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WoW Dragonflight 10.2 PvP Tier List (Solo Shuffle, Arena & Battleground) - Best PvP Specs In Dragonflight Season 3

9/11/2023 7:36:40 PM

In World of Warcraft Dragonflight patch 10.2, a lot of shifts in the meta but not a lot of PvP changes. Let's get into this WoW Dragonflight 10.2 PvP tier list, we’ll rank the best PvP specs and classes for season 3.


WoW Dragonflight 10.2 Best PvP Class & Spec - Dragonflight Season 3 PvP Tier List

Looking at our WoW Dragonflight 10.2 PvP rankings, we have S tier, A+ tier, A tier, B tier, C tier, and garbage tier. These tiers are to determine what specs are the best and worst in season 3. A lot of people are saying this Dragonflight season 3 PvP tier list may apply to a gladiator or a rank one player. But for the average 1400 to 1800 player anywhere in that range, this doesn't apply. Next, we’re going to talk about the best Dragonflight 10.2 PvP pecs for Solo Shuffle and Arenas and the skill ceiling actually applies to each and every spec.


S Tier

Augmentation Evoker

Augmentation Evoker is a god spec and definitely S tier. It is a high high-tier PvP spec that has super high burst, super high survivability, a lot of utility, good crowd control, a knockback, a knockup, it just has so many things. If you took away all its healing, Augmentation Evoker would still be like A tier or A+ tier on the WOW Dragonflight 10.2 PvP rankings which is crazy. The fact that it does all this and heals at the same time. It's a combination of a  Mage, a Windwalker, and an Elemental Shaman, and that's basically what Augmentation Evoker is.


Windwalker Monk

Windwalker Monk instant S tier on our WOW Dragonflight S3 PVP tier list. This class does super high bursts because it has a bunch of modifiers for its rising sun kick damage and its fist of fury damage is crazy high. If you want to play a really high burst melee DPS, you need to look no further than Windwalker Monks. Not only do they have some of the highest bursts in the game, they also have some of the highest mobility in the game which is really strong as well.


Holy Paladin

Holy Paladin is pretty impossible to kill unless if you are playing like Evoker DK, Disc, or Holy Priest. That's the one situation where a Holy Paladin can die really easily. Outside of that, Holy Paladin is so tanky, it has so many cooldowns, and it keeps so many classes alive that normally can't stay alive like Mages, Boomkins, or Locks. Resto Druid Lock is not better than Holy Paladin Lock right now. Holy Paladin's crazy, has a lot of defensives, has a lot of buttons to press, and is an absolutely disgusting class.


Sub Rogue

The real demon of the Rogue specs though is Sub Rogue and we're going to play Sub Rogue at S tier for the Dragonflight S3 PvP tier list. It's the best rogue spec by far, pretty disgusting. It has super high burst potential, a lot of utility, and a lot of peeling for its teammates. Nothing's really changed about its survivability at all which is crazy. Therefore, Sub Rogue is definitely a top contender for one of the best melee specs in the game right now.


A+ Tier

Affliction Warlock 

Affliction Warlocks are definitely up. It's actually a lot of fun. If you like playing Shadow Priest and you like the void torrent, definitely try out Affliction Warlock.  Affliction Warlock is good at rotting. So we’re going to put Affliction Warlock this high in the A+ tier above Mage. Affliction Warlock has spammable fear, and a ridiculous amount of damage and it also has some of the best survivability out of all the casters. Affliction Warlock is definitely solid right now.

Unholy Death Knight

Unholy DK belongs to an A+ tier. It is just a really solid spec overall, probably one of the best if not the best pet class specializations in the game.


Holy Priest 

Holy Priest is one of the best healers in the game still. It does suck on Mana, you rely on mastery. If you don't play your high mastery, you're going to run out of Mana really quickly. Holy Priest does have pretty high burst damage with imperial blaze and holy fire spam which is pretty crazy. It has really good crowd control with chastised stun into fear, you can also chastise into mind control and run people off the edge. You could do crazy stuff and you have mind games sometimes. We're definitely going to put Holy Priest above Resto Druid.


Restoration Druid

Restoration Druids are ridiculously crazy. We're talking 20%-30% of your heals overall, it's so broken. You can be in CC for 10 seconds straight. Your trant is just healing your team, doesn't cost a lot of Mana. We're going to place some A+ tier on this Dragonflight PvP tier list 10.2.


Fire Mage

Fire Mage is probably the highest burst Mage spec. Fire Mage belongs in the A+ tier and we're going to put it above Preservation Evoker since it does have super high damage. If you’re playing against a melee cleave, Arcane Mage will perform the Fire Mage. If you're playing against other casters, Fire Mage will perform the Arcane Mage.


