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Game Master Abuses Its Super Powers in MapleStory 2, Gets Caught

11/5/2018 3:49:05 PM

As Nexon announced, there was a problem with one of the game masters in the MMORPG MapleStory 2. He took advantage of his position to enrich himself.

Actually GMs should be neutral and help the players in an MMO. But in the Steam hit MapleStory 2, one of the Gamemasters did not behave as he should.


A GM enriches in the game

What happened? The recently released MapleStory 2 uses a system that constantly monitors the game. Including what GMs do. This is how abuse should be prevented.

When this system struck, it turned out that one of the GMs used several MMO test accounts to unfairly enrich themselves. As a result, he boosted his personal account.

What did the GM do? Nexon also announced some of the crimes that betrayed the GM:

- He reset the limitation of Dungeon Runs on his account in order to increase faster

- He created powerful items for himself

- He cleared out dungeons for friends so they could move faster



Nexon is open about the situation

This is how Nexon responded: The developers said that they had implemented tough measures against the person. His accounts have been blocked, including his personal gaming account. In addition, some other accounts with abnormal behavior patterns have been identified and blocked.

Nexon claims to have found no evidence that the abuse has damaged the game economy. Even before, the developers had to admit a Maplestory 2 mesos spammer problem.

Players can not understand the GM: The community's reactions to this situation are incomprehensible for what the GM has done. For Nexon, however, one shows respect, because the studio had the courage to speak openly about this problem.

Zora says on MassivelyOP: "Respect for admitting that this happened. Even if it's basically bad PR. "

Bruno Brita says, "Why does someone risk his job for something like that?"


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