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Best Elden Ring Fist Build & Weapons 2023 Guide - Most Op Kung Fu Katarist Build in Elden Ring 1.09.1

5/18/2023 11:08:00 AM

In this guide, we are going to be showing you the most op Kung Fu Katarist build after patch 1.09.1 Elden Ring which is an all-game build that uses the Katarist weapon which you can get fairly early on in the game, as well as some incantations to seriously boost its damage. This is an NG+ build that takes place after level 150. 

Best Elden Ring Fist Build & Weapons 2023 - Most Op Kung Fu Katarist Build in Elden Ring 1.09.1

A fist build typically revolves around utilizing unarmed combat or close-quarters combat techniques, emphasizing strength, agility, and martial arts-inspired moves. If you’ve been looking for a Fist build that shreds your enemies, then you might want to check this Kung Fu Katarist build-out. We highlight the recommended stats, weapons, ash of war, talismans, and more.

1.09.1 Kung Fu Katarist Build Weapons

  • Katar

  • Erdtree Seal

The reason to choose Katar for this build is because it's not too far into the game, you can get it fairly early on. The move set is great, and it does pierce damage. So what this allows you to do is get counter damage when you're trading with losses which happens quite regularly. And it allows you to use the spear talisman as well when you're doing these trades further increasing the amount of counter damage that you deal. Another really interesting thing about this weapon as well as it has the impaling thrust Ash of War because it is a piercing weapon. It's a very strong Ash of War, has very good stance damage, allowing you to break the stance of enemies regularly and then get in a lot of attacks while they're laying there. But what's unique about this is this weapon skill is not applicable to fists, you cannot go and find the impaling thrust ash of war and put it on the Katar nor any other fist weapon. So if you want a fist weapon with impaling thrust, you have to use Katar and you have to use the standard scaling of this weapon or you won't be able to use impaling thrust. 

Another great thing about impaling thrust too is that there are a lot of situations in this game where you're locked onto a boss, you're attacking them and you're still whiffing your attacks because of the reach of the weapon. Impaling thrust slides you forward and gives you an opportunity to hit things that are more difficult to hit and also to deal with shielded enemies. Shield enemies can be problematic for fist weapons because you just sit there and attack another shield they block 50 to 60% of your damage and they usually counter-attack you. So it can b difficult and this is a way around that since you can just attack through their shield off and staggering them and then you can just finish them off. The Katar also has the highest critical rating of all fists at 110 which allows you to do more critical damage if you break the stance of something using impaling thrust, the follow-up is going to do more damage. 

Besides this weapon, we also use the Erdtree Seal for casting our incantations and the reason for that is it's because we had very high faith ratings, you're going to gain the most damage buffs from the damage buffs that we use lightning armament, blood flame blade, etc, so we really want that for this build. However, if you're playing from the beginning of the game, you won't want this because it's not going to perform best at lower levels of faith. The finger seal is not a bad option, there are a lot of other seals you can use as you're leveling through the game. It’s recommended sticking with a finger seal because it's easy and then switching to the Erdtree Seal when you get it. 

1.09.1 Kung Fu Katarist Build Armor/Gears

- Helm: Haligtree Knight 

- Boots: Scaled Greaves

- Gloves: Scaled Gauntlets

- Armor: Blackflame Monk

1.09.1 Katar Fist Build Talismans

- Spear Talisman

- Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

- Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

- Millicent’s Prosthesis

- Shard of Alexander

- Great-Jar’s Arsenal

- Green Turtle Talisman

- Lightning Scorpion Charm

1.09.1 Kung Fu Katarist Build Spells/Incantations

- Golden Vow

- Electrify Armament

- Bloodflame Blade

- Order’s Blade

- Flame, Grant Me Strength

- Wrath of Gold

1.09.1 Kung Fu Katarist Build Gameplay Tips & Playstyle

The general strategy with this build is to make sure lightning armament is up all the time. You would get 50% of your damage for lighting armament. And you can use Golden Vow like if you need some extra damage if you're struggling and you don't necessarily need it all the time on the landscape. Lighting armament is non-negotiable like you need to keep this buff up, so make sure that's up. And basically what you want to do is you want to do running attacks into regular enemies and try and kill them in like one basically running attack and try and wipe them out if you can. If not, then keep hitting them with R1, staggering them and just wiping them out. When you come to enemies that are more difficult, you'll use impaling thrust and you can get a critical attack off that finish them off. Or maybe you're having difficulty hitting some enemies because their body's concave when you're using fists, you can use impaling thrust in those scenarios as well. So you're just going to juggle back and forth between using your fast R1 attacks and using impaling thrust.

1.09.1 Kung Fu Katarist Build Stats/Attributes

- Vigor: 55

- Mind: 26

- Endurance: 25

- Strength: 8

- Dexterity: 18

- Intelligence: 16

- Faith: 82

- Arcane: 10

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