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Bots are Forbidden for 100% Fair Giveaway! Each Player Can Win Free Rocket League Keys & Crates with Same Chance

7/31/2019 6:01:22 PM

New benefits added into AOEAH Rocket League Crate Simulator Giveaway to supply more profits and fun for our users. Now, in order to avoid cheating and confirm each player can win the free Rocket League keys and crates with the same opportunities, our system has been upgraded to be able to clear bots operation and provide a more fair environment for the Daily Giveaway.

Win Free Rocket League Keys - AOEAH Rocket League Crate Simulator

Ensure 100% Fair for All Players to Win Free Rocket League Keys, Crates & Discount Coupon

Recently, we find that some players use multiple accounts and bots to play our Rocket League Crate Opener to seize the top rank on the crate ranking list, which causes other players can't win the free Rocket League keys, crates and coupons fairly. From now on, will clear the bots and multiple accounts from the same player regularly, to ensure each player can participate in the Daily Giveaway under a real and fair condition. Check out the rules of upgraded Rocket League Crate Opening Simulator & Ranking System:

- Bots operation and plugins are forbidden here, if your opening behavior are detected abnormal by our system, we'll reject to send out the rewards.

- Multiple accounts from the same player are not allowed to take part in the giveaway, if our system detected over one account from the same IP, we'll cancel the rewards delivery.

- If our system discovered anyone has multiple accounts from same IP, the IP will be banned on, you'll lose the chance to earn free big Rocket League Trading discounts coupon and Rocket League items

- Only the first account registered from the same IP will be admitted in the Rocket League Crate Ranking List. reserves the right of final interpretation.

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