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Season of Discovery Phase 3 DPS Tier List - Best DPS Classes & Specs Ranked In SOD Phase 3

3/26/2024 5:46:52 PM

Season of Discovery Phase 3 is starting already next week Thursday, April, 4. The new level cap is level 50 and we have the new raid Sunken Temple which will be a 20-player raid. So that leads us to the topic that we want to talk about, the predictions of the best SOD Phase 3 DPS specs.


WoW Season of Discovery Phase 3 Best DPS - SoD Phase 3 DPS Tier List

In Season of Discovery Phase 3, 20 men raid is different than the 10 men and there are always more buffs that could lead to more damage output from certain classes. Therefore, having the SoD Phase 3 best DPS is extremely important. Some specs that performed well in Phase 2 like Fire Mage and Melee Hunter may continue their reign initially in the next phase. However, changes to gear scaling and encounter lengths could allow other specs the chance to shine. Without further ado, let’s check the Season of Discovery Phase 3 DPS tier list.


SoD Phase 3 DPS Ranking

S Tier

  • Fire Mage

Fire Mage will still be one of the top best DPS specs in Season of Discovery Phase 3. They were already very good in Phase 1 and will be very good in this phase too.


  • Melee Hunter

In Phase 3, they will be still strong and still among the best specs in Season of Discovery. In the first 2-4 weeks, Melee Hunter is better than DPS Warrior. In the last 1-2 weeks, Warrior is better than Hunter. The first one or two ID resets, Fire Mage and Melee Hunter will be among the best specs.


  • Fury Warrior

Warrior was all the time from the good spec in Phase 2. He was on the lower end because he could not fight with Melee Hunter but he also left Rouge very much behind. In Phase 3, Warrior will continue his way back on the throne. Overall, it will be already S tier for this Season of Discovery Phase 3 DPS ranking. At level 60 end game with good gear, Warrior is rising to the top and will continue to rise. It's not the best spec, but one of the best Season of Discovery DPS in Phase 3.


  • Destruction Warlock

Destruction Warlock is pretty much the same as Fire Mage. It is pretty strong but not as strong as Fire Mage going into the next phase but it is an S tier spec.

They had not the most easy time in the first phase but they were also climbing there in numbers because people learned how to play it.


A Tier

  • Enhancement Shaman

Enhancement Shaman was pretty strong right now, even though it was pretty bad in the first Phase. It also benefits from shorter fights because he got better and better over Phase 2. Overall, this is a pretty good melee DPS, and will be fighting with melee Hunter and Warrior for the melee DPS Throne.


  • DPS Rogue

DPS Rogue will do better than Phase 2 because they had heart problems with the higher armor of the other classes. We put Rogue at the end of A tier.


  • Elemental Shaman

Elemental Shaman was doing well in this Phase due to benefiting from shorter fights over the range. Elemental Shaman will be at the lower end of the A tier as a spec in general.


B Tier

  • Feral Druid

Feral Druid was all the time decent and will be pretty decent in Phase 3. Rogue will definitely go ahead because he's benefiting more from lower armors than the Feral Druid.


  • Balance Druid

Balance Druid benefits from short of fight but in general is a decent DPS.


  • Retribution Paladin

Retribution Paladin got high numbers and he is the last one of the A tier in Phase 2. He's benefiting a lot from the shorter fights over the whole phase. Since now we have longer fights because the raid will be 20 men, Retribution Paladin will be in the middle of the pack maybe even in the low end of the middle of the pack.


  • Marksmanship Hunter

Marksmanship Hunter will be around Arcane Mage. It will be okay, nothing special, nothing good.


  • Shadow Priest

The most sad story in Phase 2 was the rise and fall of Shadow Priest. Shadow Priest was on top first place or second place in the first week, one and a half weeks with a three-day reset and it was on the bottom. There's only one chance if they buff it again, it will be very high. If that is not happening, it will be just at the end of the B tier.


C Tier

  • Arcane Mage

Arcane Mage will be okay, they dropped pretty low down and close to Frost Mage.


D Tier

  • Frost Mage

Frost Mage will not change. 

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