Arcane Mage

Arcane Mage is very strong and it's super good versus melee because arcane barrage applies 60% slow and gives you a 50% movement speed increase and it's instant cast and has no cool down. Arcane barrage also acts as an execute that does way more damage than an actual execute. Arcane Mage is pretty good does super high burst, and plays really well with other high tier classes like Windwalker Monk, Augmentation Evoker, Sub Rogue and all these high-tier specializations in the game. Arcane Mage is probably equal to Fire Mage, we're going to put it on the lower of Fire Mage because Fire Mage takes less skill to play than Arcane Mage. But a high-tier Arcane Mage will probably outperform a Fire Mage depending on what comps they're playing.


Preservation Evoker

This spec is actually pretty good, it's super underrated. We're going to place it under Restoration Druid. Depending on what you're fighting, Preservation Evoker is better than Resto Druid. But right now Preservation Evoker just does so much throughput healing that it actually makes things feel immortal. The fact that you can make your teammates feel immortal and make them feel more confident and they just run in and do more damage, Resto Druid's better. Preservation has so much damage that your team can feel vulnerable because you're just going to be doing so much damage.


Balance Druid

Boomkins are good. Their burst lasts for a long time and has a relatively short cooldown but it lasts 30 seconds so we're going to place it in the A+ tier. Their burst increases their critical strike chance increases their haste and overall increases their damage. Boomkin is going to be one of the Dragonflight season 3 best PvP specs 10.2 that does a lot of burst cyclone. Root beam is really good since it is super annoying to deal with. If you want to try something crazy, you can play Unholy DK Boomkin. Balance Druid moves to S tier in Battlegrounds because it's just more people to cleave your dots, you're throwing out big damage, you also have a lot of AOE, and Balance Druid's definitely up there.


Elemental Shaman

Elemental Shaman is really good but is also really bad wants people to know how to play against you. The trick is playing at a level where they know how to play against you and you're making it impossible for them to deal with you. But if you can learn how to adapt and become that person who becomes super annoying to deal with as an Elemental Shaman, you're going to thrive. We're going to put Elemental Shaman in the same tier as Boomkin and it's a little bit better than Shadow Priest just because of the compositions that are being played right now and having a grounding totem is pretty crazy.


Shadow Priest

Shadow Priest is really good and it's being underplayed. If you play the mind spike insanity build and all you have to do is cast out your damage, cast out mind games. It did get a nerf to desperate prayer, the cool down reduction but it is pretty disgusting still even after the nerf. So Shadow Priest belongs definitely above Frost Mage.


Mistweaver Monk

Mistweaver Monk is pretty solid. It does pretty good healing now and it actually never runs out of Mana but its healing throughput isn't as good. If you're fighting against a lot of Unholy DK or Augmentation Evoker, Mistweaver is actually not too bad into it because revival or restoral depends on what you're playing. Mistweaver is good for the better casters.


Arms Warrior

We’re going to put Arms Warrior above Retribution Paladin in the A+ tier. It does pretty good damage but it should do more damage. There's something about mortal strike not hitting as hard as rising sun kick that just doesn't feel right. Realistically, Windwalker is just better than Arms Warrior but it is A+ tier for sure since it has bladestorm. Arms Warrior pretty solid class overall that has a lot of utility with spell reflect which is super strong right now.


Enhancement Shaman

Enhancement Shaman is also pretty good. It’s above Rett Paladin purely because the utility he provides is more universal helpful. Rett Paladin is good versus other melee. It's also pretty good verse casters but it's not amazing verse casters. Enhancement is better verse casters than Rett Paladin. Also, you have Purge, which Purge alone is disgusting. We're going to say Enhancement Shaman is A plus tier. The only thing that Enhancement Shaman struggles with really badly is if you kite them really well. If you can kite them really well and root spam them, they will struggle so hard.


Retribution Paladin

Retribution Paladin has a lot of buttons to press. Retribution Paladin is pretty crazy, it's got lay on hands, bubble, hand of sacrifice, a minute cooldown and it has one of the highest bursts in the game. Definitely going to put this in the A+ tier, but it's not as good as Boomkin since Boomkin absolutely has more versatility and can play with more classes. But if you're playing something like Rett Warrior, you're going to just steamroll people sometimes. There are so many good comps in the game right now, you just find one you enjoy playing and just crush it.


