builds benefiting more than others. Since greater affixes rely entirely on RNG, masterworking is a more controllable final gear upgrade that you can actively farm. While Uber unique items also rely on RNG drops, some farming methods have higher drop rates. When upgrading items with valuable greater affixes, you must be cautious with tempering. It can potentially break the item. So we'll also go over how to upgrade items in Diablo 4 Season 4 safely to get the bonuses you want without bricking them.

Greater Affix Items Fastest Farming Methods

Let's start with how to farm Geater Affixes fast in Season 4 of Diablo 4 now. To efficiently farm for these coveted affixes, focus on specific activities known for higher drop rates:

1. Blood Maiden Alter Events in World Tier 4 Helltide:

Utilize the Profane Mind Cage item to increase enemy levels. This is the most robust method to find items with up to three Greater Affixes. Additionally, participating in these events yields Infernal Cinders, which can be used to open more Helltide Chests. These chests not only provide a decent chance at Greater AIC gear but also drop Murmuring Obals, exchangeable for gear in major towns.

2. Torment Endgame Ladder Bosses:

Particularly Durial and Andariel are excellent sources for Greater AIC items. These bosses are likely to drop gear when they are over level 100, providing not only high-quality items but also unique gear with potential Greater Affixes.

3. Tips for Efficient Farming

Always participate with at least one heart contribution in Blood Maiden events to qualify for the best rewards.

Combine your farming efforts with activities that yield Masterworking materials, like high-tier Pit runs, for an efficient dual-purpose farming strategy.

Greater Affix Gear Anti-Brick Tempering Tips

Tempering is a crucial process in maximizing the potential of your gear, especially when dealing with items laden with Greater Affixes. The key is to avoid "bricking" an item while enhancing the desired traits.

Strategies for Tempering Great Affix Items

  • Prioritize Key Affixes: Identify and prioritize the affixes most beneficial for your build. For example, a Bash Barbarian should focus on enhancing the Cleave damage associated with Bash.

  • Manage Risk: When rerolling affixes, consider the overall value of the item and the impact of potentially losing other valuable affixes. In most cases, securing the correct affix with an acceptable stat range is preferable to aiming for perfect stats at the risk of damaging the item.

  • Use Remaining Rolls Wisely: If an item ends up with satisfactory stats and spare tempering rolls, you might choose to save these for future potential upgrades rather than risking current stability.

By following this guide, you'll be well on your way to mastering the art of farming Greater Affix Uber Unique items in Diablo 4. Remember, the key to success lies in efficient farming strategies, careful tempering, and effective use of community resources. Dive into Season 4 with confidence and dominate the endgame!

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