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POE 3.21 Best Starter Builds Guide - Top 5 Best Starter Builds For Path of Exile Crucible League

4/10/2023 2:37:16 PM
Tag: POE Builds

The top five excellent Path of Exile's Crucible League builds, start the new league with POE 3.21 starter builds that will not require you to get a ton of Lucky drops or do a lot of trading to get a bunch of gear, they'll scale well with the content, and get you easily through the campaign, and well into the POE end game content.

Top 5 Best Starter Builds In POE 3.21 - Path Of Exile Crucible League Starter Build Guide 

What is the best starter build in Path of Exile 3.21? Here are the Top 5 best starter builds for the Path of Exile crucible league.

TOP 1 POE 3.21 Starter Build - Cold Dot

Vaal Cold Snap

Vaal, Spell, AoE, Duration, Cold

Level: (1-20)

Souls Per Use: 35

Can Store 1 Use(s)

Soul Gain Prevention: 0 Sec

Cast Time: 0.85 Sec

Critical Strike Chance: 6.00%

Effectiveness Of Added Damage: 200%

Requires Level 16

Creates A Sudden Burst Of Cold Around You, Damaging Enemies. This Also Creates A Chilling Area Around You Which Expands And Deals Cold Damage Over Time To Surrounding Enemies In Addition To Chilling Them.

Enemies That Die While In The Area Grant Frenzy Charges, and You Will Passively Gain Frenzy Charges While There Are Enemies In The Area

Start by picking the witch class, which is the basic spellcaster, and then you take the Elementalist ascendancy, which specializes in inflicting Elemental ailments and increases your area of effects.

They technically don't need to pick the elementalists to run on the spill, but with Elementalist, this is the best setup for mapping one of the spicier cold skills, you can pick Vol cold snap, which activates a cold Aura around you letting you, just Shield charge your way through a map while killing everything along the way, now one thing to bear in mind with this poe 3.21 starter build, however, is that it can be really button intensive, you're using many different skills.

TOP 2 POE 3.21 Starter Build - Righteous Fire 

Spell, AoE, Fire

Level: (1-20)

Cooldown Time: 0.30 Sec 

Can Store 1 Use(s)

Cast Time: Instant

Radius: 18

Requires Level: 16

Engulfs You In Magical Fire That Rapidly Burns You And Nearby Enemies. Your Spell Damage Is Substantially Increased While Under This Effect. The Effect Ends When You Have 1 Life Remaining.

Pox's righteous, Fire Juggernaut, righteous Fire is a spell that sets yourself on fire, but it also sets nearby enemies on fire that's good, the fire hurts you too. However, the fire damage scales based on your life and energy Shield, that's what will rease the amount of fire damage.

Taking that increased fire damage based on your amount of life, and energy Shield. Then is maximum fire resistance and life regen, and on top of everything while you have righteous Fire activated your spell damage is increased.

Now since it burns enemies around you, righteous Fire is great at dealing area damage, but it is weak against single targets, to compensate you want to work a fire trap into the POE 3.21 build which lets you throw exploding traps that leave burning patches on the ground to run this build, you start by taking the marauder class which is a strength-based warrior class, similar to a barbarian, then you take the Juggernaut ascendancy which focuses on enhancing your armor and your ability to not die.

This POE 3.21 Starter build is really popular for its ability to effortlessly clear Maps, you basically just activate righteous Fire, once at the start of the map, and then you run around with Shield charge, and everything just burns to death.

All the defenses and life recovery that you're stacking, however because of its weak single Target ability, compared to some of the other Builds on this list killing, bosses will take a while with this build,  until you're well geared, but you got the tackiness to outlast them, this POE 3.21 build has recently gotten a huge buff and is now able to level way smoother than it used to, make it a great Contender for League start,  the creator of the POE 3.21 starter build pox is highly regarded as the expert on righteous Fire, it's been his main build.