Marksmanship Hunter

Marksmanship is a pretty crazy good PvP spec in WoW Dragonflight 10.2 that has a high burst. He is super hard to deal with if you don't have a disarm or a consistent stun. Marksman is the answer right now to Arcane Mage. If you're playing Marksmanship, you can actually win versus Arcane Mage. Arcane Mage is really good versus a lot of melee cleaves, Marksman tends to play with melee cleaves like Holy DK Marksman, cupid cleave Marksman, thug cleave Marksman maybe even beast cleave Marksman.


Destruction Warlock

Destruction Warlock is very good. We're going to put it right under Marksman. It does have some of the best crowd control and it plays really well with Sub Rogue, Unholy DK, Augmentation Evoker, Destruction Warlock, etc.

Havoc Demon Hunter

We're going to place them in the A+ tier for this WoW Dragonflight 10.2 PvP tier list. They are pretty squishy but they have so much leech and they do so much damage, they mitigate the squishiness with the amount of healing they do. The problem is is the further you go into dampening, the way worse your spec gets. Because you're relying on leech so much that if the game lasts more than like 2-3 minutes, you're pretty much in die straight. Demon Hunter plays well with a lot of the top specs as well but you still can die and there's nothing you can do about it. Overall, Demon Hunter is not bad instead pretty solid.

Outlaw Rogue

Outlaw Rogue is a pretty good PvP spec that has a lot of damage just passively through its auto attacks. You can play Outlaw Mage, Outlaw Holy, Outlaw Shadow Priest, Outlaw Enhancement Shaman, Outlaw Windwalker, or Outlaw Destro Warlock. Outlaw is pretty good right now, It does have pretty good utility, and it can stay alive for a really long time but not as long as Sub Rogue, it is still pretty good.

A Tier

Frost Mage

Frost Mage is also really good but it's not as good as Fire Mage. The reason is all of its spells that do a lot of damage ray of frost, glacial are heavily cast time spells. The problem is when you're casting these heavy cool down cast time abilities, if you get kicked on them as a Frost Mage, your one go-to defensive is locked out. As Arcane Mage when you get kicked on your burst, you're not in danger because you can also ice block. We're going to place Frost Mage at the top of the A tier.


Demonology Warlock

Demonology Warlock is very good as well. He has a mortal strike effect, it does get crushed if you train a Demo Warlock a lot harder than the other specs. Demo Warlock needs a little bit of help. Their pet has a good amount of crowd control so they do have some crowd control options. But Demonology Warlock struggles heavily getting targeted compared to the other Warlock specs specifically verse melee. We're going to place it under Frost Mage since it does significantly high burst.


Beast Mastery Hunter

BM Hunter is crazy good. It has a lot of defensives in the sense that it has a roar of sacrifice, survival, and the fittest aspect of the turtle. It's got freedom, fain death which is disgusting right now because there are a lot of dot classes in the game and you can get rid of all those. It has just a lot of utility and has a trap on a 30-second cooldown. BM Hunter belongs to the A tier. It's not as good as Havoc Demon Hunter but it's pretty solid and with the right composition, it's disgusting.


Survival Hunter

Survival Hunter is really low key good. It's under BM only because it's harder to play. If you're a rank one player, Survival is better than BM because if you line up your damage really well and you know how to play Survival, you can actually just outplay your opponents all game long. It's crazy how much skill survival takes compared to the other specs of Hunter. Survival is really good, at a rank one level, you could see Survival maybe even in the A+ tier. But at 1400 level, you're probably at B tier even C tier because it's so hard and you have to really know your abilities, how to line up your procs, use explosive shots, and then line up your kill shot proc at the same time.


Restoration Shaman

Restoration Shaman has some of the best cooldowns out of the healers with the fact that it has the ability to reset its totems. So you can healing stream and then you can stonewall totem, you can technically have an extra healing stream after those two healing streams. Resto Shaman isn't bad and it's good verse casters. If you're playing into a lot of casters, Resto Shaman is definitely not a bad choice but it struggles to heal through heavy melee cleaves unless you happen to get some really good groundings.


Feral Druid

Feral Druid is good with the right classes. Feral Druid Mage is super underrated right now. We're going to place it above Protection Paladin for sure but it's definitely worse than Hunter. Hunter plays well with other classes better, Feral Druid locks itself into Feral Warrior or even Feral Death Knight or Feral Mage or Feral Shadow Priest. It locks itself into specific comps whereas Hunter actually has a little bit of fluidity where it can play with classes that it doesn't normally play with.


