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Should You Level On World Tier 1 Or Tier 2 In Diablo 4? - D4 World Tier Picking Guide

5/24/2023 12:08:11 PM

One thing that we have been asked a million times is what we would recommend players to level up on World Tier 1 or 2 in Diablo 4. A lot of people have said that World Tier 1 is way better and World Tier 2 is a trap. The truth is 90% of people it is going to level up on World Tier 1 in Diablo 4 we're going to explain to you why.


Diablo 4 World Tier 1 & World Tier 2  Guide - Should You Level On World Tier or 2 In Diablo IV

Before we get into the whys though, we’ll make a couple of comments about this decision just in general. First of all, no one can tell you how to have fun or how to have fun on your first playthrough of the game. If you want to cruise through the game and just make it easy, what people usually mean when they ask me that question is which one is more efficient. The answer is usually World Tier 1. But it's your first playthrough of Diablo 4, you're probably going to play through it a million more times on different seasons, just play whatever is fun to you. Another thing is you can switch World tiers all the time. Not only you could log out and switch World Tiers, another way is if you port to kill the shot and go to the top, there's a statute. Click on the statue and you can switch it there again. Unless you're playing hardcore where it's literally a life or death situation, you can move back and forth as you see fit.


World Tier 1 Vs Word Tier 2 In Diablo 4

Why World Tier 1 is better? First of all, you get 20% more XP and you get 20% more gold. Another major question is whether the drops are the drops better on T2. The answer to that is no, it's not better but it does get better in T3 when you get unique and sacred. There's no difference between these two introductory levels going into the campaign. There are some weird Shenanigans where the level discrepancy between yourself and the monster can be larger at T2 which could result in better drops, but that shouldn't apply to you on a normal playthrough. So you can turn this into a math equation, the math equation would simply be well, if it's more than 20% faster on T1 than T2, then T1 would just simply be better.


If you're trying to be efficient, everything in T1 or T2 doesn't matter at all anyway. You can't get the unique and you can't get the higher-tiered items, the sacred, the ancestral, etc. Certain items are going to be gated behind getting to the end game quickly. One thing to understand about Diablo 4's development is very early on, the game was much easier. The skills were way more powerful and the public is starting to see they keep getting nerf. That's because Blizzard wants to start with the initial vanilla difficulty to be pretty high. Not only in terms of the monsters being difficult to kill but in terms of you can't get a ton of power. The game patch by patch has been made harder. When comparing these two, in T1, the monsters are more aggressive and smart. This makes a huge difference. When they are perpetually attacking you, it feels way more dangerous on T2. So the monsters are smarter that's bad and the monsters have more health that's also bad.

In comparing these two recently on the latest patch, there's going to be a day one patch. We can do T1 way faster than a 20% buff on T2 depending on the class classes like barbarians and Druids with nothing. We would go T1 all day long even if you're a god gamer or not, just the amount of time it takes to kill the bosses is quite ridiculous on T2. But if you're going like Sorcerer with and you got your chain lighting build and your arc lash or you got a Rogue and maybe you have the twisting blades power and you're just literally shredding, you might not even notice a difference. If you don't notice a difference, then it's obviously better to go on T2.


Another big question is about groups. A lot of people are leveling with a friend or with a buddy for the first time, groups may be able to do T2 much better. In general, the synergy of players playing together is usually a lot stronger than anybody individually. So groups you should at least try on T2. Play for a while and if it's too hard, you can turn it down at the statue.


The game gets harder and we’re not talking about the game gets harder in terms of T1 or T2. In general, we don't think this is a super important decision. The only thing that we would say is if you do start on T2 and you're just starting to get ravaged, it's just time to turn it down unless you're trying to have fun. If you want to want it to be as hard as possible, if you want to hit bosses that you literally can't kill, you can go T2. If you want to efficiently get through the game, T1 is a fantastic choice. You're barely going to lose anything, you're going to get to that capstone dungeon. 

The Capstone dungeon has fixed difficulty and you have to do it on T2. So you just have to get powerful enough to get to that dungeon anyway. Maybe if you rip through the campaign, try it, maybe you clear it. But maybe you don't, then you can start farming at a higher level, you're probably going to get better stuff to help you get through that capstone induction anyway than if you are struggling at some of the later levels getting low-level gear just to progress which isn't going to help you on the Capstone dungeons fixed difficulty.

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