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PoE 3.24 Minion Build Tier List - Best Minion Builds for Necropolis in Path of Exile

3/25/2024 3:43:47 PM

What is going to be the best-played minion build in Path of Exile 3.24 League? Today, we're going to talk about the PoE 3.24 minion build tier list for Necropolis League.


PoE 3.24 Best Minion Build - Path of Exile Necropolis Minion Builds Ranking

Minion builds have long been a popular and effective option, able to both clear maps quickly and remain relatively safe for new and experienced players alike. However, not all minion builds are created equal. Based on the changes and balancing introduced in Necropolis, certain minion builds will outperform others. After analyzing all the updates, we ranked the PoE 3.24 best minion builds. These Path of Exile 3.24 minion rankings can help guide players toward minion builds that stand the best chance of success and smooth leveling progress.

S Tier - Zoomancer

Zoomancer is a high end build in terms of pure performance and efficiency all across the board. Zoomancer has a phenomenal performance both on the low-end league starting and medium budget into the high budget. This build has seen half a million ehp, absolutely crazy, and the type of limitations Zoomancer brings, it's just not there. The ceiling of how you can scale it is just not there. Most people will never even come close to reaching any sort of ceiling with the build. Zoomancer will remain as an S+ tier best minion build in Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis league.

S Tier - Blink Arrow Mirror Arrow (BAMA)

With the changes to the Necromancer that are separating the sheep from the herd in this little argument of whether or not the Guardian Necromancer Juggernaut or the Pathfinder is the best for the BAMA. Necromancer will outperform all of them because of the changes that they made allowing us to have very reliable defense scaling and offensive scaling at the same time.  Whether you’re working on a Necromancer version, a poison version, or a chaos hit version for the BAMA, it is going to be an S tier plus performing build.

S Tier - Herald of Purity

Herald of Purity is such an amazing starter build. It performs so well and it's been keeping itself very steadily at an S tier on the Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis tier list.


S Tier - Range Animate Weapon

The poison variant is also going to remain at a steady S tier with the changes that we've seen. The defensive scaling thanks to the minions leading on the Necromancer is going to be an extremely overpowered power. Therefore, it might be better than the S tier.

S Tier - Skeleton Archer

Skeleton Archer got a very small buff, a whopping 15% more damage. Because of that being 15% multiplicative damage, this can be one of the best PoE Necropolis League builds. We're going to have it around the poisonous rot range enemy weapon approach which is an S tier.


A Tier - Chains of Command (CoC)

Chains of Command is a very fun clearing build. However, a lot of people are a little scared to play this because if your Animate Guardian dies, you're going to lose all of that. If he's dead, you have nothing and you have to buy all the gear again to get the build up and running. Because of that, we put the change of command a little lower than it deserves.


A Tier - Dominating Blow

Dominating Blow got a slight indirect nerf with the limitations on Head Hunter Soul Leader. However this was a very small nerf and is not something that we very much often noticed when playing the build. So Dominating Blow is going to remain on a solid A tier.


A Tier - Golems

Golems are going to be at an A+ maybe higher on this PoE Necropolis minion build tier list due to nothing changed in terms of efficiency. The safeguarding version of the Golems however is offering very interesting approaches where you can reach 100% immunity to melee damage because the Golem's going to take that instead.


B Tier - Summon Raging Spirits (SRS)

There's one popular version that is poison fantastic build, the guardian elemental version, and both mine and subs builds are fantastic versions. Then there is the lightning version which demands a higher level character to respec into it and a bunch of builds enabling uniques to play it. It is a very high-performing build though the play style is a little bit niche. In Path of Exile Necropolis league, SRS will no longer have their melee attack naturally gain 0 up to 38% more damage as it levels. This is a massive nerf to the performance of the SRS. It does not impact any changes to the popcorn version which is using minion instability but it does make the build extremely less performing compared to before. That’s why we place the SRS around B tier on the PoE 3.24 minion tier list due to 38% multiplicative damage scaling is a massive nerf to the build.


B Tier - Mage Skeletons (Skellies)

Mage Skeletons did get an indirect nerve through the sniper's mark changes. The current plan for the Mage Skeleton which was already struggling to keep up in terms of performance, required a little higher budget to even perform at the same level as most other minimum builds. We put the Mage Skeleton down to B tier and still requires investment to keep playing at a decent level, but it is not something we would recommend.


B Tier - Absolution

Absolution would belong to between a B+ or A- depending on your personal playstyle.


? - Spectre

Spectre is the best PoE 3.24 minion build that most people play. The problem is the Specters are going to be very locked behind the idea of the new Wraithlord Bone Circles helmet. This is an item that only drops from tier 17 endgame bosses. The problem with this is it's going to take a while before we get access to it and it might get very expensive. We don't even know if it's going to be an extremely good helmet or not until we know which specters we can actually use to summon for it. Therefore, we’re going to leave this a question mark.

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