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Path Of Exile 4.0 Patch Notes: Four Extensions This Year - What's New In Patch 4.0?

1/17/2019 11:45:50 AM

The Betrayal league of Path of Exile has been running for about a month now, with some players already having achieved and seen what they wanted, while more leisurely gamblers are still diligently completing their atlas of worlds or adding finer touches to their gear. The New Zealand developers of GGG are not on their lazy skin, but are already eagerly planning the upcoming updates in 2019.

Path of Exile, the action-RPG of the New Zealand developer Grinding Gear Games (GGG), has been entertaining fans since 2013 by offering classic loothatz like the big-name Diablo 2. Regular updates ensure that the players stay on the ball - that should not change in 2019. In a year outlook, the New Zealanders reveal what the players can look forward to this year. They are not only going to upcoming leagues and updates, but also the big mega patch 4.0.0.


Path of Exile gets four more updates including the accompanying league in 2019

Path of Exile regularly receives new updates that add new features and leagues with challenges to the game. The current update of this type is the Betrayal league, which started with patch 3.5.0. In this game players start all over again, play the file of the story of Path of Exile and then devote themselves to ever stronger opponents in the Atlas of the Worlds.

In 2019, a total of four more updates will be released. As always, they will be accompanied by a league of challenges (unlocking cosmetic Path of Exile Curreny & Items for the account), new league gameplay features, new abilities and convenience features, and bug fixes. Players can count on 3.6.0 in March, 3.7.0 in June, 3.8.0 in September and 3.9.0 in December.

Path of Exile's big update 4.0.0 will be released in 2020

Parallel to the development of the individual updates, which appear throughout the year, the development of the big "Mega-Extension" 4.0.0 is also progressing. It should be noted: 4.0.0 will follow directly on 3.9.0 - instead, probably at the beginning of 2020 only 3.10.0 will be released, because 4.0 will not be ready until then. The expansion will be much more extensive and a mammoth task for the team dar. But the developers do not want to neglect the work on the smaller updates, which is why working on 4.0.0 longer fails. The last expansion of this magnitude was 3.0.0 "Fall of Oriath", which gave the game, inter alia, six more story file


Path of Exile 4.0.0 brings new character models and animations

A feature of 4.0.0, which is already known, is the revision of character models for the players. The so-called "rigging", the digital skeleton of the characters, is currently still at the level of 2006, when the development of Path of Exile began. That's why some models are not up-to-date anymore - the Templar character is always a reason for ridicule, because he has a comically long neck, which looks bad with almost any POE armor.

That should then change in 4.0.0, for example. Path of Exile's Lead Programmer, Jonathan Rogers, had already emphasized in interviews: Update 4.0.0 must be able to compete with a Diablo 4 - but that's from a time before the announcement of Diablo Immortal; The developers should now work with less pressure.

The character models for the seven playable classes in Path of Exile: Patch 4.0.0 is intended to enhance animations, rigging and textures.

At the ExileCon, the in-house convention on Path of Exile, visitors will be able to see a small preview of 4.0.0 for the first time in November 2019. Since the convention is taking place 2-3 weeks prior to the release of Patch 3.9.0, visitors can play a near-finished version of this update.

The PS4 version will continue to appear, more information on the release date come "in the near future".   

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