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Elden Ring 1.09.1 OP Blood and Cold Samurai Build - Best Samurai Dexterity & Bleed Build for Elden Ring

5/18/2023 11:59:40 AM

This is a fun Samurai Dexterity and Bleed Build for Elden Ring! This includes double slash as well as frost too. This is a powerful build and setup you can use to cruise through the majority of bosses with ease! We're going to be covering a blood and cold build for a samurai setup, this is going to be a really fun one that includes double slash as we open up the doors to this awesome build, let's get into the details here.


Where To Get the Nagakiba

Let's talk about where you get the Nagakiba, it can end up in a couple different places, we're going to show you the two of the most likely places that it'll show up, this is at the end of the game where it will usually be and this is past the Dragon-Burnt Ruins and all that past the lake, and we'll show you on the map where it is Dragon-Burnt Ruins, then we're also going to go over where there's another place where you can get the Nagakiba very early in Elden Ring if you want to grab it early, and you're with killing Hunter Yura, if you're not going to grab it there there's one other place where it can be early in the game and again, we think there's a few other places it can end up, but for the purpose of this I'm going to show the end game one in the early game one, the early game one's going to be in the Ravine there past where you get invaded by the guy that has the Reduvia, he'll be standing there and if you kill him in that spot up the Ravine, you will end up with the Nagakiba in your possession you can get it very early in the game and it's a very powerful Katana.


Blood & Frost

Margit who we're going to attempt to crush with basically l1s or lbs where we can use a combination of both katanas, since we have cold on the other Katana and then main hand one we're using bloodflame blade, we're going to go for both bleed and frost, for many of us this is a very familiar setup, but with the Nagakiba we have really good AR, we did a lot of investment as far as dexterity goes so you're going to see on screen here the amount of damage in general that we can get with procs and whatnot as well as far as the damage on the l1s or lbs something you can combine in here while also using double slash in combination, gives you a lot of variety to have that Frost in the offhand and again if you want to use the chili Mist Ash of war and then switch to the blood flame blade, you can actually get an extra proc in there most of the time, the Mist is enough to proc once anyway on most bosses, and then switch to blood flame blade use double slash or go for those L1 or lbs to stack damage successive attack damage basically build up as much as you can and do a ton of damage now we're going to take advantage of the fact that we're facing godrick, and we're going to use the combination of the L1 the lbs, and then we're going to finish them off in the second phase with double slash to kind of combine everything together, and take advantage of the full power of the build that we're using, there's a really powerful one and we did have to journey in on the early game, because this was a character that we used it on, but we've used double slash in the late game too it's very powerful and you can see on screen there we got the frost proc in addition to, and then we're going to go up to GodRick here in the second phase, we're going to take advantage of double slash and he's not even going to survive it at that point, because it's really powerful with the NagaKiba with blood flame blade and with a lot of dexterity, it's for a god-tier build, it's one of those ones where you're just going to have a really good time with this build and setup as well because you can just run through a lot of the balls just chew through their HP you have that high dexterity as to get a lot of damage a lot of AR and then we have the bleed procs, we're actually getting a total of 85 bleed from the bass bleed and bloodflame blade.


Attributes & Stats

  • Vigor: 50

  • Mind: 25

  • Endurance: 28

  • Strength: 18

  • Dexterity: 70

  • Intelligence: 9

  • Faith: 25

  • Arcane: 14



  • Right Hand Armament 1: Keen Nagakiba

  • Left Hand Armament 1: Gravel Stone Seal

  • Left Hand Armament 2: Cold Nagakiba

  • Head Armor: White Mask

  • Chest Armor: Raptor’s Black Feathers

  • Arms: Land of Reeds Gauntlets

  • Leg Armor: Land of Reeds Greaves

  • Talismans:

Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

Shard of Alexander

Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

Lord of Blood’s Exultation

  • Flasks:

Thorny Cracked Tear

Faith-knot Crystal Tear

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