Fury Warrior

We're going to place it under Feral. It does have one of the best mortal strikes in the game outside of Arms Warrior sharpen blade, its slaughterhouse. It does have some of the highest mobility out of any of the melee DPS. It has two charges of charge, it has a heroic leap, it has intervened, and basically, everything that Arms Warrior has. The only difference is Fury Warrior can break itself out of its roots, but Arms Warrior can't. But Arms Warrior can bladestorm crowd control in general which is also really strong whereas Fury Warrior doesn't have. It does have a significantly high burst but after its shield wall is over, it is super squishy. You can definitely die really easily as a Fury Warrior, especially versus setup composition like RMP or anything that sets you up and just has your team burst down immediately. You're going to struggle with that.


B Tier

Devastation Evoker

Devastation Evoker has a higher burst, it does about 80k DPS consistently throughout the entire match but it can die in a stun. Devastation can die and Augmentation is immortal. So Devastation dies but does more damage, Augmentation is immortal and does just slightly less damage. Devastation definitely has higher burst potential. Because of the fact that it dies so easily, we're going to place it in the B tier but the high B tier.


Discipline Priest

Discipline Priest isn't bad, it's still like the worst healer spec in the game by far but it could be better than Restoration Shaman with the right composition. Disc Priest plays really well with Unholy DK, and Augmentation Evoker because of dark arc is crazy and Pi is also crazy. The problem with Discipline Priest is your healing just sucks. They actually just don't heal for anything.


Assassination Rogue

Assassination Rogue got a decent buff and it's actually not bad. People are underrating Assassination Rogue heavily. If you play with the right comp, Assassination Rogue is not that bad. The problem is with Holy Paladin being so good, and Holy Paladin team the second you put on death mark, it's just going to get bopped off and your entire burst is gone. But if you're playing against anything other than Holy Paladin, now that Restro Druid going up and Assassination Rogue stalks are going up they work really well. We're going to put Assassination Rogue in the B tier.


Frost Death Knight

Frost Death Knight does a lot of damage, it's super squishy, pretty much the same survivability as Unholy DK. But its consistent damage is just out the window. If you're not killing in your burst windows, if people know how to stop your burst, if they CC the whole burst, you actually do no damage to the whole game. Because every single time you have burst if they CC you, it's game over, you just do no damage. Outside of your burst, you're actually hitting 50k every now and then. As the average player, Frost DK is easier to play than Unholy Death Knight but it is harder to gain a rating than an Unholy Death Knight. Frost DK does have its benefits though but it's the worst DPS spec in the entire game.


Protection Paladin

Protection Paladin is a tank spec that can do a lot of damage or it can spec itself to do a lot of healing. In Solo Shuffle, when you Kos Protection Paladin, you get placed in the healer role. You replace your healer whereas the other tank specs replace a DPS. So Protection Paladin fights against other Protection Paladins and only other Protection Paladin in Solo Shuffle. With that being said, Protection Paladin is a rare case in itself, it does way less damage but it has way more survivability. We're going to put Protection Paladin in the B tier. If you play something like Protection Paladin Warrior or Restoration Druid or Holy Priest, you will have no problem pushing.


Brewmaster Monk

The reason why Brewmaster being B tier is there is a build where you play Bonedust Brew which is pretty crazy. If you're thinking about playing a high DPS tank spec, you could try out Brewmaster.


C Tier

Vengeance Demon Hunter 

We're actually going to start placing the tanks straight in the garbage tier. If you're playing a tank in PvP, then we don't know why you would do that! But Vengeance Demon Hunter is the meta pick for rbgs if you plan on playing Solo Shuffle in Arenas. Vengeance is probably C-tier legitimately in Arenas. If in RBG, it's S tier without questions.


Guardian Druid

Guardian Druid's also a pretty good tank, We’re going to place it in C tier though. It's significantly worse than Vengeance Demon Hunter in RPGs because it can't keep up with it. Guardian Druid is not as good as some people think it is. It does do pretty good damage though surprisingly with thrash spam and it's really simple to do damage on Guardian Druid.


D Tier

Protection Warrior

Protection Warrior is also trash although he does have some really cool talents. They have something called shield charge which is really good. They also have a heroic leap stun in their PvP talent which is pretty crazy because you can AOE stun. So you can actually do quite a bit of damage if you're playing Unholy DK, Protection Warrior. Now the problem is, who's going to play that over Unholy DK and Arms Warrior? Legitimate it it is okay. We're actually going to place it above Blood DK.

Blood Death Knight

Blood DK is the worst out of all the tanks. Its defenses don't save its life nearly as much as the other tank specs. It has no way to mitigate damage nearly as much at least in PvP. Blood DK is trash. Blood DKs have the furthest range, it also has a silence. There are winning things for Blood DK but it's just nowhere near the other tank specs at least in PvP.

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