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PoE 3.24 HCSSF Tier List - Best Hardcore Solo Self-Found Builds in Path of Exile Necropolis

3/28/2024 6:36:21 PM

Nobody wants to be weak in Path of Exile Necropolis League. Enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the upcoming 3.24 Hardcore Solo Self-Found (HCSSF) league, and the fervor for finding the ultimate league starter build surges. That’s why we got you a PoE 3.24 HCSSF tier list, ranked the best league starters in Necropolis.

PoE 3.24 Best HCSSF Builds - Path of Exile 3.24 Hardcore SSF Build Tier List

In this Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis HCSSF tier list, we delve into the ascendancies poised to dominate the HCSSF landscape, carefully evaluating their strengths, weaknesses, and viability as league starters. From the towering dominance of Necromancers to the elemental prowess of Elementalist, each ascendancy brings unique capabilities and challenges to the table.

S Tier

  • Necromancer

DD of chain (Death's Oath Chain of Command) is by far the Path of Exile 3.24 best HCSSF League starter. The DD of chain builds exploits synergies between these two unique items to create an extremely effective yet low-investment HCSSF league starter - Death's Oath provides strong chaos damage over time aura simply through int stacking, while Chain of Command summons Detonate Dead totems on movement skill use that clear packs thanks to DD's inherent AoE, allowing focused scaling of both chaos DOT and totem damage without needing much on the passive tree or gear, resulting in very smooth and safe clearing of content from the acts through maps on a shoestring budget ideal for SSF environments.


  • Elementalist

Elementalist another ascendancy class like Necromancer that players would feel compelled to league start as if further nerfs limited build diversity, as it currently provides a similar powerful and well-rounded experience as builds such as DD of chain, capable of scaling a wide variety of elemental spell and attack skills effectively from the beginning of a league through the completion of endgame activities even with minimal investment, thanks to the ascendant's strong damage, clear and utility-focused notables which allow for a smooth leveling and progression similar to the consistently league-starter viable DD of chain's chaos DOT scaling, ensuring players can efficiently gear up a character to experience all new challenges if their preferred starter options were removed without adequate substitution.


A Tier

  • Trickster

Trickster can be one of the best PoE 3.24 Hardcore SSF builds utilizing the recently buffed Explosive Trap skill. There’s potential in the ascendancy's movement options and Trap's increased area of effect and damage to provide sufficient clear speed through the acts and maps even if the class itself does not offer the same innate survivability of summons or golems. Hoping that the addressed skill improvements compensate for Trickster's relatively weaker defense in the early game compared to the top-placed ascendancies, the speaker remains uncertain whether Trickster Explosive Trap will prove fully viable when survival is tested against tougher enemies but is willing to experiment with this option and sees room for it to perform adequately if the buffs achieve their goal.


B Tier

  • Guardian

While the nerfs to Guardian were not deemed extreme, they destroyed the ascendancy by removing its clear strength as an exceedingly powerful league starter that could smoothly scale minions through the acts and maps from minimal investment, scaling which has now been drastically slowed, diminishing Guardian's main appeal since unlike other minion classes it could not transition well into late game or offer dynamic playstyles, as without the ease of progression offered previously, there is little motivation to choose the Guardian over alternatives that maintain ascension into endgame, with its only likely players now being those purely seeking an easy mode approach where they can stand back and simply spawn minions to engage enemies rather than developing their character or mechanical skills.


  • Saboteur

While damage appears stronger with skill buffs, Saboteur's league start defenses are unproven, so it's considered an uncertain option that could potentially rank higher.


  • Vortex


C Tier

  • Inquisitor

Penance received nerfs, specifically that it was reduced to "nearly half" of its previous effectiveness. This may still be "good" as a league starter option. The justification given is that if clearing speed is not a top priority, and one cares more about bossing, then Penance Brand could still work well. This league explicitly focuses on endgame bosses via Maven/Conquerors so boss damage matters more than clear. The implication is Penance Brand may still excel at single target/bossing even after nerfs, making it a viable league starter for the intended content.


  • Champion

  • Chieftain

This is a bossing league and this has clear. But if you want to do T17 anytime soon with this, you're not going to do them.

  • Occultist

Occultist build focusing on poison damage could offer a strong league starter option, providing solid damage output and versatility for clearing content in Path of Exile.

D Tier

  • Slayer

Slayer may emerge as one of the few remaining very powerful league starter options, likely due to the durability and damage provided by its innate leech and overkill effects allowing builds utilizing its ascendancy to maintain smooth progression through content even in the wake of changes crippling formerly reliable starters, positioning Slayer to potentially sees surge in play rates as players gravitate towards whatever alternatives can fulfill the need for an easily scaled, endgame capable build from day one of a new challenge league to replace those gutted by extensive nerfs.


  • Raider

You can hang out with Slayer


  • Pathfinder

Toxic Rain has gotten even worse. It was a very strong ascendary but not great anymore.


  • Deadeye

Deadeye has "zero defenses".  The concern raised is dealing with high tier map mods (+17) and entering new zones with highly buffed monsters.


F Tier

  • Juggernaut

Seen as too risky for a league start due to needing to stack armor/damage reduction at early levels.

  • Berserker

Also deemed too risky as a league starter since it relies on leech/damage to stay alive but lacks damage/tankiness early when the PoE gear is missing.

  • Ascendant

Lack of a clear identity/power spike like other ascendancies.

  • Hierophant

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