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PoE 3.24 Ascendancy Tier List - Best Ascendancy Class Ranked For Necropolis

3/22/2024 9:51:01 AM

Creating a tier list for the Ascendancies in Path of Exile is no easy task given the diversity of playstyles and builds available in the game. What follows is a subjective class tier list for the 3.24 version of Path of Exile, based on various factors such as budget, playtime, and solo play considerations. Keep in mind that this tier list is tailored for those who may not have endless hours to play due to other commitments, but still invest a substantial amount of time into the game.

PoE Ascendancy Tier List - Best Ascendancy Ranking in Path of Exile 3.24

Here is the tier list for the 3.24 version of Path of Exile, considering a budget of around 10 Divines, approximately 40-50 hours of playtime in the first few weeks, and solo play:

S Tier

The best of the best. These Ascendancies offer incredible power and versatility without needing a massive investment:

  • Trickster: Offers incredible versatility and great defenses with spell suppression. It can fit almost any build with ease.

  • Slayer: The go-to for melee builds, providing powerful leech, area of effect, and critical strike chance.

  • Guardian: Especially strong for minion-based builds like SRS. Offers solid defenses and aura benefits.

  • Inquisitor: Great for energy shield-based builds and various spellcasting options.

A Tier

Strong choices with great potential. They may not be as universally powerful as S Tier, but they're close:

  • Champion: Provides a lot of scaling for auras and defenses with free fortify. Versatile for both attack and spell builds.

  • Chieftain: Excellent for Righteous Fire builds and other fire-based skills. Great for life stacking and has strong totem options.

  • Elementalist: A superb choice for ignite builds and golem-based playstyles. Easy access to high damage output.

B Tier

Good options that can excel in specific builds or scenarios but may have some limitations:

  • Raider: Excels in speed and ailment immunity, making it great for farming Heist or other content.

  • Pathfinder: Offers sustainability and flask effectiveness but requires more investment to truly shine.

  • Juggernaut: Solid for specific builds like accuracy stackers, although it may not be the best for all-around play.

C Tier

Niche picks that can work well but often require more investment or have less overall potential:

  • Berserker: Can achieve high damage but tends to be squishy. Works well with rage mechanics.

  • Assassin: Good for high-damage builds but struggles with survivability compared to other classes.

  • Hierophant: Strong for totem builds and has potential in mana-focused playstyles.

  • Occultist: Once a top-tier choice for chaos builds, but recent nerfs have made it less dominant.

D Tier

Ascendancies that struggle to find their place or are outclassed by others in most situations:

  • Necromancer: Requires significant investment for minions to excel. Guardian can often be a better choice.

  • Saboteur: Has fallen behind other classes in terms of power and versatility. Trickster often does its job better.

Rework Tier

Not necessarily bad, but could use some fresh mechanics or changes to stand out:

  • Gladiator: Currently lacks a clear identity and is overshadowed by other Ascendancies in its main roles.

  • Scion: Lacks a strong unique selling point as a solo starter and could benefit from a rework to define its niche better.

This tier list reflects a particular perspective and set of criteria. While some Ascendancies are ranked higher due to their versatility and power with limited resources, others fall short in the current meta or due to their specific requirements. Always remember that the right Ascendancy for you will depend on your playstyle, preferences, and the specific build you have in mind.

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