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The Item Can Make You Earn Millions of EFT Rubles In Escape from Tarkov

7/1/2020 8:05:37 PM

You have to make constant decisions when you are playing Escape from Tarkov: What weapon for the next raid, how many bandages come in my pockets, and why is the ammunition so expensive? You have to budget with your resources. Money worries in EFT don't usually just vanish. But with a bit of loot luck you can bag the right item and earn millions of Escape from Tarkov rubles and retire to a customs container on the customs premises.

Which EFT item make you become a millionaire?

This is an actually unspectacular key card. You need the red key card to be able to open the room of the security forces on the map "The Laboratory".


Million Loot With The Red Keycard?

How much can I earn with the Red Keycard? In a thread on reddit, users talk about the current price. The small card currently brings more than 20 million EFT roubles to the flea market, where players can sell their excess goods to other survivors.

What makes the red card so valuable in EFT?

In the room on "The Laboratory" there is really valuable stuff that can earn you several hundred thousand rubles every round. Since the card is not used up, you can use it again and again.

The lab can be seen as the current endgame content and accordingly, players on this map should have well-filled wallets. Newcomers should better stay away from this and study some tips. 

Red key cards can be worthwhile, but not for everyone

Why does someone spend so much ruble on it? Apparently you can make good money with it. One player have calculated how it could be worth it:

  • - Red key card bought for 20,000,000

  • - Space looted a few times, earning 1,500,000

  • - The card sold again for 21,500,000

  • - A hefty 700,000 fee is deducted here

  • - Income (21,500,000 + 1,500,000) - Expenditures (20,000,000 + 700,000)

  • - Makes a profit of 2,300,000 rubles

Since the card can be sold again and, according to users, the price increases even further, you can get the part, do a few good raids, and then reject it. However, this tactic is only suitable for players who have been bigwigs in Escape from Tarkov and are looking for the most difficult challenge in the game. 

How difficult about The Laboratory map in EFT?

This map offers survivors an even higher level of difficulty than the rest of the extremely hard shooter. Only those who are good at failure and have strong nerves can survive here and deal with the special rules of the "Lab".

These are the special rules for The Laboratory

  • Restricted access - In order to play the raid, you need a different key card. However, this is consumed at the start.

  • SCAV Raider - Better equipped SCAVs that are even more aggressive against you.

  • Activate outputs - You cannot just leave the map, you have to activate most of the exits first. So it will take you longer to finish the raid.

  • Announcements - If the outputs are activated, there are also announcements in the entire complex. This way other players and SCAV raiders know that you just want to get out.

  • Endgame opponents - Players don't just get lost in the lab. Every enemy will be on the go with really good equipment and keen on your pimped weapon.

  • No insurance - You can insure your stuff, but the guys from the insurance dealer don't come to the laboratory and you won't get your stuff back. It is lost even if it has not been looted by other players

When you play the lab for the first time, take cheap loadouts with you and prepare well. And put your key cards in the security container!

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