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Rocket League Radical Summer Event Contents - Buy Cheap New Rocket League Items & Crates Fast

7/2/2019 4:49:06 PM

As a big 80s party, Rocket League Radical Summer event is scheduled to celebrate in Blockbusters, Culture, and Television three stages, last 9 weeks, which features free new items, new premium battle-cars, limited-time game modes and more. Now the Radical Summer event has reached its second phase - Culture, provides the cheap Rocket League Radical Summer items for sale, new limited-time mode, crates and more contents.

Rocket League Radical Summer - What and When it's going to be?

Rocket League Radical Summer is a Summer event published by Psyonix to celebrates the successful films or books, TV works and culture that belongs to the 1980s and it brings lots of brand new offers and items, allows you to experience the most righteous decade ever. 

Event Schedule of All Rocket League Radical Summer Phases

Blockbusters: June 10 - June 30

Culture: July 1 - July 21

Television: July 22 - August 12

Rocket League Radical Summer Culture Phase Content, Items and More

In the Radical Summer culture phase, the celebration is focus on all the biggest '80s trends, the new limited-time game mode Spike Rush is live to give players chance to stab and carry the ball, you can always disengage your car's spikes to release the ball. There are 9 new Rocket League items introduced into Radical Summer Culture phase as below.

New items

Rocket League Banner

Sunset 1986 - Free

Rocket League Topper

Phat Hat - 75

Brick Phone - 75

Pixel Pizza - 75

Mixtape - 75

Rocket League Boost

Vaporwave - 120

Rocket League Wheels

Low-Poly - 150

Cassette - 150

Sunset 1986 - 150


The Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Battle Car and the Knight Rider Car Pack can be get through new premium DLCs, Ghostbusters Ecto-1 car pack is available now and Knight Rider would be come out on July 22.

Golden Egg

Golden Egg was ever existing in Rocket League and back as a part of Radical Summer promo, it contains Rocket League items from Elevation, Victory, Turbo and Nitro Rocket League Crates. You can unlock five Golden Eggs in each phase during the event. 

Buy Cheap Rocket League Radical Summer Items & Totally Awesome Crate on

You need to earn the game limited currency - cassettes through online matches, to exchange in-game items during the event. The process of collecting cassettes is very slowly and time-consuming, you may get little low value items while others equip a fantastic battle car, now offers the all Rocket League Radical Summer items available during the whole event with favorable price, instant delivery, secure payment and transaction, 24/7 online customer service, covering wheels, boosts and banners like Zefram, VCR, Vaporwave, NeOctane and more as well as the Totally Awesome Crate, which is also available in our Rocket League Crate Simulator, open Totally Awesome Crate and Rocket League Golden Egg 2019 to earn free keys, crates and items every day!

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