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PoE 3.24 Patch Note & Release Date - Path of Exile 3.24 Preparation

2/15/2024 10:09:27 AM

When is our next expansion for Path of Exile going to be released? What things can players do to prepare for the upcoming Path of Exile 3.24? Read our PoE 3.24 league leaks, we'll talk about the release date, patch notes, and preparations!

PoE 3.23 Preparation Guide: Release Date, Patch Notes & Leaks

Grinding Gear Games today put out information on when Path of Exile patch 3.24 will likely be released. It's important to note that this is still not something that they've committed to a date for internally and there is the potential for this PoE 3.24 expansion release date to slip. However, based on the article, there is one most likely date and one second most likely date that they're going for.


PoE 3.24 Release Date

They're currently planning to launch the Path of Exile 3.24 League in late March. This means the ongoing Affliction League will last longer than usual, so if you're planning to complete the Affliction challenges, you've got plenty of time to do so. It's also worth mentioning that this time they're not planning to run end of League events. The options are t March 22 or March 29


PoE 3.24 Patch Notes

1. Itemized Crafts

Ashling's veiled slam craft from the Betrayal League will be itemized, allowing it to be stored and traded as an item rather than requiring interacting with the NPC directly. Other Betrayal crafts such as quality crafts for armor/weapons/flasks from Hillock, amulet transformations from Jorgin, and all of Rei's socket/link/color crafts in Research are also likely to be itemized. Rei's crafts may specifically drop as chromatics, jewelers, or fusing orbs depending on the tier. Tor's gem experience craft will likely just drop as a faceted lens. Incursion crafts were already itemized by storing the temples, but crafting options within specific rooms like the double corruption altar may still require running the temple. This widespread itemization of crafting options will significantly improve the quality of life for trade and solo players by enabling direct craft trading and storage.

2. W Trade

We have to trade with someone in Path of Exile, and in Patch 3.24, they're probably going to push control shifts, you can control and click currency in the window. If you control shift and click, it will put all your currency of the inventory into that trade window all in one goal.

PoE 3.24 Preparations

-Save up crafting currency and materials. Stockpile essences, fossils, chaos orbs etc that will be useful for crafting new items once the patch lands.

-Clear stash space. Make room in your Standard tabs or remove unwanted gear/items to avoid clutter. New leagues often offer fresh starts.

-Research build ideas. Look at patch notes for changed skills/items and brainstorm league starter or endgame-focused build plans. Theorycraft early.

-Level gems in off-season. Grind out quality/levels on support gems, leveling gems, or new gems announced for 3.24.

-Complete Atlas. Work towards pushing your Atlas progress in existing leagues, like Sirus kills or Guardian map completions.

-Save regret orbs. Hold onto these respec points in case you need to modify a build for 3.24 skill/node changes.

-List high-value legacy Path of Exile items. Check prices on no-longer-obtainable unique items to prep Standard trades.

-Cleave map strategy. Trim your existing map tabs down to tier 14+ for the biggest ROI early in a new league.

More info about the PoE 3.23 patch release date as well as new information about Path of Exile 2 will be revealed during the update live stream around the middle of March. If you want to buy PoE Currency and Items, won't let you down!

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