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FIFA 20 Demo Guide - Release Date, Playable Teams, Game Modes, Download for PS4, PC, Xbox One

8/12/2019 5:58:15 PM

When will the FIFA 20 demo come out? All information about the release date, the teams and the download for PS4, Xbox One and PC can be found here in the overview.

That's the FIFA 20 demo for PS4, Xbox One, PC: "Decisive is' in the field" - Adi Preißler once knew that, and so did EA Sports's upcoming soccer simulation for FIFA 20.

Although EA has already unveiled numerous innovations for FIFA 20, the key factor for many football fans will ultimately be the gameplay. So: How is FIFA 20 playing? Do I like the feel of the game anyway?

With the FIFA 20 demo you can check the new gameplay thoroughly for free. And that relaxes from home. So you get an impression of FIFA 20, which officially celebrates its worldwide release on 27.09.2019. But when will the FIFA 20 demo come out?


FIFA 20 Demo Release Date and Time - When will it come out?

The release date and all official information about the demo will be published by EA Sports just before the start. However, looking back over the past few years, we can make reliable forecasts.

The release date of the demo: The FIFA 20 Demo is expected to be released on September 12, 2019. This is a Thursday.

For the past 12 years, the FIFA demo has always been published two weeks before the official launch of the annual FIFA offshoot. It will not be different at FIFA 20. And since last Thursday was the demo release day, we prophesy the 12.9. as the release date of the FIFA 20 demo.

At what time does the demo start? For the exact start time, EA has been keeping the last few years a secret. We expect between 16 and 19 clock with the start.

So you play the demo first: If you're at Gamescom 2019, you can test FIFA 20 before anyone else. The test content should match the FIFA 20 demo.


Which teams are playable in the FIFA 20 Demo?

These teams are confirmed for the demo: The fifauteam site lists 6 teams to be confirmed for the demo:

  • Atlético Madrid

  • Borussia Dortmund

  • Liverpool

  • Manchester City

  • Paris Saint-Germain

  • Real Madrid

What about Bayern? In recent years Bayern have been playable in the FIFA demo. Since FIFA 20, they are no longer official EA partners, which is why they can no longer be expected in the demo. Incidentally, the same applies to Juventus Turin and Manchester United.

Probably the demo will include more teams. As soon as these clubs become known, we will complete the article.


Game modes of FIFA 20 Demo

Which modes can you play in the FIFA 20 demo? The demo will be a heavily limited version of the main game. Which modes are integrated and how comprehensive they are will not be known yet. We are expecting:

- Kick-off mode including Champions League final

- This is Volta

That's why the kick-off is definitely here: the kick-off mode is definitely in the demo, that's how the last few years have always been. In it, you can play matches with 4-minute half-time alone or against a friend. By the way, the kick-off mode will be extended to a kind of zone control in FIFA 20.

This is Volta: Volta is the big news from FIFA 20. It's a FIFA Street-like mode where you can unpack your skills on the street. We strongly assume that you can play a few Volta matches in the demo.

Can you play the FIFA 20 demo online? No, online modes have not been featured in FIFA demos yet.


FIFA 20 Demo Download - Download for PS4, Xbox One, PC

The FIFA 20 Demo will appear on these platforms: You can download and install the demo on PS4, Xbox One and PC (Origin) as soon as it is available in the respective stores.

Is there the FIFA 20 Demo for the Switch? No, we do not expect a switch release. There was no demo for the Nintendo Switch last year.

Will the FIFA 20 Demo for PS3 and Xbox 360 be released? No.

Does a FIFA 20 demo for Android or iOS appear? No. FIFA 20 and the FUT web app should not be confused with FIFA Mobile.

Here's how to download and install: For the release of the FIFA 20 Demo you will find the demo versions in the corresponding stores, ie in the PlayStation Store and in the Xbox Store. The PC download is done via Origin.

You will probably need between 7 and 8 GB for the installation.


Is the FIFA 20 Demo worth it for me?

The FIFA 20 demo pays off if you're thinking of buying FIFA 20, but want to get an idea of the gameplay in advance. Since the demo is free, this look is basically worth it for everyone. Even PES fans can get a taste of the competition and play a few games - or if you do not feel like a full-price football game and just want to kick a few matches against the CPU.

The FIFA 20 demo is not worth it if you are not interested in football at all, you will not be getting a FIFA 20 anyway - and you do not even know how you ended up on this article.

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