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FIFA 20 Comes Without Juventus Shocked Players - What Does That Mean?

7/19/2019 3:56:44 PM

As it has now become known EA has no license for FIFA 20 for Juventus. This expired on 30 June and was not renewed. What that means for the new FIFA part, you will learn here.

Cristiano Ronaldo will no longer be wearing the jersey of Juventus in FIFA 20. That's not because the superstar changed clubs. No, EA Sports has actually lost the rights to Juventus. The club can no longer be represented in FIFA 20 with logos, coats of arms and jerseys. In return, rival Konami has secured the exclusive rights to the in-house football simulation eFootball PES 2020 for three years.

That's what Juventus Turin also confirmed via Twitter:


Juventus becomes Piemonte Calcio

What does that mean for FIFA 20? The loss of Juventus, one of the largest and most popular clubs in the world, is likely to hit EA Sports hard. Because of the missing license, the club in FIFA 20 must be displayed completely different.

That should also not please many fans, because a sense of realism does not appear in unlicensed teams.

These changes will be in FIFA 20

Juventus is renamed Piemonte Calcio

The original logo will be replaced by a new one

The original kits will be replaced

The Juventus Stadium will be gone

That remains unchanged

All player names and values are retained

The players keep their appearance

The live values of the players still exist

In Ultimate Team the chemistry of the players of "Piemonte Calcio" is unchanged

The Juventus players continue to receive special cards in FUT, it means you still can buy Juventus player cards in transfer market with FIFA 20 Coins or obtain them from packs. 

We do not know that, yet

The new coat of arms and the new jersey are not yet known

Whether there will be dynamic images for Juventus players in FUT is not clear. That should be unlikely due to jersey and coats of arms.

What does the new club name mean? The new name "Piemonte Calcio" literally means "Piedmont football", Piedmont is the region in which Turin is located.


Not the first license EA loses

That's what happened: Even before the loss of Juventus Turin was known, FC Bayern has already announced an exclusive cooperation with Konami. However, EA is not quite as hard as with Juve.

That's because EA Sports keeps the Bundesliga rights exclusively, allowing FC Bayern to play with their shirts and coats of arms. Only the Allianz Arena will be missing in FIFA 20.


This is how EA Sports reacts

That's what EA does: After the news spreads, EA Sports responded promptly and released a FAQ to reassure fans. In it, the already clarified questions are answered.

EA announces new exclusive license: In addition, the bad timing of EA was used to announce an exclusive, long-standing partnership with Liverpool FC. But since Liverpool have not been lacking in FIFA so far, the news is likely to leave many FIFA fans cold.

But maybe a player from the Champions League winner will be the cover star for FIFA 20. Cristiano Ronaldo probably will not.

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