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POE 3.21 Best Spectre Summoner Build - Low Budget Frostbearer Summoner Build in Path of Exile Crucible League

4/13/2023 3:46:26 PM

Today we are going to show the best POE 3.21 Pure Specter build making a great comeback thanks to the Crucible League mechanics. It is going to be one of the smoothest league starter summoner builds in Path of Exile 3.21 available as well. We outline the pros, cons, skills, gears, gems, and playstyle so you can determine if the Frostbearer Summoner build is for you or not. 

POE 3.21 Best Spectre Summoner Build Overview

It is very possible that we'll be looking into a Wraithlord Helmet or drop down to 4 spectres instead of five at the higher budget. But either case we will not be using the old school classic minion helmet, this will be confirmed once we have the specters. What makes the spectres so crazy is that they are not shooting your ordinary projectiles, instead they're shooting mortars. Mortars are essentially protectors, but instead they will land on a targeted spot that the inspectors will be targeting and explode. These explosions can all hit the same target, also known as shotgunning. This means that we the use of greater volume support and the increased area of effect mastery from the skill tree. We can make them hit with every single projectile versus single target boss fights, causing an absurd amount of damage when clearing maps. It feels smoother to use greater multiple projectiles instead as it will spread and protect us out a bit and will be less effective versus single targets.

Pros & Cons of Spectre Summoner Build POE 3.21

  • + Strong Minions: The Spectres that you summon are powerful and can deal significant damage, making them ideal for clearing maps and taking on bosses.

  • + Versatility: The Spectre summoner build can be adapted to suit a range of playstyles, whether you prefer to focus on minions or use spells to complement your minions.

  • + Easy to Level: The Spectre summoner build is relatively easy to level, as you can start summoning minions from the early levels and gradually build up their power.

  • + Safe Playstyle: Since you are not directly engaging enemies, you can stay back and let your minions do the fighting, which makes the build relatively safe.

  • - Complexity: The Spectre summoner build can be complex to set up, as you need to carefully choose the right Spectres and support gems to maximize your minions' power.

  • - Limited Control: While your minions are powerful, you have limited control over their movements and actions, which can be frustrating in certain situations.

  • - Resource Management: Managing your minion's resources such as life, mana, and other buffs can be difficult at times, requiring constant attention.

  • - Socket Starved: To be optimal with this build you’re going to be extremely socket starved.

PoB Passive Tree for Budget Spectre Frostbearer Build 3.21

We have 1 for 13 points level 12 where we rush out from the side get yourself some HP, minion damage, enduring bond and the higher level will then be moving over for the life mastery as well as mixture HP and mana recovery. But most importantly after getting enduring bond in the life is to get the sacrifice nodes and the spiritual command. This will allow us to run zombies throughout the leveling in the campaign and keeping the most reliably alive. In the higher levels, pushing out through the side of the tree to pick up big damage for minions. After that, it's basically all about picking up life, aura, sovereignty, discipline and training, and also going through the minion offence mastery, cravepact which also provides the extra efficiency of getting sanctuary which helps us a ton with early game resistances.

POE 3.21 Best Spectre Starter Build

Frostbearer Spectre Build Ascendancy

  • Commander of Darkness: It helps our minions get resistances but also our cells which alleviates a lot of pressure on gearing in the early stage.

  • Mindless Aggression, Mistress of Sacrifice: Allow the bone offering to support him or the active gem to affect us as well giving us time selection blockchains.

  • Bone Barrier: It’s for extra layers of defense for the higher end game content.


It’s rather normal that you’ll be re-summoning your zombies before your gear & gem levels gets better which can be a bit annoying in the early-stage map progression. Once you’ve grabbed yourself a trigger crafted weapon a lot of nuisances this build brings to the table is pretty much non-existing after that point.

Normally you don't want to face-tank bosses but instead let your minions do the tanking as they melt super fast.

End Game Low Budget Gears for Spectre Summoner Build

  • Weapon 1: Envoking Wand

  • Weapon 2: Pinnacle Tower Shield

  • Helmet: Eternal Burgonet

  • Body Armor: Tabula Rasa Simple Robe

  • Gloves: Titan Gauntlets

  • Boots: Bones of Ullr Silk Slippers

  • Amulet: Jade Amulet

  • Ring: Bone Ring

  • Belt: Darkness Enthroned Stygian Vise


You want to upgrade the Soul of the Brine King depending on the league you're playing this building, you're going to have to do this differently by checking the atlas, you can then open up your Pantheon and see that Captain Tanner is the guy who has the chance to avoid freezing. So by looking at that, you'll see that in the current league of 3.21 Crucible, you'll have to do a Coral Ruins map. In that map, you want to bring it into the device with a Divine Vessel. By doing, so you can take out the Divine Vessel and click it when it's filled by killing the boss and you'll then have it by the ranking upgrade to be immune to freezing.

Skill Gems for Best Spectre Starter Build POE Crucible

  • Frostbearer: Raise Spectre, Minion Damage, Spell Echo, Greater Volley, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Hypothermia, Faster Casting, Predator

  • Trigger: Desecrate, Frost Bomb, Bone Offering

  • Curse + SC: Faster Attacks, Frostbite, Shield Charge

  • Utility Minions: Raise Zombie, Meat Shield, Animate Guardian, Minion Life

  • Auras + UltilityMobility: Determination, Flame Dash, Convocation, Summon Skitterbots

  • Aura + Golem: Summon Stone Golem, Feeding Frenzy, Defiance Banner, Tempest Shield

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