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WoW SoD Phase 3 Tier List - Best DPS, Healer, Tank Ranking in Season of Discovery Phase 3

3/26/2024 9:59:22 AM

Which is the best class to pick up for Season of Discovery Phase 3? Explore the new meta situation with our WoW SoD Phase 3 Class Tier List, in which we rank the best DPS, Healer, and Tank Specs based on the new runes and game mechanics!

WoW Season of Discovery Phase 3 Tier List - DPS, Healer, Tank Ranking

WoW Season of Discovery is ramping up as Phase 3 looms on the horizon, and the speculations about the class tier lists are at an all-time high. With new runes and mechanics in play, the meta is shifting, and today, we'll take a deep dive into what’s expected to become the top-tier specs for DPS, Healers, and Tanks in this exciting new phase. Buckle up as we explore the potential game-changers in the WoW SoD Phase 3.

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WoW SoD Phase 3 DPS Ranking & Tier List

Phase 3 of Season of Discovery is expected to bring some shifts to the DPS meta, most notably fury warriors and fire mages rising to dominance. Enhancement shaman and rogues should also see improvements from Phase 2. Declining from Phase 2 are shadow priests, who are expected to fall to the bottom without tuning changes. Marks hunters, ret paladins, and balance druids look to remain middle of the pack. The DPS meta is trending towards favoring raw damage output, with fire mages and fury warriors as standout top choices resulting from Phase 3 changes including a new 20-man raid and increased level cap.

  • 1. Combat Rogue (S Tier)

Combat Rogues are expected to be the best scaling class in phase three. With ten more levels and a new talent tree, they'll gain access to a completely new playstyle that includes infinite combo points. This, combined with their already strong scaling with gear, puts them firmly in the S tier.

  • 2. Marksman Hunter (S Tier)

Marksman Hunters are another class that scales exceptionally well with both gear and talents. The introduction of a new Rune that synergizes with their trap launcher ability makes the spec even more exciting to play. The combination of strong scaling and an engaging playstyle earns them a spot in the S tier.

  • 3. Enhancement Shaman (S Tier)

Enhancement Shamans are already a strong DPS spec, and in phase three, they'll be getting even more damage and crit. These buffs solidify their position as one of the top DPS specs in the game.

  • 4. Affliction Warlock (A Tier)

Affliction Warlocks are receiving a significant boost in phase three, with their dots now being able to crit. They also have access to a strong talent build that synergizes well with their shadow bolt ability. These changes are expected to propel them from the bottom of the pack to the A tier.

  • 5. Retribution Paladin (A Tier)

Retribution Paladins are getting stronger in phase three, with increased strength and the addition of consecration to their kit. These buffs should help them maintain their position as a solid DPS spec.

  • 6. Beast Mastery Hunter (A Tier)

Beast Mastery Hunters are expected to perform very well in phase three, thanks in large part to the synergy between their pet and the new trap launcher ability.

  • 7. Survival Hunter (A Tier)

While not quite as strong as Marksman, Survival Hunters are still expected to be a viable DPS spec in phase three. They'll benefit from many of the same buffs as Marksman Hunters, but their focus on melee combat may hold them back slightly.

  • 8. Elemental Shaman (A Tier)

Elemental Shamans are receiving some interesting changes in phase three, including an improved lightning shield and a new playstyle that revolves around managing their mana. These changes should help them remain competitive with other DPS specs.

  • 9. Destruction Warlock (A Tier)

Destruction Warlocks are moving down from the S tier, but they're still expected to be a strong DPS spec in phase three. They may not benefit quite as much from the new talents and abilities as some other specs, but their raw damage output should keep them relevant.

  • 10. Arms Warrior (A Tier)

Arms Warriors are expected to be a strong DPS spec in phase three, but they may be overshadowed by Fury Warriors at level 60. Still, their solid damage output and utility should earn them a spot in the A tier.

  • 11. Feral Druid (B Tier)

Feral Druids have some room to grow at level 60, but at level 50, not much is changing about their rotation. They'll still be a decent DPS spec, but they may struggle to keep up with the top performers.

  • 12. Shadow Priest (B Tier)

Shadow Priests are staying roughly where they are in phase three, with only a minor damage increase coming from their dots being able to crit. They'll still be a solid choice for raids, but they're not expected to be top-tier.

  • 13. Fire Mage (B Tier)

Fire Mages aren't getting much help in phase three, and their talent points don't seem to be providing a significant boost. As a result, they're expected to fall behind other DPS specs.

  • 14. Arcane Mage (B Tier)

Arcane Mages may have the most potential of any Mage spec in phase three, thanks to a possible ignite build. However, there's still a lot of uncertainty around how viable this build will be, so they're placed in the B tier for now.

  • 15. Balance Druid (B Tier)

Balance Druids aren't getting a ton of new tools in phase three. Their Moonfire will last longer, and they'll have an instant damage boost to their Hurricane ability, but these changes aren't expected to significantly improve their single-target DPS.

