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MapleStory 2 Is Cute, But Players Sell Offensive Items For Mesos Through The Marketplace

10/22/2018 5:30:24 PM

The kid-friendly anime MMORPG MapleStory 2 allows players to design their own costumes and sell them to other players through the marketplace. But of course not only decent clothes are in circulation here.


Actually a cool idea to sell self designed costumes to make in-game currency - MapleSory 2 Mesos in the very successful MMORPG MapleStory 2 to other players. But the Internet is simply a place where people live out their indecent fantasies.

MapleStory 2 has a problem with inappropriate costumes

What happened? The feature of designing your own costumes in MapleStory 2 and offering them for sale through the marketplace is currently being "abused" by some players. Namely, these indecent and inappropriate clothes design and circulate them through the marketplace. So it is for example possible to buy an Adolf Hitler costume or SM clothing made of patent leather and leather with Maplestory mesos.

But many players and also the developer Nexon do not find that funny. After all, the recently launched MapleStory 2 is aimed not only at adult players, but also at a younger audience.


Where is the problem? Although Nexon states that the marketplace is actively being reviewed and players can also send a notification of inappropriate content to the team, the design feature is so well used that Nexon is simply overwhelmed.

Again and again costumes slip through, which should not be offered so actually. Nexon itself explains that due to the amount of offers, the review process takes longer than expected. But the team's goal is to respond faster and find the inappropriate items better.

There are also keyword filters that do not allow words like "trump" or "porn" in the description of a costume, yet it takes little effort to find inappropriate costumes:

- With racist sayings

- pornographic pictures on clothes

- or the image of US President Trump


A problem that was in sight

What do the players mean? Hardly anyone is particularly surprised that this happened. For many, this was easy to see, because the Internet is so "ticking". There will always be players who exploit and "misuse" such systems.


Player with Trump mask and "Make America Great Again" cap. - Source: Reddit

Ejoty says on Kotaku, "That's what I expect from an item shop of this kind. There are many ways to filter these things before they come to the store, but I think they will not do that. "

Castagere Shaikura says on MassivelyOP, "When do game developers wake up? You can never give players such a "power". Especially not in an online game. "

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