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Escape from Tarkov Fence Task Complete Guide - How To Collect All Streamer Items & Get Kappa Container?

7/6/2020 4:08:53 PM

How to complete Fence Task and get Kappa Container in Escape From Tarkov? In order to help you get kappa container easily and fast. We post this guide to tell you all the quests you need to finish, streamer items to collect and the locations to find them, also covering the useful tips and tricks.

What is Escape from Tarkov Fence Task?

For this quest, you are required to find every single streamer item in the game, and then hand them to Fence, and he will reward you with a Kappa Container. It is important to note you cannot purchase these items with Escape from Tarkov Rubles to complete this quest. All items MUST be found in raid otherwise Fence will not accept them for the quest. And you need to start collecting the streamer items early, otherwise, it will take a very long time to find them all. If you get to this quest and then start collecting them. 

What the Kappa Secured Container is?

Why it is important to get Kappa Container or why you should be targeting to get it?

The kappa container is a three by four secure container that is the largest container in the game for toggle. At the moment it's the prized possession for all the title of players.

How To Unlock Fence Task In EFT?

Now to be able to unlock the collector quest you need to complete every quest in the game except for:

  • Charisma bring success

  • Hippocratic vow

  • Hunting trip

  • Import

  • Loyalty buyout

  • Peacekeeping mission

  • Regulated materials

  • The stylish one

  • Textile part 1 and 2

  • Trust regain

So you don't have to do any of those tasks and that may change.

The first thing we want to start this off by is you should always be searching duffle bags and hidden stashes for items that might be a streamer item to be able to hand in. A large amount of these items are found in there and unless that's the only way to find them.

What Streamer Items You Need To Collect For Complete Fence Task and Where To Find Them?

We are going to list the streamer items for each individual one but note all specific locations that you can find these EFT items, including some useful tips:

Old Firesteel: In shoreline, you can find this in the west wing 3:01 room, also on the desk next to the safe in deep weather station. The most likely location going to find this one is in layers in a cage robot arms area, this one is where most of the players usually find it and it's located in the main middle area of labs where there's a robotic arm and you'll find some other streamer items there as well. Also in reserve in the RB am room in the shelves at the back of the room also RBG and on the floor, so if you want to get it on reserve that's the next best spot.

Antique Axe: You are able to find this very consistently on scavs and raiders, and you shouldn't have too much difficulty finding it but if you just go kill Raiders on any map and you'll get it pretty quickly.

Battered Antique Book: The easiest way to find this is in safe, you should find it within about 10 to 15 safes and it's straightforward very easy to find in the past, there were so many locations you to have to search but then once they put it on the safe loot table it's been a lot better since.

Fireklean Gun Lube: The best location to find it is in the robotic arm on Labs, just like the old firesteel. Go into there it spawns there with a couple of other items and should be checking this because fuel conditioner also spawns there and putting them in your container makes easy money. 

Golden Rooster: This one is most easily found in the management office on labs, you can also find this one in the red key card room on labs if you've got the money to go in there. It also does spawn in saves quite consistently so you would definitely be checking safes anyway every time you go past the safe always worth looting and you can find it in there.

Silver Badge: This one as well is found in safes as well as the management office has a pretty good spawn chance for it on lambs.

Deadlyslob's Beard Oil: It is most likely found on interchange, there are two spots that we would highly suggest checking out. The first one would be the metal shelves in the power station as well as the countertops in the early officers now. If when you're in Oly Oly facing the front of an ollie, look towards the right and there's the back office area. Go through all those back-office areas check the shelves in there as well as further back into the fire corner. There is one other spot that you can find this is from the front of the alley facing outside the store directly in front of it, there is a furniture shop if you go into that furniture shop on the shelves in the cupboards, there you can actually find it there as well.

Golden 1GPhone: This is one you're most likely going to find it in the texts of like Rasmussen and tech light, also there is a phone store down the opposite corner of tech light on the interchange on the second floor, go down the far other and you'll find the phone store and it can spawn in there as well. There is one final spot you can find this is the power station as well but you shouldn't really have too many issues getting this in the stores, but the power station does have a spawn for. 

Jar of DevilDog mayo: The most likely chance you're going to find this one is in shoreline in the West Wing room 216, as you go to the room there's a desk right in front of you, and on that desk spawns quite often, so you can definitely get it here, otherwise duffel bags is really a pretty good spot to find this or any of those underground bunker crates for the rations in reserve.

Can of Sprats: This one pretty much spawns anywhere, it's fairly common so you shouldn't have too many issues finding it but the West Wing 216 room is good for it, otherwise any of those underground bunkers with the food rations or any of the duffel bags, any of the food spawns. This one comes up quite often so you shouldn't have too much an issue finding the can of sprats.

Fake Mustache: The best place to find it is on the Raiders, and if you go into labs or Reserve and kill rays consistently then you should be able to find it no worries, whatsoever it does born on scabs however so if you are having issues killing Raiders then factory farming is an option.

Kotton Beanie: You can easily find this one on Scouts and Raiders as well exactly the same as the creatures mustache. Go into reserve or labs, kill the Raiders in there, otherwise head up factory for the scab farming.

Can of Dr. Lupo's Coffee Beans: This one has been a lot of issues for a lot of people, but they apparently have ed the spawn chance. The fixed spawns that you can find it is inside the western house the Chairman's house on the swamp which is that green house overlooking the swamp. In shoreline you can't find it in there, otherwise on the wooden shelves in Factory. The next best option you have is farming every single hidden stash you know or a duffel bag and it can be quite annoying but you can get it there. Alternatively whilst you're finding some of the other items that you're about to hear about, check all the Scout backpacks you might get lucky in there.

Pestily Plague Mask: This one has drove people absolutely bonkers trying to get. Personally I found this one on a nighttime factory run. There's rumor that it spawns a high chance at the nighttime but I don't believe so. Our suggestion would be just farming scabs, personally we like to find factory for scabs but it's up to you how you want to handle this one.

Raven Figurine: This is markstram streamer item, and the best way to find it is in safes. It shouldn't take you very long to get it if you're having issues with safety management offers on labs, it should be able to get in there pretty quickly.

Shroud Half-Mask: This one is found on scarves just like Pestily Plague Mask, you need to farm scabs to be able to get it. I found it in about an hour and a half of farming scatters on factory, some people that took a lot longer but whilst you're farming one. 

There is one location we didn't mention throughout this whole post, because you can find any single item in the game there and it's the old gas station on customs. We believe this is going to change when they do the customs expansion that the giving tree will go. So we are not going to really overly emphasize that but the tree behind old gas station has an opportunist born any odd in the game, and

you can find any of these streamer items as well as inside the gas station has a spawn for it

It's a very difficult task and frustrating for a lot of people, but hopefully, some of these spots will be able to give you a bit of tip and a lot of finding them faster. Some of these are an actual grind, it's not meant to be an easy task to complete, and if they add more streamer items in the future we believe they'll get added to the task making it even harder. So buckle in start saving these items as soon as you see them and as always you can because when you do get to this task, it's going to be very frustrating for you if you're still waiting to find like half a dozen items.

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