TOP 3 POE 3.21 Starter Build - Impending Doom 

Impending Doom Support

Support, Hex, Spell, AoE, Chaos

Icon: X

Level: (1-20)

Cast Time: 1.00 Sec

Requires Level 31

Deals Chaos Damage In An Area Based On The Amount Of Doom On The Triggering Hex 

Impending doom this right, here is a boom build on why impending doom is a support skill that supports hex curses when a curse expires, they trigger a chaos explosion and a nice area around the curse Target, but you'll be forcing curses to end prematurely that's because there's a limit to how many curses, you can have on an enemy and when you exceed that limit by applying, another cursaffliction cause the oldest curse to expire, thus triggering the boom to run this build you start with the witch class.

Then you move into the occultist ascendancy which draws from the profane to wield curses cold, and Chaos damage the occultist has a power called profane Bloom which makes it, so that enemies who are killed while cursed explode in a burst of chaos damage, you're causing explosions to trigger more explosions boom. You can swiftly move from enemy back to the enemy back with Shield charge which makes us an excellent mapping build, it's also viable for dealing with any of the end-game bosses.

TOP 4 POE 3.21 Starter Build - Toxic Rain 

Attack Aoe Chaos Duration, Projectile Bow 

Level: (1-20)

Cost: (7-11) Mana

Attack Damage (50 72)% Of Base

Effectiveness Of Added Damage (50 73)%

Requires Level 12

Fiire Arrows Into The Air That Rain Down Around The Targeted Area Dealing Damage To Enemies They Hit And Creating Spore Pods Where They Land Each Spore Pod Deals Chaos Damage Over Time To Nearby Enemies And Slows Their Movement Speed. The Pods Last For A Duration Bbefore Bursting Dealing Area Damage

If you want a rain chaos down on your enemies, this is the build for you toxic rain is a skill that shoots arrows up into the air, and then they rain down as chaos damage pods that explode on enemies, these pods linger for a while, so you can stack them to deal massive boss damage, this build is a great all-rounder to run it, you start with the agile Ranger class, and then you move into the Pathfinder ascendancy class whose focus is on enhancing your flasks, it'll turn your life flask into a massive life regeneration buff and drastically increase the effectiveness of your defensive flasks which can be aggressive with certain unique flasks.

There are two main ways to run the toxic rain build pauls tren's version focuses on ballistas, letting you get up to six of these bad boys launching enough toxic rains to blot out the sun while Zizerin's self-cast version means you're the one launching these poison clouds yourself, the difference is mostly the play style since no matter which version you choose, you'll have solid defensive options one downside of this build, however visual clutter all the chaos pods on the ground can make it difficult to see enemy ground effects.

TOP 5 POE 3.21 Starter Build - Bone Shatter 


Attack, Melee, Strike, AoE, Duration, Physical

Level: (1-20)

Cost: 5 Mana

Attack Speed: 85% Of Base

Attack Damage: (200-250)% Of Base

Effectiveness Of Added Damage: (200-250)%

Requires Level: 28

Attack Enemies With A Forceful Melee Strike That Also Hurts You. Successive Uses Will Raise The Damage Dealt Both To Enemies And You. Stunning An Enemy With The Strike Releases A Damaging Pulse. Requires A Mace, Sceptre, Axe Or Staff.

The bone shatters Slayer, build revolves around the bone shatter skill a melee attack that hits enemies, some of that damage splashes back onto you, and if you stun an enemy with this attack a damaging pulse will shoot out dealing area damage to the monster around you see every time, you hit an anime with bone shatter, you gain a stack of trauma while each stack of trauma that you have gives you a small damage buff every stack also deals physical damage to yourself, this means you want to focus on things that reduce the physical damage that you take like armor, and you also want to Stack life recovery to counteract the damage or inflicting upon yourself.

This POE 3.21 build is a fast visceral, and exciting melee p and it's an all-you-can-eat buffet of pain, how many trauma Stacks can you handlerun this build, you start off by picking the Duelist which is a hybrid strength and dexterity class that is great at both dealing and avoiding damage.

Then you take the Slayer ascendancy class which zeroes in on the offensive side of things, while also giving you access to a lot of Life leech, soe leech that you can leech beyond your max life, allowing you to continue recovering life, even once you stop attacking enemies the bone chatter Slayer is fantastic at running maps and is the best build for melee players this patch. However, the build isn't great against bosses signed to be a common Trend, you can tank through the boss fights.

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