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Fifa 19: The Fut Swap Deals In May - All Information On Swap Items

5/7/2019 11:44:44 PM

In May we will continue with new FUT swap deals in FIFA 19. Find out what rewards and FUT swap items are here.

What are FUT swap deals? At the beginning of each month, EA publishes new swap deals in FUT 19. You then have the whole month to earn trade-in items and trade them for rewards.

The Rewards: This month, the rewards can be seen. You have the choice of different special cards and different packs. Including again a basic icon pack.

FIFA 19 Swap Deals rewards in May

These players can be unlocked in April:

- TOTW Jonathan Bamba (83) - 3 FUT Swap Items

- TOTW Jo�o Cancelo (88) - 5 FUT Swap Items

- TOTW James Rodr�guez (91) - 7 FUT Swap Items

- FUT Birthday Kyle Walker (88) - 12 FUT Swap Items

- TOTW Lu�s Su�rez (93) - 14 FUT Swap Items

You can unlock these packs in April:

Jumbo Gold Pack - 1 FUT Swap Item

Premium Gold Player Pack - 2 FUT Swap Items

Rare Mega Pack - 4 FUT Swap Items

Jumbo Rare Mega Pack - 8 FUT Swap Items

Ultimate Pack - 10 FUT Swap Items

Basic Icon Player Set - 14 FUT Swap Items

How To unlock the Swap Items

What are FUT Swap Items? The FUT Swap Items can be unlocked by playing FUT 19. These are player cards whose sole purpose is to be exchanged for rewards.

You receive Swap Items through:


Weekly Objectives

Squad Battles

Exchange Swap Items: If you have collected enough Swap Items, you can trade them for different packs or players. However, you can not unlock all the rewards, because there are just too few barter items.

It is best to think about the reward you want at the beginning of the month. How many exchange items you need and how you can earn these, you can learn here:

All FUT Swap Items in May

How to get FUT Swap Items: The first FUT Swap Item you get, as usual, directly from EA. The remaining items appear during the month and must be unlocked.

During the month of May, a total of 14 FUT Swap Items will be published. If you want the best rewards, then you can not miss any of them!

The following list is updated with the appearance of the new items.

So far known are:

03.05.2019 - John Dunleavy - Weekly task - Play twice in 8 separate online games

03.05.2019 - Victor Arboleda - Weekly task - Meet with Dutch players in 3 separate victories in Division Rivals

02.05.2019 - Chris Stokes - Squad Building Challenge

Remember: you can only trade player items in May. So do not miss out on picking up your rewards at the end of the month! Need more fifa coins to invest? Welcome to buy the cheapest fifa 19 coins on now!

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