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WoW Dragonflight 10.1 Best New Items (Crafted Gear, BiS, Mounts, Consumables) in Season 2

5/12/2023 5:30:41 PM

Unveil the best new items & drops in WoW 10.1 Dragonflight Season 2 update, encompassing a wide array of captivating elements such as powerful crafted gear, elusive legendary items, rare M+ and raid drops, new dragon raiding mounts, and an abundance of remarkable quality of life enhancements!

WoW Dragonflight 10.1 Best New Items (Gear, Mount, BiS, Consumables) To Get in Season 2

One of the best things about playing WoW historically has been the gear and we took a dark turn away from that for a few expansions with valuable items being over-systematized and feeling like boring legendaries. WoW Dragonflight thankfully has changed that, Bellular Warcraft sorted out the best items in the 10.1 patch and how you can get them. This list will cover the best crafted gear, Aberrus drops, hidden legendary items, and new mounts. 

  • Undulating Sporecloak (Embellishment)

Taylor's can make the Undulating Sporecloak, it heals you constantly every 5 seconds while you're above 70% health and then when you drop below 30% health it'll provide you a shield once every two minutes, which is amazing sustainability. If you are thinking of going back to solo and old raid like that, this will be fun to have.

  • Spore Keeper's Baton (Embellishment)

Enchanters can make these Spore Keeper's Baton wand that grants a versatility proc to targets that you've healed, or it'll deal extra damage and shield you if you hit a Target, which basically just means disciplined priests double down on the Spore thing by getting the Spore illusion from Dust Monger Topus in loam as a part of the bartering game. So now mold is a selling point we should say, these both do use embellishments and that does mean you're limited with them.

  • Shadowed Raising Annihilator  & Shadowed Impact Buckler (Weapon)

Shadowed Raising Annihilator is a two-handed mace that lets you rain down Shadowflame and enemies every 3 minutes. With the right Mark, you will look basically unbeatable. Warriors and pounds can use the Shadowed Impact Buckler, it's a shield that just constantly explodes with Shadowflame which is neat. Should note these items are not the best performance-wise in the current matter tuning could change that but WE  think they're just cool items to have even if it does mean picking them up with your later Sparks to fill out your collection.

  • Djaruun, Pillar of the Elder Flame (Weapon)

Djaruun, Pillar of the Elder Flame is an agility polearm for Druids, Monks and all three of you Survival Hunters out there. It's got on usability that makes it explode in Shadowflame and add waves of ancient lava to your attacks for 10 seconds and as you could expect you get it from shock. 

  • Ashkandur, Fall of the Brotherhood (Weapon)

Then if you're old enough to have to put on reading glasses before your quests, maybe you creep like an old door when you get out of your gaming chair, then this Ashkandur, Fall of the Brotherhood will be familiar. Obviously, it's a reference to Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood which is a sword dropped twice by Nefarian and Allegedly owned by anduin lothar during his time in the Brotherhood of the Horse. This sword's name is a reference to the Ashkandur, Fall of the Brotherhood then which fits the lore except when it comes to timelines and how the sword actually got there. This is a weapon that's actually adding a bit of flavor to Deathwing's Warcraft 1 story, the weapon itself has a shadow flame proc that does double damage to humanoids making one of the coolest items added in this patch.

  • Screaming Black Dragonscale (Aberrus Trinket)

We've reached the end of the weapons but there are some incredible Trinkets and a unique cloak that we think demonstrates just Wow's gameplay getting more crazy. In the last season of BFA, you might have seen players with fiery dragon wings that were called the humming black dragon scale trinket. In Dragonflight 10.1, we've gotten a new one called Kazara's Screaming Black Dragonscale, it's similar but instead of a slow fall, it's a fall first letting you slam down from 15 yards High to deal significant damage, not all was useful but undeniably cool. 

  • Rashok's Molten Heart (Trinket)

Healers can enjoy Rashok's Molten Heart - a Mana trinket that grants a random chance for a flood of mana and a healing boost, and plus when that proc is active your overhealing actually gives your target versatility enabling you to maybe boost tankiness at match.

  • Neltharion's Call To Chaos / Suffering / Dominance (Trinket)

If you're willing to risk it for greater rewards, then Neltharion has class trinkets like the Calls to Chaos, Suffering, and Dominance. A Chaos trinket grants primary stats to the classes when they use AOE abilities, but it'll take 5% more damage. Neltharion's Call To Suffering works similarly but is based on debuffs and dots dealing direct Shadow damage. And then Neltharion's Call To Dominance is for summoning classes stacking a buff that grants a primary stat bonus when summoning your pet but slows you by 10%.

  • Zaqali Chaos Grapnel (Trinket)

There are some other noteworthy ones too, we've got these Zaqali Chaos Grapnel. It's a grappling hook that's good for strength users with a 90-second cooldown, 20-yard range.

