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Diablo 4 1.1.1 Best Sorcerer Build - Top 3 Best Sorc Skills & Builds After Patch 1.1.1

8/8/2023 10:09:03 AM

Diablo 4 patch 1.1.1 is releasing tomorrow with a focus on buffing underused Sorcerer skills. Are you looking for the new best Sorcerer builds in Diablo 4 after patch 1.1.1? Today, we'll be covering the  top 3 Diablo IV 1.1.1 most buffed Sorcerer skills and builds utilizing them.


Diablo 4 1.1.1 Best Sorcerer Build - Top 3 Buffed Sorc Builds In D4 After Patch 1.1.1

Currently, cold damage builds, ice shards, and Blizzards are the most popular D4 season 1 builds for Sorcerer. The coming 1.1.1 update will hopefully buff lighting and fire builds to become more viable. Next, let's dive into our top 3 best Diablo 4 1.1.1 Sorc builds for season 1.

1. D4 1.1.1 Best Sorcerer Build (Chain Lightning Sorcerer)

Chain Lightning Sorcerer is the first best D4 1.1.1 Sorc build season 1. These buffs are not increasing damage as much as the other two builds, but they will make it possible to have unlimited mana without the need for a basic attack. Recharging aspects is being changed to return mana each time chain lightning bounces, instead of only when it bounces off the player. This will allow for mana generation while fighting multiple enemies. Another buff comes from destructive chain lightning being increased from 25% to 30% chance to form crackling energy when it crits. It's possible to reach 100% crit chance with elementalist aspect on an amulet, allowing multiple crackney energy orbs to form per cast of chain lightning. 

The mana generation comes from picking up crackling energy with an invigorating conduit in the skill tree. The changes to the recharging aspect and destructive chain lightning get even better with the aspect of the unbroken tether being buffed from 2 to 4 additional chain lightning bounces. alternatively, the new greater chain lighting can be used for more damage if the crackney energy is not needed. This note is being changed to stack increasing damage on every bounce instead of a one-time bonus after bouncing off the player.


2. D4 Best 1.1.1 Sorcerer Build (Ball Lightning Sorcerer)

The second best Diablo 4 patch 1.1.1 Sorcerer build is another lighting build. This skill only has one specific change to it but it's a pretty big buff in damage. Currently, the gravitational aspect causes ball lightning to orbit around the player but decreases its damage by at least 10%. Patch 1.1.1 Updates this aspect to increase damage by up to 25%. When comparing the ideal roles of dealing 90% damage before the update and then 125% damage after the update, this patch increases total ball lightning damage by 39%. Mana generation stays the same but Ball Lightning Sorcerer can utilize invigorating conduit with wizard’s ball lightning for generous spamming.


3. D4 Best Sorc Build After Patch 1.1.1 (Fireball Sorcerer)

Our third best D4 season 1 Sorcerer build is Fireball Sorcerer which has some good updates in patch 1.1.1. Currently gloves of the illuminators lacking due to the damage penalty reducing damage by at least 55%. The idea behind these unique gloves is the bouncing fireballs could hit an enemy twice with the explosions in an overlapping area but there are two problems with this right now. First even with the most ideal rows at 55% reduced damage, doing 45 damage twice is only 90% total damage which means you lose DPS no matter what. This is being improved by reducing the damage penalty to 35% with an ideal roll, so dealing 65% damage twice will result in 130% total fireball damage. 

The second problem right now is that the overlapping area to hit an enemy twice is almost non-existent because the area of the explosion is not big enough and the offset distance with a bounce is too far away. This is being fixed by changing the enhanced fireball to always give a 50% increase radius instead of it scaling up to 50% with distance traveled. In addition, the first bounce is going to happen much closer to the player making it easier to hit enemies right in front of you with both overlapping areas. Another positive change for this build is the aspect of three curses working with a fireball instead of just a meteor. 

With a 100% crit chance, this is 40% more damage or 80% more damage against healthy enemies with some nice one-shot potential. These damage increases sound pretty good but the only thing you need to worry about is the Mana generation for this Diablo 4 best 1.1.1 Sorc build. Lightning balls have invigorating conduit while cold builds have frigid breezes and avalanches to manage Mana. Fireballs have a fiery surge which doesn't even work right now. Even if it did work, it wouldn't help when you need it the most during boss fights. Fireball Sorcerer has to rely on a lengthy cooldown from supreme inferno for free casting or maybe even a basic attack. 

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