  • 16. Fury Warrior  (B Tier)

Fury Warriors are in a bit of an awkward spot in phase three. Their synergy with the new Rune system is lackluster when using two-handed weapons. They're expected to be incredibly strong at level 60, but at level 50, they may struggle to keep up with other DPS specs.

  • 17. Frost Mage (C Tier)

Frost Mages are heavily dependent on a 15% crit chance to be viable, which is not a reliable strategy. As a result, they're placed in the C tier.

  • 18. Assassination Rogue (C Tier)

Assassination Rogues are not expected to perform as well as Combat Rogues with the Adrenaline Rush build. While they may still be viable in some situations, they're not considered a top-tier spec.

  • 19. Subtlety Rogue (C Tier)

Subtlety Rogues are not expected to see much play in raids during phase three. Their damage output simply isn't high enough to justify bringing them over other DPS specs.

  • 20. Demonology Warlock (C Tier)

Like Subtlety Rogues, Demonology Warlocks are not expected to be a popular choice for raids in phase three. Their damage output is lower than that of other Warlock specs, and they don't bring enough utility to make up for it.

WoW SoD Phase 3 Healer Ranking & Tier List

In WoW's Season of Discovery Phase 3, Resto Druids are anticipated to lead the healing pack with powerful AOE capabilities and new supportive talents, while Priests are expected to excel with impactful crit-based heals and shields. Holy Paladins remain strong with their burst healing, and while not detailed in the text, Mistweaver Monks and Resto Shamans are likely to continue as solid all-around healers with valuable raid utility.

  • 1. Discipline Priest (S Tier)

With new abilities like Divine Aegis and the Divine Fury talent, Discipline Priests are expected to remain top healers.

  • 2. Restoration Druid (S Tier)

Benefiting from new talents and having permanent uptime on abilities like Efflorescence, Restoration Druids are anticipated to surpass priests in healing throughput.

  • 3. Restoration Shaman (A Tier)

Improved through the addition of spells like Tidal Wave and Riptide, Shamans are moving up from B tier to A tier but not quite reaching S tier.

  • 4. Mage Healer (B Tier)

Although strong, Mage healers do not scale as well with new runes compared to other healers and are placed in B tier.

  • 5. Holy Paladin (B Tier)

Described as more of a damage dealer than a healer in this phase, Holy Paladins are also placed in B tier.

WoW SoD Phase 3 Tank Ranking & Tier List

The tank meta in Season of Discovery Phase 3 will favor classes that can generate high and consistent threat, so warriors, prot paladins, warlocks, and shamans could be the strongest choices.Warriors remain reliable with the new Vigilance rune, while prot paladins get a big boost to threat generation. Warlock tanks benefit greatly from runes improving their fire abilities, and shamans stay solid with a rune converting attack power to spell power. Druid and rogue tanks remain risky choices, being heavily dependent on unknown upcoming runes.

  • 1. Paladin Tanks  (S Tier)

With the promise of runes like Improved Sanctuary and the retribution-based runes that allow for critical strikes on Consecration and other abilities, Paladins are expected to excel, particularly against Undead enemies. Their already high DPS and solid mitigation make them a top contender.

  • 2. Warrior Tank (A Tier)

Warriors continue to be reliable with the addition of runes like Shield Mastery and Vigilance. The latter allows for innovative threat management by transferring threat from high-DPS players, making Warriors very adaptable and potentially the best for managing threat in certain situations.

  • 3. Shaman Tank (A Tier)

The inclusion of the Mental Dexterity rune, converting intellect to attack power and boosting spell damage, ensures that Shaman tanks maintain their strong position. Their ability to scale with spell power significantly enhances their threat generation from shocks.

  • 4. Warlock Tank (B Tier)

Warlocks are moving into a more fire-centric build with runes that increase haste and AoE capabilities. Although they may face some challenges with mechanics, their new runes offer potential for increased threat output, making them a solid choice.

  • 5. Rogue Tank (C Tier)

While Rogue tanks can work, they're currently seen as clunky with inconsistent mitigation. Without seeing runes specifically tailored for Rogue tanking, their viability is uncertain, leaving them in a speculative state for Phase 3.

  • 6. Druid Tank (C Tier)

Druids have struggled this tier, and while the Gore rune offers a glimmer of hope for better synergy with Lacerate and Mangle, the spec's effectiveness is up in the air. Druids need more support from new runes to rise in the ranks.

As these predictions set the stage for an exciting Season of Discovery Phase 3, players are gearing up and getting ready for the challenges ahead. Whether you're looking to top the DPS meters, provide unmatched support as a healer, or hold the line as a tank, the upcoming phase promises to provide ample opportunities to shine. Remember, these predictions are based on the current understanding of the Phase 3 changes and could evolve as the phase progresses. It's always crucial to stay adaptable and be ready to tweak your strategies, gear, and talent choices to stay ahead of the curve.

Are you ready to discover what lies in store? Prepare your characters, sharpen your skills, and let’s dive into the new phase with anticipation and excitement!

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