  • Elementium Pocket Anvil (Trinket)

We've also got the Elementium Pocket Anvil - a trinket that sharpens your weapon every 60 seconds increasing Shadow flame damage until combat ends and that will stack up and up, means it would be ideal in a longer fight.

  • Ominous Chromatic Essence (Trinket)

There is Ominous Chromatic Essence - a Dragonflight-themed trinket that tunes to the Oathstone of a specific dragonfly for a specific buff. 

  • Beacon to the Beyond (Trinket)

Beacon to the Beyond is a trinket with massive lore implications that opens a gate to the void and redirects the orbit of Anshul the Cosmic Wanderer to deal Cosmic damage. 

  • Voice of the Silent Star (Cloak)

This is a very rare quote that steals stats from your allies. When allies take damage, the voice can steal four allies' lowest secondary stats and then add a bonus to your highest stat. Now the numbers work out that it's always an app positive, it adds way more than it takes away to your group and it only takes away people's least importance but it is just a bit spicy flavorful.

  • Time-Breaching Talon (Trinket)

Then we've got a unique dungeon trinket from an older man - the Time-Breaching Talon. It basically lets you steal stats from yourself in the future. You get a burst of int for 20 seconds followed by a drop for another 20 seconds.

  • Shadowmourne (Legendary Weapon)

In Shadowlands legendaries were strong items - they were the core of your build but they did not feel special like say Shadowmourn. Data miners discovered fascinating info with patch launch suggesting that evokers may take Center Stage - evokers would be interested in something that sarcoreth possesses. Despite Sakuret's Loophole, we were not seeing any specific evoker item, fast forward to now and the data in the live build has revealed 6 references to a scene titled drakthia legendary across different scenes in the game. Ian also said there would be surprises for professions in the live build. Then Dorovon - wowhead's Frost Mage writer investigated this further, he found 3 encrypted crafting order records linked to the same encryption key requiring numerous expensive materials encrypted spell empowerments and a map area were also found with visible Parts revealing a Dragonflight scenario set in the Maelstrom called Deathwing's Final Moment. This will be tied to the broken oath binder after the 10.1 campaign event which perhaps could be fixed by the track fear and repurposed for good.

  • Nasz'uro, the Unbound Legacy (Legendary Fist Weapon)

An item tooltip called Nasz'uro, the Unbound Legacy with an impressive item level of 457 has also been shared. It appears to be a recrafted oath binder, it's a 100% fist weapon with intellect and an effect that is centered around empowering abilities with or like order Magic, basically buffing allies.  That's kind of aligns with the Dragon Theory like the legacy of boosting each other up about the potential drakthia evoker spec that had been all the Talk of the Town. It is convincing the weird thing is the owner isn't an evoker, the tooltip shows that it's Soul bound which either means it's a fake or maybe it's just like leaked internally from Blizzard to some people. If it's accurate then this would be great, this would be a proper Warcraft legendary back in the game. 

  • Sunless Armor Set (Tier Set)

We want to make you aware of course the black flight set that is new looks awesome and each armor type has four colorways. There's the one you get from the campaign, one from farak assaults, one from World quests and MOB drops, and then finally one from rares and treasures. So if you want to get that in every single character to look really cool and fill out all the things, it'll take a while - plenty to do for the alts. But it does seem that this is how Blizzard is going to handle gear going forward where we get class fantasy focus tier sets and then patch fantasy focused like World content sets based on armor type.

  • Void-Touched Curio (Tier Omni-Token)

Void-Touched Curio just gives you a tier of your choice which we think you should be aware of. It drops from Sarcowrath at a 100% drop rate, which means that whenever you kill Sarkareth someone's getting tier for sure.

  • Draconic Dark of Mastery (Tier Omni-Token)

Then we've got the second new Tier Omni-Token Blizzard added, basically, there's one of three ways to get this and if you do get it you just get to turn it into a piece of heroic grade-level tier. Now to get this achievement, you either have to get 1600 PVP rating, 2 000 Mythic+ rating.

  • Obsidian Aspectral Earthstone (Consumable)

If you're really jonesing for it, this is an awesome thing that they've started doing in this expansion. This patcher's version is called the Obsidian Aspectral Earthstone and you get this for either 2400 PVP rating, 2500 M+ rating, or Mythic Sarkareth. 

  • Embodiment of the Hellforged & Obsidian Gladiator's Slitherdrake (Mount)

This season also brings two full transformation Dragon riding mounts, we've got the Embodiment of the Hellforged from Aberrus which we mean you just get fly around with a sort of Deathwing looking situation. And then if you get 50 wins above 2400 rating, you get the Obsidian Gladiator's Slitherdrake which just looks absolutely amazing.

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