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NBA 2K20 MyGM 2.0 Mode New Features & Changes - Action Points, Task System, Skill Tree & More

7/30/2019 10:17:53 AM

The launch of the new NBA 2K20 is getting closer, and we are already knowing a few details about the news that this delivery will incorporate. Last week we were introduced to your new soundtrack, and announced the release date of the free demo.

But the thing has not been there. Today, from 2K they have presented all the news that will come with the NBA 2K20 MyGM 2.0 mode, which many aspects have been modified so that fans can enjoy a new experience.


NBA 2K20 MyGM 2.0 New Features & Contents

With this new MyGM 2.0 it will be a more accessible way for all fans of the game and one of the main novelties of this year's delivery. To achieve this, the following developments have been introduced:

Action Points: every day we will have to make decisions to benefit our team, these decisions will consume action points, so we will have to think carefully about what we invest and how we do it.

Score and Leaderboards: now we will have easy, medium or difficult difficulty levels. The larger, the longer the scoring period and the lower the amount of action points we receive per day. We will receive points every time we win games, qualify for playoffs, etc.

Skills Tree and Changes in the Structure to Level Up: we will gain experience as we improve our team. The main way is to win games and complete tasks. We also have the skill tree, which will offer us different skills to improve with our manager such as leadership, diplomacy, insight, finances or facilities.

Completely New Task System: now anyone in the organization can give us a task and they will be much more varied to simulate the real pressure that the General Managers live in the NBA.

Renewed relationships: We can also establish relationships with all staff members, players and even other rival General Managers. Maintaining a good relationship will be crucial to access the entire section of the menus and the game plan.

Revamped Relationships: the sponsorship and branding system has also been renewed to try to more fully reflect the situations experienced by General Managers in the NBA.

We remind you that NBA 2K20 will go on sale next September 6 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. If you want to read the latest news about it, do not miss the ratings of the best players, or the main news that will come with this delivery; and if you want to start nice season in NBA 2K20 MyTeam mode, do not forget to take our best offer for NBA 2K20 MT Points at the first time!

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