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Win Free Rocket League Keys, Crates, Items By Playing Rl Crate Open Simulator On Aoeah.Com

6/17/2019 2:58:39 PM

Heads up! Huge FREE Rocket League keys, crates and items will be give away EVERY DAY on the Top Rocket League Items Store - AOEAH.COM, 100% free and easy to all Rocket League players, only need to play our FREE Rocket League Crate Opener!

Playing RL Crate Open Simulator - AOEAH


Win Free Rocket League Keys, Crates and Items Every Day, Freely Open Rocket League Crates Here Now!

After years of operation, AOEAH has won the love and reputation from millions of Rocket League players, becoming the leading seller of Rocket League Items. Now to thank every player’s support, AOEAH.COM release Daily Giveaway with Rocket League Crate Simulator. No matter you are our loyal client or not, we welcome every Rocket League player to join and win Free Rocket League Keys, Crates and Items here without spend any single penny here!


Winner & Reward Rules:

1. Top 1 Winner | Rewards: 10 x Crates and 10 Rocket League Keys

2. Top 2 to 10 Winners | Rewards: 5 x Crates and 5 Rocket League Keys To Each One

3. Winners Ranked on 25th, 50th, 75th, 100th … (all the multiples of 25, no limited) | Rewards: 5 Keys To Each One


Follow the steps to join the Daily Giveaway:

1. 100% FREE to play for all Rocket League Players, Daily Giveaway For Free Keys/Crates/Items

2. Sign Up on AOEAH, Login your account, Set Up the platform you are playing on

3. Go our free Rocket League Crate Simulator, Select the crate you want to open, click “OPEN CRATE” to finish 20 x crates opening, 20 openings for One Rocket League Crate as a round (Multiple rounds ACCPETED)

4. Your opening will be ranked on the TOP 10 CRATE OPEN LIST according the total price of The Items You Get

5. For the registered players play OPEN CRATE, rank on Top 10 and special winning place to win Free Keys/Crates every day

6. Check out your rank on TOP 10 RANK LIST (Switch by select the date).

7. Rewards are sent on the next day, winners will receive a e-mail with Reward Order No., update Trade Info and trade reward in-game

Note: To Be Fair, please only register one account with your correct e-mail to play! Multiple accounts from same IP, cheating and robots is forbidden here! reserves the right of final interpretation.

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