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Season of Discovery 1-50 Leveling Guide (Phase 3): Best Leveling Locations & Routes

3/27/2024 9:52:24 AM

Phase 3 is bringing significant permanent experience boosts to make leveling alts and new characters faster, while also removing some repetitive turn-in quests that could be exploited. In this WoW SoD Phase 3 leveling guide, we’re going to show where you should AoE level from level 1 to level 50.

Season of Discovery Phase 3 Leveling Guide - Best Way To Reach Level 50 In SoD

Players logging into World of Warcraft Classic for the launch of Season of Discovery Phase 3 on April 4th are in for a real treat. Blizzard is significantly increasing experience gains across the board to allow both new and existing characters to achieve new levels at level 50. Next, we in depth the Season of Discovery 1-50 best leveling locations and tips.

Season of Discovery Phase 3 Best Leveling Locations

1. Swamp of Sorrows

The first best Season of Discovery Phase 3 leveling spot for 43-47, you're going to level is in Swamp of Sorrows. You're going to be killing merlocks around this entire part of the beach. You could go higher up on the spot we pointed, but there are higher mobs at level 40 and it's going to be very hard.



The second best SoD Phase 3 leveling place you should level is in Tanaris. All the way we marked in the entire beach area. The mobs range all the way from 44 to 46 here each.



3. Western Plaguelands

The third and final best WoW Season of Discovery Phase 3 leveling location that you will be leveling from 47-50 is in Western Plaguelands. It's going to be this little field we marked. Keep in mind that, if you go here when you are 47 or 48, most mobs will be orange. If you go here at 47, mobs could be red. If you go here at 48, everyone will be orange. 


Season of Discovery Phase 1-50 Leveling Tips

  • In Season of Discovery phase 3, all players from level 1-39 will receive a permanent 100% increased experience gain buff from the Discoverer's Delight buff. 

  • Players from level 40-49 will receive an additional 50% increased experience gain buff. Repeatable quest turn-ins that could be exploited for fast leveling, like Marks of Honor, are being removed. 

  • Killing bosses in Gnomeregan instance will grant a massive experience boost to low level characters, though the article notes this may have been worded incorrectly.

  • Characters level 25 and higher can gain experience and reputation with the Emerald Wardens faction by participating in the new Nightmare Incursions world event.

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